Finished sketch.


This is the finished sketch. Drawing this was quite sudden. It was a fast decision, the paper was put on the drawing table. The final product was produced in a long but short period. Only took me about 8 hours. But only took one day not a few as usual.

I’ve said this in my past posts. The speed I’m drawing at seems to be increasing slowly but surely. The ease and thoughts disappear and only art is the true focus. When all thoughts are canceled and the only focus is art. You get lost in your own work, finding a place to follow at and you get lost on an adventure.

My best way of explaining it is this. The chair is the beginning of the trail for each time I draw. Imagine a wooden hiking sign, without a name written on it. The name is blank and you create what happens. When the pencil is put on the paper I begin walking down the path, depending on how I feel in each moment determines the path of the route. Places that were seen and actions experienced upon. The actions and things that were seen create the adventure/trail

The whole idea or purpose is to focus like a child and have fun each time I draw, don’t force my legs dragging each step. Enjoy the steps taken and appreciate every scenery exposed to or seen on the trail. That’s the drawing process, the walking down the path, to enjoy it and not force or autopilot it.

Don’t like to boast about myself, but thought I would share this with you. If I can improve my art skills so can you. The results happen right in front of your eyes. This works with everything else as well. Not to say I’m better than you, but to show how anyone can improve at something. It just takes time and effort. In the end, things will slowly add up and make sense. If I were to force and rush each drawing the original beauty will be lost. The true potential won’t be shown. Take it easy but still make sure things are happening

Remember to never give up on yourself, then no progress will be shown. Even if it’s a little amount who cares 1% is greater than -1% any amount is greater. Make each day feel awesome.

With the image being where it’s, what do you see? look at all details and shapes. The possibilities could never end, use that imagination of yours.





41 thoughts on “Finished sketch.

  1. A spider … “Remember to never give up on yourself, then no progress will be shown. Even if itโ€™s a little amount who cares 1% is greater than -1% any amount is greater. Make each day feel awesome. ” Thanks for the inspiration I always keep putting it off Thanks for the inspiration

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    • Spider is the number one guess so far, hahaha.

      No problem, happy to spread the love. I write all the descriptions as if I talk to myself, but also talking to everyone else. Have to keep the thought constant within the mind so I don’t forget.

      Happy you related to that segment! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Have a beautiful day and remember to never give up. Because life hasn’t gave up on you, everything’s here and you can accomplish as you desire. The actions bring the outcome.

      Good luck on creating! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. La velocitร  nel disegnare aumenta anche quando si matura con il pensiero, quando si vede oltre ciรฒ che si disegna; acquistare manualitร  รจ una forma di grande maturitร . E passione.
    Sempre ragno…vedo.

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  3. “The ease and thoughts disappear and only art is the true focus” – I can totally relate!
    Once I sit in my wooden chair, at my oak desk, I’m fully absorbed into my own imaginative world. Love your work! Can’t wait to see your coloured world. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Happy you could relate to the words! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes the chair is your escape world, it’s as if you open up a latch and jump down the hole and you’re in your own world. I feel like that all the time, hahahaha.

      Good, great to hear that keep being imaginative. Never stop, there’s no reason to.

      Thank you, appreciate it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Sounds good, I’m posting a color update soon. Keep your eyes out.

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