An array of colors.


Right here seemed to be a good spot to stop and take a picture.

There’s just enough left to paint where I think I’ll have it done next time I post. Not going to rush this, as normal. Taking my time.

With the style I have, the figures and shapes might be difficult to make up. That’s where your imagination kicks in and you stand back and take a look for yourself.

What do you see? The way I paint this isn’t really correct or incorrect, not sure how to explain it. Thinking everyone will understand.

Look closely at the colors and think of objects that happen to be those colors. After that the colors turn into solid shapes. Creating the picture you see in front of your eyes.

But then again, if I draw something not its original color. You’ll never know. The ideas and answers can go on forever. Find one that fits best with you, and stick with it.

The colors and shapes are different for all of us. It’s just how you interpret the picture.

I could explain every little detail in this painting, but if I were to do that it would take a century.

There’s no answer in art, so don’t look for one. Paint as you please and the picture will start making itself in the moment. Be anxiety free and breath. Eveything will be okay in the end.

At times I feel like I’m racing myself to finish the painting, but when I think of an answer, there’s none. Put this into perspective. The moment you create the picture, is the same moment you completed the picture. All moments are the same. So in reality there’s no rush it’s all created in the imagination. To confuse the mind is quite easy, be careful.

Just relax and paint, out of rushing and greed. I’ll ruin the true potential of each piece I make. To never show what I truly have hidden within me.

Enjoy the picture how you please, use that imagination of yours and start bending it around in all different positions.


41 thoughts on “An array of colors.

  1. The moment you create the picture is the moment you complete it.. that was the best part πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ You always give such a nice writing part with your painting progress. 😊

    I see a cactus plant. I always had that in my mind from the start of the painting … πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks! It’s actually true to be honest though. Time just an illusion created in are minds. The world we live in just created “time” to plan the days out and such. The society we live in is time scheduled.
      If you have looked into things like that you’d understand what I’m saying.

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

      Well I like your observation. You pay close attention to detail. There’s an artist in you. I’m not saying yes or saying no. Stay put, hahah.

      I’m slowly finishing it right now, not sure I’m I’m going to explain everything when I’m done.

      Because like I always say create the image in your own mind. No matter what you see, there’s no answer.

      If all you see is colors thrown all over the place that’s what you see, if you use your imagination you can see whatever you want to see. Just spark up the imagination bulb.

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      • Your welcome friend. I will be waiting for the explanation. Till then will be wondering inside my head .. with original imagination. I like the way you let others imagine what you are creating

        Have a nice weekend! πŸ˜‰

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      • Not sure if I’ll have an explanation, I’ve said before I’ll never do that. Maybe a name for an idea but that’s it.
        For you to use your own imagination, that’s the goal.

        Thank you will do my best! πŸ™‚

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      • Thats really great. That’s a perfect goal from artist point of view. You are one of the best artist i have met. And most philosophical in them.. with the correct thinking about the viewer. 😊

        Yep i read that.. you won’t explain it. As it will be your point of view. Just the name 😊

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      • When people ask me I say that and one other thing.

        Thanks. Happy to hear that. But remember we’re no different from each other. I’m you and you’re me. Try to not compare but improve to yourself.

        Feeling good about the colors right now, they’re really calming down it’s nice. Paint has this weird affect on me. It’s like I turn 5 years old when I get it, hahah.

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      • Yes. The word comparison doesn’t exist. It just exist for comparing between ‘past you’ and the ‘present you’ 😊

        Exactly. Thats why we can’t define our age..sometimes we become 5 yr old kid, sometimes an optimist adult and sometimes quite wise.. ask me.. I don’t know my age 😊

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      • Yeah, i understand.

        I totally understand your statement. I turn 20 soon and all I feel is alive an energy of abundance. There’s no age I’m a living energy so are you.

        Age is all in the mind. A thought of a thought. The mind ages you a lot as well be careful.

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      • Oh nice. You are quite young with great thoughts! πŸ‘πŸ‘
        Same .. even i m gonna turn 16 soon.

        Do you know about the concert going to be held in Hollywood bowl today? πŸ™ƒ Just was wondering like this…

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      • Thanks! πŸ˜€

        I remember being 16 wish I knew what I knew now. My advice to you is work on your art and never give up.

        You have lots of time your in school still. I’m not. I neglected and wasted my time in a way. But then again I wouldn’t be where I am f t wasn’t for all the past actions.

        No, have no idea. Sorry, hahaha. Any question I’d okay.

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      • Yep. I will. I will completely follow my heart.

        You didn’t waste your time.. you enjoyed your school days. I am currently in this stage due to my past. Life has brought me here and i am happy with it. There’s always something to be grateful for. Always something that will make you smile.

        There was a concert by the band named Linkin Park. It was an honor for their lead singer sir Chester who died some mth ago. It was a great show. πŸ™‚

        Good night there.

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      • Great answer!

        That a perfect answer for you age, great mind set.

        Oh, i see. I’ve heard of them before. That’s tragic that he passed, death is death. Everyone interprets it differently.

        Thank you.

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      • Thanks friend. ☺☺

        Yes death is death. Its a natural process but love makes it a disaster. But he didn’t die by that natural process… But due to worst disease called depression. And I work for the same. To kill depression and let the positivity flow.. πŸ™ƒ

        Anyways its been more than 2 mths. All is fine if you think it is. Just to stay strong and move on… πŸ’ͺ

        Morning there! β›…

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      • No problem!

        It’s the way the individual looks at it. I have a few writings about death. Possibly sharing them. It’s a beautiful thing to me.

        I understand, remember it’s all a mind game. Be careful with your mind. Your mind is you.

        Oh that’s a bit but still not that long ago. True, the misery creates and builds you as a person. It’s needed.


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      • Great. I would love to read those writings. 😊 .

        Aye! You know what, i was writing about the mind and those stuff.. i am just about to complete the ballad.. haha.. what a coincidence. πŸ˜‰

        Yep. Just to savour every flavour of life πŸ™‚

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      • That awesome, I’ve been imaging the setup and process of my “writing/poetry. Tab.

        Good, good keep writing about the mind. The more you question, the more you understand.
        You attract what you think, haha. Could have been that as well πŸ˜‰ hahah.

        Great attitude!

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    • Thank you, that’s okay as long as you enjoy my work and feel something towards it that’s all that matters.

      Open up your mind and imagination, try to pull the pieces together and create something in your mind.

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  2. Looks amazing so far, and the colors are so vibrant I love it! What I’ve learned through the little painting I’ve done is that calm is key. If you just stay relaxed and let your mind go, the piece comes out way better. It’s easy for me to say, so I gotta work on actually doing that myself!

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    • Thank you Natalia! Appreciate your kind words.

      I understand I can relate.

      True! There’s the saying.
      “They all are sayers but who actually does what they say” I’d say the dreamers out there.

      That’s the answer.

      Goodluck on your painting!! πŸ™‚

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      • Same. Keep putting It in your mind. Think about it. Dream about it. But also work towards it. Over time something is bound to happen. Manifestation of your thoughts. All you have to do is belive and never give up.

        No problem. πŸ™‚


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  3. Non ci deve essere ansia nel dipingere…mai.
    E’ molto bello che tu possa usare i colori scondo la tua emozione, anche se i colori non corrispondono alla realtΓ .
    L’opera deve riflettere il pittore altrimenti l’originalitΓ  dove sarebbe?

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    • Agree with you on that one.

      Yes, that how I express myself from the feelings within. Into this external world. I don’t live in this reality, hahah. I paint as I see. This is what I see and imagine.

      Art is from within and no where else. You make it with love and no intention just because. I make art because I make art, there’s no other reason. I just do.

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  4. Right, we shouldn’t be looking for any answers in art! I see a cactus and an elephant at the corner.. Well it’s all about perspective! Great post! ❀

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