Quote #31


Judging others for how you feel, it makes sense. Try to take it out in a positive way. Not aggressive.

The hurt have been hurt.

Some don’t know how to transfer the negating energy into positive. Creating more ignorance in the world.

Guns are better than love.

What an insane world we live in.

We’re beings made to create conflict. To forcefully have an opinion on everything.

The conscious was created to have conflict and to argue about things. Have an opinion.

The challenge is on us and the world is living proof that we’re failing as a world and nation. Anger and greed destroy the world.

There’s always time to improve things, we better start sooner than later.

People live their lives as if it’s their last in the depressing and sad way. Not beautiful and in love.

Try to appreciate the moments as they pass by, not be bitter and angry, complaining about every little thing, that your mind thinks about.

Just take a deep breath, look into the beautiful painted sunset in the sky and appreciate the moment for how it’s.

Right now you could just be in pure darkness and death and nothing could be happening

Life itself is a gift, maybe you think I’m wrong but like I said.

That’s the challenge, to accept others for their thoughts and ideas.

If not agreed upon, using rational talking and discussing. Problems can be figured out in a peaceful way.

But in the world, we live in today. To relieve one’s stress, we do the opposite of everything we should be doing.

Love is the answer in my eyes.

Love is the only thing that can heal this world.

An abundance of love and nothing else.

There’s no pill or secret weapon besides true, pure love.

Giving an individual the love and attention they need, most likely they won’t latch out.

The hurt have been hurt.

The hurt are reflections of others.

The “bad guy” Is confused and uncertain about what he is doing.

Moving without thought or idea.

Being ignorant. Attacking one’s side saying thyself is correct and the other is wrong.

To say someone is wrong and thyself is correct, is not a discussion of peace and love.

More like bullets and pulling on legs. Anger and greed, thinking of only thyself importance.

The other to be ignored and not cared about.

I don’t see any love in that.

Without receiving love you can’t give love, maybe you can but most can’t.

Love others and pass it on to everyone.

After we figure out nothing works, the worst situation happens.

Then we learn, but too bad it’ll be too late.

The actions already happened there’s no going back.

Be aware of what’s going on what you do to others. If they’re not words of love or actions of positivity, keep them to yourself.

All you’ll do is hurt yourself and all the ones around you.

I’m going to continue spreading love everywhere I go and maybe people will tag along with me.

Remember when someone is being ignorant, they’re just confused and a misunderstood person.

There’s no correct or incorrect.

A 6 can be a 9 and a 9 can be a 6.

It’s just the perspective you want to choose.

Whatever you choose to think, creates thyself.

Not thyself into everyone else.

Become you and don’t try to create others into something they’re not. We’ll all have different intentions and such in this world.

I send love and happiness to everyone, have a beautiful day! πŸ™‚

Judge me as you want it won’t bother me, we’re just two different individual human beings.

Try the best to lose the ego, the self-worth of thyself. It’s more of the individual’s self to control it than anything else. We all have one. I’m in the process of losing my ego.

The ego destroys itself thinking it’s correct, but guiding into the opposite way intended.

Keep to yourself unless the intention is appropriate. The intention you have creates or destroys the moment. Reading people’s intentions are quite easy. Respects is the best thing to acquire from others. It’s rare these days.

The ego destroys the individual

To not have an ego. Is to have an ego. I thought to not have an ego, therefore to not think I don’t have an ego. I do have an ego and so do you. It’s just how we control it. It’s like a mask or cloak. At any given moment you can put it on and take it off. The actions and words each individual represents determines their ego. To create or destroy yourself.

35 thoughts on “Quote #31

  1. So, in saying I’m trying to keep my negative opinion to myself kind of creates a paradox of a kind of probably not commenting, because saying that I was trying to keep it to myself, but stating it really isn’t keeping it in. BUT, and let’s make that a pretty, butterfly-filled and happy but…

    I really like the positive attitude you are putting forward and out there. I think those of us who have to search for the positive as hard as we do like and even love reading these types of articles/blogs. They give hope for the search and the knowledge that people are out there in the big world that does have a positive attitude and does care, does make a difference. Thank you.

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    • I understand what you’re saying man. In a way all saying or ideas can be flipped or played with.

      I want to hear all opinions from everyone. Just not ones that trigger people, get into their personal thoughts I guess I’m trying to say. Don’t be crazy towards a person. Understand what you’re trying to say, happy you commented on here.

      Thank you, I’m just posting what I literally think in my mind. Maybe one day my thought or ideas can change the world. Who knows. I do all of this for myself in the end.

      Appreciate your words. Have a great night! πŸ™‚

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      • That is great! That is exactly what writing here is all about (In my opinion, lol). I like the idea of anyone changing the world. It needs to be changed. I always comment what I feel. Saying it also sometimes can get me in trouble, lol.

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      • Thanks, yeah I try to read other people thought too. It’s interesting what some people think.

        There’s lessons in everything. Just be careful with your tone and the words. Think of something peaceful to say, it can still be on your side. Just don’t attack think of something to say. Like a math equation but words. If that is understandable, hahahaha.

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      • Good, think before you say. Don’t just say without thinking. That’s usually you ignorant self.

        Think of other ideas, pretend to be that person. Just be understand. Whatever it is, just don’t cause instant chaos for no reason.

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  2. What to say, its perfectly and beautifully written. Wanted to say … but You’ve already said everything from your post.. true. Very true. I too will spread peace and kindness everywhere. “When life leaves is blind, love keeps us kind” . Good day! β›… πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you. πŸ™‚

      If you say so, haha. Good, contine to do so.

      Very true statement as well. Not sure if it’s your or where to got it from. But I agree. Love can cure most sickness, not some silly pill. There’s no sense in that, then you’re a customer, with a “disease”

      They should just be told how important they’re to this world. Appreciate the moment, just be happy. Hahah, the crazy thoughts in my head.

      Probably sound ridiculous to most, but whatever.

      Have a great day! πŸ™‚

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      • No. I know that feeling. I have more crazier thoughts in my head. But they seem crazy just to us. They are original. People love original stuff. And i do yours. Haha!

        Thanks! πŸ˜‰

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      • Good, hahaha. Same, try my best to explain them. Yeah, agreed. It’s normal or sane to the individual. But weird or abnormal to the rest. Judging kicks in the ego.

        No problem, hahah. πŸ™‚

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      • Yeah. Happy to see many people are there who watch the same dream like me.. “one day peace will rule the world” 😊😊

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      • Thanks for those lovely words. You don’t know what you’ve done by just saying these words.. probably have marked a start of a new inspiring article. Thanks! 😊

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      • No problem, it’s the truth. Always tell people’s these aren’t dreams and this is reality and such……. but I just get judged typically so I say nothing.

        It’s different depending who you talk to.

        Awesome! That’s what I want to hear. Keep it up! Hahaha. Love the attitude you’re giving me.

        No problem. Remember your mind creates your reality. Just one thought can change your life and the drive you put towards things. πŸ™‚

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      • Thank you very much. 😊😊 the discussion would never end if i keep typing..lol . its endless! πŸ˜… haha!

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  3. So true! An egocentric person destroys himself as well as affect others along the way. Everything seems to center around them no matter what the impact.πŸ€”Almost like a uncontrollable tidal wave. Your thoughts are noted. Keep posting.πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ™‚

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    • I Like your interpretation of the writing.

      Very good imagination and detail. πŸ™‚

      Appreciate your thoughts and feedback. Thank I will, everything comes from the heart.

      Have a great day man! Love the positivity. ❀

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  4. L’Amore e la Bellezza possono salvare questo mondo sempre piΓΉ alla deriva per l’egoismo, l’aviditΓ , l’egoismo dell’uomo.

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