Finished sketch (With color)


This is how far I was this morning, I took a picture before I started coloring more. Have been working on this part for the past few days.

Meant to take a picture sooner, but I got too carried away with drawing. I was too excited and just wanted to draw. I have to remind myself everyday that I have a blog. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy making these it’s just a hassle to make these. But worth it in the end. I enjoy every moment of making these. I just wish I could spend every second drawing, hahaha.

The colors on this one are interesting. I keep challenging myself, it seems to happen on accident. I don’t even think about making something this difficult. It just happens. The amount of time, effort and detail consumed out of me makes me enjoy these large pieces.

I like making short pieces as well. For the time being, I’m making these at the moment. I have many ideas for the future. Sereies I guess you can say. Things hiding within my imagination.

With the colors being added, does anyone have an idea of what this image could be?

Everyones current guess is similar or alike at the moment. A few with out of the box guesses, which I enjoy. Because of the depth you put into looking at my art.

Let me know what you think in the comments……

Previous post for comparison :






68 thoughts on “Finished sketch (With color)

  1. In the post before this the manes give away the zebra, but it is wonderfull how you did ‚Äėhide‚Äô the stripes in your sketch. I think you have a very rare en beautiful talent to make drawings this way. Chapeau.

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    • Yeah I agree or it could be a horse had a lot of guesses on that. Yeah people said no because they couldn’t see the stripes. I just smiled when they said that, hahah. The artist knows everything before even creating the art. It’s in the mind in a way. Then you put it on the paper if you understand.


      • I do understand what you mean Brandon, but I don’t know how you do it. I would not be able to do it that way. I am more one of the kind Let’s see what it will become ūüėČ LOL and sometimes I don”t know what it became ūüėČ

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      • Good, happy you understand. I know what you mean you just need to experiment and you’ll figure it out.
        Who cares as long as you’re interacting with my art that’s all I care about. The time and energy you put into my art. Those are the two most valuable things


    • When you say crossed, you mean mixed I’m thinking. So black and white a mix. That’s possibly correct, thanks for looking at my art! You’ll have to wait and see if you still think it’s a zebra till the next post.


    • Thanks man! Appreciate the message. Yes I did keep writing don’t give up. I’m trying to focus more on writing as well. Good luck on your journey! Have a great day I’m from the United states.


    • Thanks, it’s just within me it kinda happens. I enjoy the process. Happy you like it! That’s a possibility, love the imagination.
      I’m posting an update soon. You’ll know if you want to stick with that answer or not.


  2. The zebra that I imagined from your previous sketches was not of this damn beautiful striped one, it was more of a toy zebra ūüėā Your talent of hiding behind the lines is amazing. My art work is more of showing everything.

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    • Well thanks, haha. Happy to hear that. I understand you no worries. ūüėÄ
      Thanks, it’s like a huge spiderweb with no colors anything could be hiding in the image.
      Thanks for the feedback!
      I see haha, we’re all different.

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  3. I initially thought it was a horse and then as I was scrolling down to type my own comment, I saw others had guessed a zebra. Now that I look at it, I, too, believe it’s a zebra. Very beautiful! You are very talented. Keep it up.

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