Finished up the drawing about an hour ago. I Always clean the image before spraying it. When doing that I check the paper for pencil shavings from the colors and fill in white areas that are easily noticeable.

Whenever a piece is done, I look at it and think it’s never done. Something can always be added or messed with.

I have to stop myself or I would work on one single piece my whole life, hahahaha.

You never know when you’re really done, I guess you’re done when your guts say. “Okay, I think we’re done here now.” hahahaha.

Throughout the process of drawing this, there were endless guesses. Like always, the guesses ranged from, the image I was thinking, things I never thought to be in the image and many more ideas. It’s always enjoyable and interesting when people look at my art.

Sometimes people see things that I never knew were in my art, and it’s just there. It just takes time for my mind to process others ideas and images. I don’t always see what everyone else sees. I try my best to use my imagination and see what the viewers see

I guess anything could be in my art. When there’s no color, the range of ideas is infinite throughout the mind. With color as, well, anything could be in the image too.

It’s all about what the viewer decides to see. They say what you see defines your emotions in a way. How you’re feeling at the moment.

Everyone will see the same exact image, but not necessarily. Depending on the individual the image will be transferred differently. Seeing the same image but in the end, we’ll all look at it differently creating a new story for each one of us.

Let your imagination take over and create a picture for you to see. Don’t hold on, let it be free. Think no thoughts and just focus on the colors and shapes to create a final image.

In this image, I see a colorful octopus.

When looking at this drawing the meaning of it will be different for everyone.

My first thought is freedom or a free-spirited soul. All the colors represent the journey happing within the octopus, crazy looking to most but happy and full of colors being the emotions on the inside. Feeling all emotion that can be felt. From the worst emotions to the best emotions. Every feeling that is possible. Notice how I say that this is the inside of the octopus. It’s the inside that only matters. Each person is like this octopus. All revealing different colors and such. Never to really show, but it’s all within. Being the emotions, creating each individual.

This octopus is on a mission and nothing is in its way, the colors also represent the strength and vitality of the spirit of the octopus.

Like I said before what you see is how you feel emotionally.

Each drawing in a way. After I complete it, I’m the drawing. I feel what the image looks like. The colors represent how I feel at the moment.

I feel like a colorful octopus on a mission and nothings stopping me. I’m riding on a wave at a certain frequency enjoying this journey of life day by day. For each day to bring new endeavors. All challenges accepted to create thyself into the greatest version that’s out there.

Life itself and the experiences you create are the greatest teachers that are out there. Learn and mess up, both are needed. Life’s not a clean and simple paved road, there will be many twists and turns.

Just never lose your balance or frequency, kinda like riding a bike and in the end, everything will be okay. Follow your gut and heart.

I’m this octopus and so are you, it’s just that we will all interpret It differently.

I shared my story. What’s your story? What do you see in this image? There’s no right or wrong, share as you please.

94 thoughts on “Octopus

  1. Ok. I always thought octopus was so obvious. It could be guessed just by the outline. 😑 I hope many must have guessed it.
    However, only the octopus is not important. What matters is our supporting story of portrayal of innumerable emotions through it is commendable. The inside of the octopus is an emblem for life, a living soul and our inner emotions.
    A huge gamut of colours gels with the infinite number of our feelings and it’s wonderfully linked to the stability of an octopus(we) swimming in the water of life. I especially liked the link with octopus’s inside to our soul and mind.

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    • That’s what you can see. A lot of people didn’t see an actopus at all. Remember anything is possible so that could have thrown them off. Whatever, hahaha.

      Love your interpretation of the piece.

      Yes I like the way you say that, water of life very true. All this water with lost fish swimming around with no direction. The world.

      Thanks, I just write what I feel in the moment. This is what came to me.

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  2. wonderfull colours. Now you have said it is an octopus I can see it, but I would never have seen it without your telling us. And by the way: I do hope I am not defined by the emotions that I know and have known. I do hope I progressed a little farther, to decide things without being steered by emotions. Seeing emotions as things so inaccurate and so fleeing that no decission can be based upon them. Ido hope to make decissions based on ratio, intuition and love,

    Have a nice day Nrandon 🙂

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    • Thank you 🙂

      That’s okay were all different with different emotions.

      There’s always room for improvement, if that’s what you think that’s you. Maybe emotions are hard for you to transfer. I believe emotions are a great way of showing how everything is energy and how we’re energy. If you understand my analogy. To me it makes sense. Emotions are 100% you without then you would just be a puppet with strings on this world. Everyone is in full control of everything they think and the actions.

      Whatever works best for you. Intuition us used greatly if you know how to use it, not in a bad way. Love is used in every action or thing you do.

      The amount is different in each action or thong you do. Love is a energy within everything. Even hate means you show love, hate something so much you love it, hahaha.

      Thank you, I will. 🙂

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  3. Wow, Brandon, I love it! I can see a flying dino (or some imaginary creature from pre-historic times) too….:-) I am not into those animals at all, but I just love the colors, shape and the process! Thanks for sharing…

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    • Thanks! 🙂

      Appreciate your comment.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

      Yes, I think about a lot of things all the time. Words consume my mind, I do the best to express what’s within.

      Happy to hear someone cares how I feel. 🙂

      Have a great day!

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    • I remember you commenting that. It was planted in your mind, hahaha. Many saw a flying dinosaur of some sort.

      Good, hahaha. That’s always the goal to confuse everyone. Make you be in thought and rethink the first thoughts.

      Thank you Janet! I can feel the love in your comment.

      Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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  4. you caught me with this final touch of inspired colours dear Brandon !
    i was still on the bird and T-rex mix -up vibe , even when one of your viewer evoked the famous multipode …lol !!
    it seems i didn’t have enough brain like it does with 3 at least and maybe more to envision it that way ….
    Don’t be sure about us but this animal has extraterrestrial DNA !
    it ‘s been proved to be very smart and ingenious with its 8 arms … which might be the case for our species as well … Hum…. he has a double sex too if i can remember properly … hahaha i mean i ‘m getting shy now …no more details . WE can’t compare !….just kidding
    who knows what it could think of its portrait ,,, ? probably you picked up the “amateur d’art ” profile ….
    thank you for delivering Your best message to us , i do appreciate all these wonderful stories merging from the mysterious inner ocean of your creativeness . I THANK you For allowing us to share the process of creation … this is a priceless gift .
    I LOVE YOUR WORK technically and emotionnally !
    Agreing with Baog3 about a gallery or selling topic … it’s a good idea to complete your ecosystem by implementing your passion as an art for a living … As a new entrepreneur, , i look forward to multiply reliable sources of incomes on line based on skills , passion or expertise of some sort … i guess we could have a talk in private mail one day or another if you’re still interested …
    CONGRATS again … for the quality and variety of your inspirationnal production.

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    • Great, hahaha.

      I can see that now, took me some time to see it. Whatever your mind imagines.

      Yeah I knew that actually was going to share it but I forgot. It’s DNA matches no other species but itself. The octopus. They say “aliens” could come from underwater, where no one has been and creatures live down there undiscovered. Whatever you decide to belive, hahaha.

      Yes it’s very very smart. I think I’ve heard that too I’m not sure. Your sense of humor is original I like it, hahaha.

      If an octopus saw this maybe it would see itself that interesting to think about. Animals see too, maybe it would swim right up to it and hug it or something, hahaha. Like a cartoon or something, my mind is always thinking.

      No problem, love the way you worded that. Happy you enjoy both the images and emotions I share. I don’t know why I’m good at art I just am, I belive we all have a “gift” most just give up and don’t find it. Somehow it found me. Through experiences and my own curiosity.

      The plan is to have the prints soon, within a few months for sure. It’s a short but long process.

      Maybe that’s possible, appreciate the help by the way.

      Thank you Regis! I appreciate all your comments. I can feel and see the energy you put into all of them. I sense a child in you. Love your comments everytime. They have so much emotion and depth.

      I appreciate the amount of energy and time you put into my creations.

      Thank you. 🙂

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      • we are fairly awesome i guess ! hahaha thank you so much for your words … I really enjoy our new relationship …IT must be a reason .
        🙂 kindly yours

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      • ask the Octopus if answering appears too complex … ! i ‘m happy about challenge and i ‘m pretty sure the simplest answer is just love … lol what we focus on grows …
        Caribbean paradise is an inspiring place for that in general . let the Octopus free to find its way is even more simple… HAVING a nice trip is the point .

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  5. I see 2 versions, it’s either a dragon or a lizard for me. A dragon full of life, music and attitude ready to dance with glee. A colourful star!
    But for the lizard, it feels like it’s trying to set itself free, free from the burdens trying to suffocate & suppress him down.
    Your work is beautiful. 😊

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    • Okay listening,

      A dragon. I love the vision you see in the first image. A colorful star, great way to say it.

      Very interesting, love them both!

      Thanks! 🙂 Happy you like my work.

      Have a beautiful day! Much love and happiness sent to you. 🙂


    • Thank you Eleanor 🙂

      I’ve heard that a few times, understand how you think that.

      Yes if I could ever experiment with glass, that would be awesome. Maybe one day.

      Thanks love the word choice. 🙂

      Have a beautiful Sunday!

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  6. “I have to stop myself or I would work on one single piece my whole life” — this made me smile! Being a creative perfectionist is both a blessing and a curse — it drives us insane and keeps us sane all at the same time. I love it.

    Also, I see a dinosaur with a cape in your beautiful art. I’m wondering if I could be the first to have gotten a terribly wrong answer 😅

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    • Hahaha. Good! Very true, I can relate to what you said. If time was infinite and I didn’t have a job. Literally anything could be created. Most don’t understand, guessing you do.

      My dad actually pointed that out to me a few nights ago. Your not the first, hahaha. Remember in the comments I said. You’re not wrong or correct, it’s waterever your mind decides to see. That’s the answer.


  7. Wow, can’t believe I didn’t think Octopus, nearly the whole time I was thinking it was a Squid. Needless to say, you did a fantastic job! I truly enjoyed viewing your progress on this piece and for also having the opportunity to guess the outcome. Can’t wait, for more to come 🙂

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    • Hey Natalie! 🙂

      Thanks, appreciate the kind words. Great thinking, never thought about that. Would be one crazy tattoo hahaha. A lot of colors and patience. Would take a long time to tattoo something like this.

      Have a great weekend Natalie. I send love and happiness your way. 🙂

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    • Your welcome. 🙂

      Appreciate the kind words. They are very true words. Like the way you worded that is perfect.

      “They will add to its completion”

      Thank you. 🙂

      Have a beautiful Sunday!

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  8. totally feel you on never thinking the work is done on a project!! the struggle of perfectionism lol. This is such an awesome perception of my favorite cephalopod 🙏🏽❤️ great job on all of your pieces. Genuine & dazzling 😊

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    • That’s awesome! Similar minds think alike. Yes, but I know it’s impossible. Always have to remind myself that. Art just has a special feel to it. You probably understand.

      Just look up “Cephalopod”. You’re right it looks similar.

      Thank you Jenna, appreciate the kind and loving words. 🙂

      I send love and happiness your way. ❤


    • Thanks 🙂

      Like the way you interpret the drawing. Much appreciated! Always like to hear what people think. Remember you can create anything your heart desires as well!

      Have a great night. 🙂

      I send love and happiness your way.


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      • True … What we feel we can create it but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.. one needs to b imaginative… N thnxx for ur wishes.. have good night too.. take care… Stay blessed 😊😊

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  9. I can see a dinosaur in this.A little less well defined abdomen but a dinosaur for sure.
    Dude this is insane mannnn!!! It looks so damn complicated and beyond imagination,and look at you,you have given it such multi facet definitions,imparted so amazing colors and so are the interpretation to this art of yours.

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    • Listening…..

      I get different answers from all individuals. Thanks, hahaha. 🙂 sounds like you’re digging it.

      “Beyond imagination” That’s always something I aim for. There’s many crazy things hiding within me.try my best to express myself.

      Happy you like my interpretation, we’ll all think differently.

      Thanks. 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

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  11. Hi Brandon. Thanks for stopping by. I love your octopus piece and your animal art in general. Your interpretation makes me think of an alternate universe where every creature can truly be free. No predators, just blissfulness.

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    • Hello. 😃

      No problem, in my free time I browse through other blogs.

      I did a series for a year of nothing but animals.

      That is a beautiful perspective. I love that!

      All you have to do is be yourself in this world and you will feel free.

      Manifesting an abundance of positive energy.

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