Quote #26


I’m neither correct or incorrect in anything I say, it’s just words scrambled up into thoughts. That means nothing in the end.


Back to the quote.

A kid with bad grades isn’t a bad kid and a kid with good grades isn’t a good kid. The grade you get determines nothing.

A B C D F. That’s what a school tells you that you’re.

When I left school I was a C more like a C-

School told me I was average and my thoughts and ideas were wrong.

Art was a bad idea and I’ll fail, competition is the main focus in life. The more money you make after college you’re happy. Not letting me have ideas or thoughts.

Pretty much every thought I ever had in school or an idea I had, I was rejected and told no.

Art is a waste of time it means nothing, but everything else is important.

I understand why people are depressed and have emotional issues. Think about suicide and all these “diseases”

I’m 100% sure if a hospital tested me I would test insane. You’re labeled into thinking you’re something that you’re really aren’t. Confusing yourself into a sickness.

There’s a saying that says that every artist is insane and crazy. I’m telling you that’s exactly correct. For doing something that is normal to you, but crazy to others.

This world is nothing much but labels.

When shut down, your thoughts are never happy or positive. It’s as if no one even cares about you but yourself.

You’re the only one that believes. A lonely road, but a happy one. It’s how you perceive the world. You live in your reality and only see what you see.

In school this is what happened to me.

Just handed sheets of paper to do and things to fill out and after filing these papers up I got a letter grade.

Like a machine working an order out to make a outcome. The same thing everytime.

A machine even grades papers at this time. Miles and miles of scantrons.

Whatever the outcome is, that’s who you’re.

A big letter C, walking around with legs and arms. Lost and a confused stepping throughout this empty world.

People don’t look at who for you really are. Just a letter grade. Or number score. Or for your label.

I’m becoming better than you, A B C D F 1, 2, 3,4,

It becomes a competition.

The society rejects you for who you really are, then you are set free in this confusing world.

School is not for everyone, it’s a thing you’re forced into. That you have to accept.

In a way school makes you more lost than finding yourself. But that was just me. Everything I was thinking was wrong.

Felt very empty and scared like a shadow chasing itself down a endless hallway.

Create and find yourself.

School doesn’t teach you about the self just the outside world and everything around you but rarely anything from within.

If you make art and have ideas or any dream in general, I’m a person that has no idea who you’re. Talking through the interwebs telling you that it’s possible. If that’s what it takes that’s what it takes.

I’m telling you that your dreams are possible, people will have things to say and many opinions. Your dreams lay within your hands. You just have to ignore the ignorance.

If you look at every other artist in all forms of art, they’re appreciated, but the ones in the “making” no one cares about. No person is greater than the other. Anything is capable.

We all see are dreams it’s just we give up and don’t believe. No one even believes in each other in this world. There are more dream crushers than supports. That’s just the way it goes.

Your dreams are in your hands at this very moment.

When I say these words if you feel anger or aggressive towards me, I did nothing but say what I believe.

Just a single thought that doesn’t even matter in the end.

I ask for no war.

Love is the only thing I ask for in exchange.





44 thoughts on “Quote #26

    • Thank you. Appreciate you can see the message in this.
      I send love and happiness your way my friend.
      Much luck and love to your dreams, never give up and you’ll succeed they’re right in front of you.

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  1. Brandon, I was a teacher for many, many years, and here’s what I found out: focusing on weaknesses is useless. We can only teach by helping students find and understand and use their strengths. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t do this well (if at all), so students have to spend real time discovering their own strengths. You are on that path, and it’s a path that leads to fulfillment. Good for you–stay on the path!


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    • Thanks for sharing your story. I appreciate it. Happy you understand.
      I understand you as well. Wish art related subject got just as much attention. Maybe one day never giving up.
      Thanks, your words mean a lot to me at the moment, appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have a great night!

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  2. Teachers can make a difference, and do. My daughter the artist was encouraged by her high school teacher, and made it into art school. But where all of this that you talk about really matters, is in preschool. Thatโ€™s where the foundation begins. My class has an annual art show for the community every year. Children use real artist paints and tools. They work on their art piece over many days. I tell children that a masterpiece wasnโ€™t created in a day, and their art is a masterpiece. When they are finished and satisfied with their art, they name their art piece. After all, a masterpiece has a title. Brandon, this is one of the best things I do for children. Praising art is huge. Encouraging art is even bigger. I think there are very many teachers who are keenly aware and tap into childrenโ€™s art skills.

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    • Interesting story, proud of your daughter for not giving up. That takes a lot. I send much love and luck to her.
      Yeah I agree preschool is the perfect time.
      Love you story, thank you for sharing. I’m always interested on what art children make they’re on a whole new level. The styles and colors are beautiful. They don’t even care it’s as if they are lost in another world.
      If you focus on a kid making art they are so focused it’s beyond belief. They are using the inner self expressing what they feel on the inside.
      I hope many more teachers do the same, and persuade more children to pursue art.
      Thanks for your comment.

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  3. Tbh yesterday me and my friend was talking about same thing. We are having our exams. Every night goes with least sleep. Why are we suffering? For what are we suffering? School was always are pressure for us. Every day we both feel like escaping from here. But we can’t. We are forced. I didn’t get time to write anything. Studies late nights.. all going down. Eagerly waiting for 25th when i will be able to work on my creations. Yours words have explained everything. They have explained all what i was thinking whole day.
    Ya thats true. We actually have streams – science, arts and commerce. I was thinking of the same thing. Even here people say arts is most easiest thing. But they don’t know value of any art that an artist make. Everything he does it completely related to his life and value is inexplicable.
    Don’t Know coincidence or what. But its true. Thanks for this amazing piece of writing. Closest to my thoughts.
    Have a good day friend. โ›… ๐Ÿค—

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    • The mind the the most dangerous weapon be careful how you decide to use it. I felt all the same feelings you did. I’m not where you’re right now but I was.

      I never understood anything, somehow I’m here and I’m really not sure how it’s all just kinda happening. You just need to belive and belive and belive and over time you will manifest your thoughts.

      I remember I made art instead of homework a lot of nights, I wasn’t the best student not sure how people looked at me but whatever. I kinda didn’t care, I know it sounds horrible but I didn’t.

      I’m not a good school role model.

      We’re different and are thoughts and ideas are all different. That’s what creates each individual.

      Schools not for all of us. It’s an idea that can help create you. It’s just forced.

      No problem, have a great day as well. Remember to never give up, there’s no reason to.

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      • I agree with you. Beliefs are the greatest thing we can have and they manifest our thoughts. And just “don’t think about it unless you want more of it” always works ๐Ÿ™‚

        You made art instead of homework and recently i made a ballad instead of my homework. Don’t worry it sounds true more than horrible. Haha.. ๐Ÿ˜…. We all do have skills and should embrace it. ๐Ÿ™Œ

        Thanks for lovely words. Yep I won’t give up. Its been around 2 mths of struggle. Just 4 days are left. I can make out. Thanks for giving me strength.๐Ÿ’ช I can and i will. Afterall “you’re stronger than you know, a heart of steel starts to grow” ๐ŸŽถ

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  4. From what I can see, school is a mechanism for indoctrinating the masses with “history”, and I put history in quotation marks because it is a very carefully constructed compilations of a select bunch of databytes that force us, like livestock forced down the killing chute, to believe a certain way, act a certain way, and to be obedient. It’s boring and repetitious and even the teachers are bored out of their skulls. It is preparation for your life as a drone, or a worker bee. In other times, in other cultures, in other places, the arts were held in the highest esteem. Don’t let anyone define you or judge you. You are an artist and you rock!

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    • Another brick in the wall. Pink Floyd.
      I can relate I understand. That’s what I think off, if you know who they’re. It’s a song and it kida explains that. But I understand you.

      History is always rewriting itself you never know if it’s real or not. I understand what you were saying before.

      Yeah I read about a lot of older history when arts was the main focus.really interesting

      Now it’s all about the money making and the system being created.

      Thanks appreciate the positive message. You rock too!

      Thanks for your message! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thanks! Happy you can agree with me in this. I know many other kids feel the same as me, I just chose to speak up.

      Have a great day! It’s 5am from where I live. Woke up in the middle of the night or morning you can say.

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    • Yes, I see it a lot. It gets to your mind quite often.

      But remember this, a number or letter does not define who you’re, that’s just the shell of incognito.

      The label everyone looks at, but there is no label to look at. Confused human beings judge each other.

      The true self is within and in the soul. Not a label of some sort.

      There’s no leader board in life.

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  5. A school is nothing if it does not have teachers who educate, encourage and bring out the best in children. Few people are blessed to have teachers who make them want to give their best and who see a child’s potential and talent and help hone that skill. I hated Maths and could understand nothing until grade 8 when a teacher changed that hatred into love for the subject.

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    • I agree with you. See I believe we all have the ability to live in are dreams it’s just sometimes you need that one person to open your mind and not destroy and diminish your thoughts.

      We live in a society where more people destroy dreams and don’t encourage each other. We rather have everyone fail then succeed out of jelousy.

      Every kid is different. The saying that goes something like.

      “To teach a goldfish to climb a tree is like telling every person to do the same thing. No originality just copies and drones of people.

      You’ve might of heard of that analogy before I hear it quite often.

      Happy to hear that your teacher could help you find yourself.

      Thanks for sharing your story, appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Have a fantastic weekend! ๐Ÿ˜€


      • I agree with you Brandon. I’m glad you found your calling and you’re doing well in your chosen field. Just wish and pray every child finds a way to be successful and does not succumb to the pressure of a bad educational system and teachers and parents who have become slaves of the system. Thank you for discussing the issue.
        You have a gr8 weekend tooโ˜บ

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      • Awesome!
        Thanks, I appreciate your kind message, I can feel the love in this comment.
        It’s more as if the art found me then I found myself. It’s helps me create me into who I am.
        I’m art, hahah.
        We’re all something, you just need to go out there and adventure and seek what your heart follows and loves.

        At the right moment in time the world will come together and peace will happen. It takes the people to succeed at this, the more the better.

        Inspire others with your actions and people will reflect and maybe the world could change one day.

        We’ll never know, I belive anything is possible.

        No problem, happy you were open minded about everything. Being an artist it’s difficult to bring awareness to things like this.

        Thanks I’ll do my best to. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Well you certainly have opened up a topic for conversation. I hated school and wasn’t a good student .I ended up homeschooling my sons to teach them to love learning on their own ( they are all successful )Not all schools are bad and some teachers really care for their students but todays system is out of sync.

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    • Well that’s good.

      Same, I feel the same way as, you if I ever have children.

      I see, just a random thought I’d thought I share.

      “Successful” or success you can call it Is different for everyone. We all have are own definitions and ideas of things.

      I believe when people say succeed sometimes they are misunderstood.

      We all succeed it’s just that some don’t agree with your actions or not.

      There’s no wrong or correct. Even the hugest mistake is neither wrong maybe the biggest lesson in your life is the greatest.

      I believe success is just living in general and there really is no success.
      With success in the mind you have a constant battle with winning and competing and you are never happy with yourself. When you’re born you succeed and when you die you succeed.

      In my eyes there is no correct or incorrect. I hope you understand this, haha. Not trying to sound nuts or confusing to you.

      I agree these the Ying and yang in the world. More of the yang. The bad.

      Yeah I felt like I had no emotions but raising my hand and speaking when told to. And I could never say no, it was always okay. I have no ideas or thoughts of my own.

      Happy you could relate to this, thank you!

      Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  7. Etichettare รจ uno dei deficit di questa societร .
    molte persone che sono state criticate o deprezzate per ciรฒ che volevano fare o fatto si sono poi rivelate posetive.
    credo che seguire la nostra strada, per quanto difficile possa essere, รจ ciรฒ che ti da la libertร  personale, emotiva, spirituale…gli altri possono solo guardare quello che per loro รจ un mondo distorto, ma non sapranno mai quanto per noi รจ stupendo.
    Io sono sempre andata per la mia strada, rispettando gli altri ovvio, e a mia figlia insegno la stessa cosa: essere se stessi e non ciรฒ che vorrebbero gli altri tu fossi.

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    • I agree with you.

      People don’t like to see you be happy. It’s a jelousy of some sort.

      I totally understand what you said. I feel the same way. I’m spiritual myself, no oe really understand. But I do so that’s what matters.

      Good for you, keep respecting others for being their selves. Great for your daughter too. I appreciate the love you put into this world.

      I send love and happiness to you and your daughter. Have a great day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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