Update on drawing


I’m taking a break at the moment. This is how far I am right now.

The colors are taking quite a while on this one, they’re fun though. Very relaxing in a weird way.

All of the guesses have been similar or completely different from each other.

When you try to figure out what the image could be, try to not look at the comments first. I know you might be tempted, but to make your mind think more. Just observe and comment what you see.

With what colors I’ve added, what do you see in the image as of right now?

The answer will not be given, but I’ll have hints and clues to what it might be.

I appreciate everyone for observing my work.

Thanks and have a great evening!


53 thoughts on “Update on drawing

    • Yeah very mind bending and it hurts my mind sometimes but I don’t give up. The mind is like a muscle you have to surpass it’s limits and push yourself to improve. Just have to do it.
      Thanks for understanding someone gets it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Yeah that’s okay. I feel honored that you would like to use some of my drawings. As long as you link and give me credit I approve!
      Thank you, I feel thankful and grateful for this opportunity.
      I appreciate it, have a great day!


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