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“Teach”Β  (Show or explain to do something to someone.)

“Teacher” (a person who teaches, especially in a School)

I learned to write my name on the right hand corner and the history of my area I live in. All the mistakes we made and they just continue to happen. You look at everything. All material possessions are improving. If you look at now and 100 or so years ago.

Everything has improved a crazy amount. Depending on what you believe technology either is dumbing down or improving. If you ask me, I’d say it’s dumbing us down.

Don’t let the technology take you over. Have the ability to control the technology instead.

When you look at a school 100 years ago than to now. I see the exact same thing. children in lines, raising their hands to speak as if they have no right of anything.

Then I finished with school, not knowing what to do. So I applied for a job. See how I said applied. Everything has to be dated or stamped or noted somehow.

You’re nothing more than a number or a statics to the government. If you look at your social security card there is a number. Your identity is this number.

There’s a number and a stamp. All you’re is this number to the government. If you die whatever there are plenty more humans to continue their process.

A product of the government.

Most jobs are usually like a school.

You talk when talked to. You raise your hand to speak. You’re told what to do, if you question anything or say no you’re fired or told no. You’re put in a line. Just like the desk. Told to work on these sheets of paper. To question nothing and just accept it. Just like when working.

You shut up and just do it. Everyone told everything without talking or asking questions.

If I were to tell you school taught me very little, but I also learned a lot. It’s the way I processed everything in front of me. The experiences turned into knowledge. Maybe you’d think I’m a little crazy. I believe school teaches you things about life in a whole new way. Ways that only make sense to you, if you look at it in all different ways. We all hear and think differently, therefore the individual creates thyself with thoughts and ideas. Creating personality. Defining where you think you belong in this world. Confused or focused thoughts. Ideas of neither great or good. Just what you decide to create your reality, no others.

I’m not saying school isn’t the answer. I understand everyone’s situation. We all live different lives in different positions. On different frequency levels.

That’s just my opinion you don’t have to accept it. We all have opinions and thoughts. All of these thoughts and opinions create us into are person.

If you’re not open minded you only think one thing. Try to accept everyone for who they are and listen.

I learned things in school a whole different way, I was a lower than average kid. All they looked at was the numbers and grades and your performance. Imagine getting a computer plug and plugging it into someone’s brain. The things you could see would be out of this world. Only to be within the individual’s mind. Never to share with the outside world, but to stay within forever an never share an appearance with the outside world.

Your emotions, thoughts, ideas, creations, opions, imagination and many more were just ignored. Never to learn anything about yourself. People teach you a lot about many things, but in solitude you learn much about yourself. Things you never planned on but somehow they happened. Self knowledge seems to be ignored.

Just about the machines in front of you. Living in a world unaware of the self living in the human experience

You’re a being living within another being. The world is much more than you think, the artist pays attention to every little detail in life.

Life itself is a form of art. One big movie directed by you and only you. You live within your eyes. You’re the controller and project what you want.

They improved every classroom and every subject besides art. Art was ignored. We hardly got money for anything. I read a lot about art related things and I came across something.

Poloticicans were talking about how art is a waste of time and unproductive. That it should be eliminated from the school schedules. You don’t learn anything in art. All the other subjects are more important.

I looked more into it and it’s true. They don’t have art in a lot of places anymore. It’s sad, maybe one day it will be changed. Anything is possible. Single people change this world, why can’t you?

School taught me things in different ways. School guided me to follow the examples around me. The way the world influences us is horrible they put us in fear on purpose.

Look at the world and tell me you don’t question anything. It all feels pretty weird to me. Somethings going on.

Maybe in the far future I’ll actually say what I think about certain things on here. I’m just getting started. I’m starting to open up as a person and want people to accept me. If you don’t you don’t. That’s up to you.

The children and animals are much happier beings.





22 thoughts on “Quote #27

  1. You write so well. Yep. All you said about school was true. They just bound your thinking with grades and projects.

    You know whats the best thing you’ve said, it that you respect others thinking. I’ve seen quite less people doing that. Congratulations for that. You come under great personality

    Life is an art was my favorite part. I think you should continue writing along with art.. your wish ahead πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜Š

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    • Thanks!
      Appreciate the understanding outlook.

      Yeah, same. People are just ignorant and all about themselves. That’s how it’s now a days. Love is missing in the air, it’s just envy pain and greed.

      It’s all about me, or i. We’re all the same person and just need to learn how to agree and shake hands.

      Shooting a gun, killing or violence seems to be the only way, love is ignored. Anger feeds in challenging everything and everyone around you.

      People feed of anger and look at love as a joke. Mock it as if it’s stupid and makes no sense. I don’t understand, I’ll just keep on living wondering why.

      Just live and breath. Be happy. Don’t work your self up for no reason.

      Thanks, I’m, been trying to write more. Picked up writing a year ago when I felt lost in the world.

      That’s all the writings I made I’m talking about. Appreciate the kind words. πŸ™‚

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  2. Where I live in Canada, elementary and high school have art classes. My two granddaughters are both very good artists. My other granddaughter has OCD and couldn’t attend school and when I tried to teach art to her, she got very upset, as she did about most things those days. So, she has said, “I can’t draw or paint.” But then my daughter started taking her to Wineries that offer painting lessons along with wine. My granddaughter found out she could draw and paint!

    The arts are very important to education. How will a child find out if they are talented in some kind of art if they don’t try? I have found painting in my old age has brought me great joy. I posted two new paintings today if you would like to see them.

    Going to school was torture for me. I was an abused child and extremely shy and afraid of people. I hated every minute of the 11 years I attended school. In those days, no one home-schooled. I did have a government teacher for a year once because I tried suicide at 14 yrs. old. I got straight A’s that year. I ended grade 11 with all F’s. Lol

    I found my joy when I married and had children. I loved raising my children. It was the happiest time of my life. When I was a little girl, that was what I always wanted to be, a mother. Nothing else. I’m glad my dream came true.

    I guess you had a hard time at school too. I’m sorry for that. I hope your life as an adult will be full of joy and people you love.

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    • The fact you shared all of this mean you accept your self for who you really are. Few dare to do that. I’m very proud of you. πŸ™‚

      Now my response.

      I don’t belive your granddaughter has OCD. It’s just a label imprinted on her mind and over time it’s stuck within her mind forever to never change. But that’s just my opinion.
      OCD, I consider myself to have that as well. Look at my art for example. The detail, my main focus is deatil.

      The OCD in your granddaughter is just the aggressive side of her. The way to release that energy is through art. Then she will be well and feel safe. The world creates labels on individuals, they end up believing it. Diognosing themselves with a disease. I would have multiple different disease if so.

      She could draw and paint, very well in fact. The negative thoughts were all in her mind. Destroying the true potential in her.

      That feels like me in a way. I was at art, then not, then was, then not. Now I’m full on board with it. If I don’t make art I get “sick” no one understands I’m just making excuses or something. The worlds just bitter.

      She was drinking that made her perform well, hahahha. Joking around.

      I agree with you. I’ll check them out.

      I understand, but I don’t. Never was in your shoes before. But I can feel you. Remember every moment good or bad created you into who you’re today. Appreciate every moment, the good and bad.

      Happy to hear you’re doing well now.

      I send happiness and love to your family. You’re becoming who you’re suppose to be. Nothing is an accident. Your husband is your husband for a reason and so are your children.

      Yeah I did, really didn’t care about it. Got shit on all the time about everything. Reading my writings I think you can understand.

      It’s made me who I’m today. I appreciate every moment. It’s created me into me.

      Thanks, I appreciate it.

      Thank you for this comment I enjoyed your voice.

      Have a great night. πŸ™‚

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      • You have a good way of looking at life. The good and the bad shape us, it is true. I’m glad your art helps you through life. It was the drinking that made my granddaughter relaxed enough to try! Lol Thanks for all you said.

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      • Thanks, it’s from all the experience in my life.

        Yes, yes it does.

        Hahaha yeah. Sometimes it takes a substance to make people feel an unease.

        No problem, have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

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  3. You are so right. Today love feels like some ancient thing. Completely extinct. Aw you explained it so nicely. Loved the beauty of your writing. πŸ˜„
    That’s nice. The move you’ve made one year ago has given a reason to live today. Something that gives you joy. I started just from this july and now feels like i can’t live without it. People like you inspire me more.
    Thanks for your lovely words! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks, that’s a saying we should tell every child.

      All the nonsense they learn from “bad people” as a child that’s when your dreams start being crushed.

      People telling you that’ it’s a “dream” and such. Need to tell the children 100% motivation facts. Not imprint them with negativity and that’s it.

      I’m telling every child no matter the dream it’s possible.

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  4. La scuola dovrebbe essere una base, ma chi ti insegna Γ¨ la vita, Γ¨ l’esperienza, Γ¨ vivere sul campo ciΓ² che uno sceglie.
    La scuola ci vuole eccome, per avere una base di cultura, ma poi ci vuole l’esperienza.
    Spero di rispondere sempre correttamente all’argomento, purtroppo a volte ho difficoltΓ  a tradurre.

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    • That’s a perfect explication. I’ve always thought the same. Life itself and the experiences teach you more than anything else.

      I understand what you’re saying. It’s culture based. Takes the originality away from the individual.

      You responded correctly, all of your answers I could agree with. We’re on the similar frequency. Artistic people seam to have emotions more than most. Or maybe that just a thought I put into my mind.

      It’s all good, no worries. I can translate your Italian perfectly.

      Have a great day! πŸ™‚

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  5. Each and every person out there is scared of being getting exposed. Why cant we just accept?. Coming back to your post, thank you. Before reading this particular one, i used to think that i am the only one who imagine this life as a movie. But till date i do not consider myself as a director.

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    • Very true, because most feel insecure with themselves. That’s how I look at it.

      No problem! No many think a lot but most don’t share what they feel. Happy you can relate to me. πŸ™‚

      That’s okay, we’re all different. Whatever works best in your mind.

      Thanks for your thoughts. Great day! πŸ™‚

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  6. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!


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