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You reading this, I want to let you know greater things are on the way.

There is no right or wrong. No one knows what the future holds for you. Your life is created by the hands in front of you.

If I gave you a drawing to color in. Would you carefully color in each piece or would you go out of the line and express what you really think.

Just because there are lines doesn’t mean you can’t color out of them.

You might enter the unknown, but the unknown is adventurous and infinite. Beautiful things can happen.

Don’t let anyone tell you that something you’re doing is wrong or correct.

The one who knows that answer is you. If it’s wrong, you will know it’s wrong. If it’s correct you will know it’s correct.

Create one of the most beautiful pictures you can while you’re here. Don’t leave anything unfinished.

Color all over the place and use all the detail you want. Be what you want, express how you feel. The colors you use are who you’re.

Become a masterpiece in your eyes. There is no perfection, but become what you are within. You’ll know who you actually are, we all do.

Good luck on creating your drawing of life, color out of the lines as many times as you want. In the end you’ll be happy for what you’ve become.

67 thoughts on “Quote #24

    • Thanks, looked that word up “tenet” I understand and agree with that it means. Thank you for imagining that specific word about my thoughts and quote. πŸ™‚ no problem, just trying to spread some love. I look at lots of blogs.
      Have a awesome week ahead of you! I send love and happiness your way.


    • I inspire to to become the greatest version of you self, nothing is here to stop you. Have a great weekend! I send positive thoughts and love your way.
      No problem, happy you could enjoy this πŸ™‚


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    • Thanks! Yes every moment I write one of these it’s in the moment. No thought put into it. The words come out at a flow.
      Thank you, I have a book/stories being released soon. Been trying to focus on writing more.
      Have a great day! love the positivity in this comment.

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    • Glad to hear that! Remember there is no correct or incorrect. There is no map to follow when living life it all just happens.
      Have a great day! Keep a smile on your face for no reason but just because. Be happy for no reason. πŸ™‚

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  3. Non sai quante volte ho cambiato colore alla mia vita, quante volte ho cancellato e ridisegnato linee…ora il mio disegno non Γ¨ perfetto, mai lo sarΓ , ma Γ¨ un gran bel disegno πŸ˜‰

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  4. It took long to realize that the essence of life doesn’t lie in seeking for perfection. It rather lies in being all messed-up, spontaneous, light-hearted, and zealous.

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    • Exactly! Happy you got this insight from this. I belive you need as many challenges as life hands you. The more the better. The more you build yourself.
      Have a great week! I send love and happiness your way! πŸ™‚

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