Finished sketch (With color)


This is how far I was this morning, I took a picture before I started coloring more. Have been working on this part for the past few days.

Meant to take a picture sooner, but I got too carried away with drawing. I was too excited and just wanted to draw. I have to remind myself everyday that I have a blog. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy making these it’s just a hassle to make these. But worth it in the end. I enjoy every moment of making these. I just wish I could spend every second drawing, hahaha.

The colors on this one are interesting. I keep challenging myself, it seems to happen on accident. I don’t even think about making something this difficult. It just happens. The amount of time, effort and detail consumed out of me makes me enjoy these large pieces.

I like making short pieces as well. For the time being, I’m making these at the moment. I have many ideas for the future. Sereies I guess you can say. Things hiding within my imagination.

With the colors being added, does anyone have an idea of what this image could be?

Everyones current guess is similar or alike at the moment. A few with out of the box guesses, which I enjoy. Because of the depth you put into looking at my art.

Let me know what you think in the comments……

Previous post for comparison :






80 thoughts on “Finished sketch (With color)

  1. In the post before this the manes give away the zebra, but it is wonderfull how you did β€˜hide’ the stripes in your sketch. I think you have a very rare en beautiful talent to make drawings this way. Chapeau.

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    • Yeah I agree or it could be a horse had a lot of guesses on that. Yeah people said no because they couldn’t see the stripes. I just smiled when they said that, hahah. The artist knows everything before even creating the art. It’s in the mind in a way. Then you put it on the paper if you understand.


      • I do understand what you mean Brandon, but I don’t know how you do it. I would not be able to do it that way. I am more one of the kind Let’s see what it will become πŸ˜‰ LOL and sometimes I don”t know what it became πŸ˜‰

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      • Good, happy you understand. I know what you mean you just need to experiment and you’ll figure it out.
        Who cares as long as you’re interacting with my art that’s all I care about. The time and energy you put into my art. Those are the two most valuable things


    • When you say crossed, you mean mixed I’m thinking. So black and white a mix. That’s possibly correct, thanks for looking at my art! You’ll have to wait and see if you still think it’s a zebra till the next post.


      • I meant that u got beyond the obvious use of colors black and white while drawing the zebra, by cleverly using a number of light tones to create a bigger image. Waiting for the next post!

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    • Thanks man! Appreciate the message. Yes I did keep writing don’t give up. I’m trying to focus more on writing as well. Good luck on your journey! Have a great day I’m from the United states.


    • Thanks, it’s just within me it kinda happens. I enjoy the process. Happy you like it! That’s a possibility, love the imagination.
      I’m posting an update soon. You’ll know if you want to stick with that answer or not.


  2. The zebra that I imagined from your previous sketches was not of this damn beautiful striped one, it was more of a toy zebra πŸ˜‚ Your talent of hiding behind the lines is amazing. My art work is more of showing everything.

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    • Well thanks, haha. Happy to hear that. I understand you no worries. πŸ˜€
      Thanks, it’s like a huge spiderweb with no colors anything could be hiding in the image.
      Thanks for the feedback!
      I see haha, we’re all different.

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  3. I initially thought it was a horse and then as I was scrolling down to type my own comment, I saw others had guessed a zebra. Now that I look at it, I, too, believe it’s a zebra. Very beautiful! You are very talented. Keep it up.

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  4. BEAUTIFUL and amazing effect .. i love this intra -vision and that suspension of time in the working process !!…Makes me think of a digital model in 3D and a cover of vivid colors for giving it life … As an empath , i tell you my feeling …I’m one month late to enjoy your gift but it’s meaningful by knowing you were.RIGHT on my birthday sir Brandon ! synchronicity from A to Z …lol
    i love the full painted as well …CONGRATS you’re very talentful and gifted …

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    • Thanks you! πŸ™‚

      Happy to hear your feedback, I appreciate every little amount. Helps me create myself and build myself. Thank you.

      Thanks for your explanation, like to hear others thoughts too.

      Okay I’ll listen, I think I understand you but I’m not sure.

      Can you explain please?

      Thanks! Yeah in a way the colored version and blank version could be there own piece.

      Thank you! I want you to remember our can do anything you set your mind too. Don’t give up on yourself.

      I’m no greater than you, you can do things I do. And I can do things you do.

      I know you’re giving me a compliment.

      I Just transfer the things differently, hahah.

      Wanted to share my thoughts with you.

      Hope you understand


      • Thank you so much for your kind reply Brandon .
        You received the positive vibes i intended to send with my words …I was born on the 4th of October a long time ago in Versailles ( France) hahaha so this is why i told about synchronicity …when u released your Zebra into the park … could have been my birthday gift !! i’m a libra …love beauty ,harmony and balance
        Sorry i ‘m better in French or creole we speak in west indies caribbean !! i’m loyal i know i talk too much in both …lol !
        i’m still an emotional inner- child who loves art and creativity anyway …
        geometry and natural design give the effect i love ..Evokes me .mixity , opposite , life and death , complementarity , freedom, ; Sometimes it’s good to let go the flow of what’s coming on an inspiring topic .. i feel the move and life energy in the attitude of the animal you gave birth … ABOUT the inside i can see a visionnary flash into the future … even surely a third eye on a face , maybe in a futuristic area … if you wanted to transmit energy ….I’m a good receptor
        it seems it works !
        Technically , the precision of your pastels and different shades with the stripes is really great ( reminds some street art ) hope i’m not offensive by ignorance of technical terms …
        finally i have one advice i heard from mentors i met , if you want to feed some valuable content and attract more subscribers , make some videos or timelapses of your process of creation .. it’s shorter and easier to complete words you could be uncomfortable with … by filming you on cam while you work … Then you can explain about your techniques or tools , colors etc .. We want to know how you do and what is inspiring you i guess …
        i do admire drawers , sculptors when i’m rather gifted musically by learning & playing bass and guitar or drums by myself , old school by ears and feeling ! lol
        yes i perfectly understood you !! hope YOU UNDERSTAND i love to talk and share opinions so i guess we can keep in touch DEPENDING ON new synchronicities , i’m an entrepreneur on webmarketing …preserving its freedom … AND TIME is priceless here …..

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      • No problem.

        Oh okay I see, hahaha I understand now. I’m an Aquarian. All my readings are very close and keep getting closer it’s werid.

        After my “change” everything is coming into align it’s weird but very inferring. As if all of this is fake and nothings real. Life’s an allusion itself. You only think to be here and after that you here. In reality no one is here.

        It’s okay man, no worries!

        Me too, hahah! Happy to hear you see all these things in my art. At the moment I make each piece in a way the colors and shapes resemble my mood not sure how to explain it. I guess the color and chapel determine my mood and how up for a challenge I am.

        Third eye. Ohhhh I know a lot about that. Cleaning myn at the moment, like I said the “change” if I were to speak the things I have in my head they would have me plead insanity, hahah.

        To be honest I might be interested in that. Not sure what you can do but I’m interested. Always ready to learn new things.

        You’re not offending or anything you speak from the heart. Keep doing so don’t hold back and speak fake words.

        Okay listening, I totally understand you. I have an uncle who’s all its that stuff they actually are pretty big on youtube. It’s a thought of something I’m going too do in the the near future.

        Making prints soon. It’s all a process, slow and steady take your time or you’ll stumble and fall. There’s no rush patients my friend.

        I like all art forms as well, I can understand you completely.

        I understand you man, no worries haha. I can read your energy and can read people pretty well. You seem to be very genuine and a nice guy. Keep living life in love and gratitude and nothing will disappoint you.

        Sounds good, we can talk when you get the time and the subject comes up.

        We’ll good luck to your entrepreneur journey! I understand you man, time itself is the most priceless thing. Without time you wouldn’t be here. But time itself isn’t real. They just created time to make us work and create schedules and such. The sky is either dark or light. The time line of the world is unknown anything is possible for anything. We don’t know what could happen. I tell people the world could end any day and they laugh. The reason why is because we need to appreciate this life and enjoy every moment we can.

        Lately it’s hard to find a smile on a person face, anywhere you go. At work especially people are greedy and angry all about themselves it’s horrible.

        I send love and happiness your way.
        Have a great day man! πŸ˜€

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      • absolutely fantastic Brandon !!
        i love your sweet answer , you are just brilliant with your words as well !
        i’m very glad for our meeting so far … keep on the good way .. i guess we could see us one day or another,
        again , you told the truth , no rush a genius ! Everything happens for some reason on perfect time ….
        hahaha patience , persistence, consistency …. by chance , for those having good will and positive mindset ,
        intention fueled with passion makes anything possible !
        it seems we have many points to share and i can feel love is your energy too
        infinite love and peaceful mind dear Brandon
        Sun is shining , the weather is sweet boy … hahaha life is beautiful

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      • Read everything.

        I appreciate the love in your soul msn, keep being you.

        Love is the only energy that will fix this world. Your energy is the world’s energy. Live in the moment and relax everything is alaways,okay till you die of course. But death is a beautiful thing to me at least. Sounds weird but it’s the truth. Like one big canvas of life.

        Appreciate this message man.

        Have a great day! πŸ™‚


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