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Mental and physical health is more important than any other aspect of life.

That’s either life or death.

to feel your soul or not.

Living or just here.

You’re what you are within and not what you show on the outside.

The outside shows and resembles who you partially are.

We all get assigned a body.

We all have a soul, creating energy throughout each being making the heartbeat.

Each soul looking for a purpose on this earth

A body as we all have a body.

The feelings you have are who you’re.

Not the things you possess or the images your mask shows to the world. The thing underneath the skin and bones. The soul of your being. The words and thoughts that pass and leave your mind. Some thoughts ignored others listened to.

It’s all a disguise.

Show yourself or don’t.

Everything here is before your eyes.

Everyday to put on the same clothes and do the same actions. Similar to a machine or robot.

Humans are more animal-like than anything else. It’s just in the “reality” we live in, its quite difficult to see that.

When you start doing things in the abnormality you’re considered dysfunctional to most. I agree with this as well. I consider myself very dysfunctional.

The life we live is supposed to be growing up, elementary school, middle school, high school, college. University then a job. Then marry and have children. Buy a house and settle down. Get old and die etc….

Anything else than that is considered dysfunction. Not accepted with the outside world.

Any form of art, film, creativity, expression, inventors, creators, dreamers…. etc.

Concludes with some sort of dysfunction. Anything that’s not In the average persons day to day life. Something only very few think of or do.

Dysfunction (Definition)

1 ” not operating normally or properly.”

2 “Deviating from the norms of social behavior in a way regarded as bad.”

The words that pass throughout your mind are you. The thoughts are the real you. The action help as well, some are false some are true.

But is everything real or fake?

The choice is yours.

I choose to show myself, not all will accept your true self. They’ll tell you it’s not you.

But only you will know who you’re.

It’s more important for you to accept yourself than any other thing in the world.

Accept yourself and everything will be aligned.

Accept yourself and you’ll accept everyone else.

Pure happiness and joy will be achieved.

Living life in gratitude.

Calm me as you please, this is only myself. The happiest I can be.

I feel every emotion there is.

I cry and smile and everything throughout.

We all face demons, face them and show them who you’re. Face your fears and don’t ignore them. Fight them like your worst enemy. It’s kinda like fighting a game against yourself. A battle of a bad you and a better you.

Fear is shown in actions and the words you say, we all live in fear. Few face their fears and choose to run away.

Fearful monsters lurk around the corners at all times and attacking at every moment they can.

Your challenge is to defend and fight it off. Become stronger than next time.

It’s like fighting a boss in a video game, try your hardest and kill the thing, hahaha.

Concur and destroy your fears.

Ignore the fear or numb yourself continuously. Face the fear and take every challenge on, till defeat. Don’t give up on yourself. The amount of time is infinite, don’t rush, but defeat and be sly like a fox. Strategy and mindset.

The pain can last for 1 second.

Pain can last for 1 minute.

Pain can last for 1 month.

Pain can last for 1 year.

Pain can last for 10 years.

Any amount of time is the same as the last, the feeling of fighting off a fear is worth more than any other. Or something you achieved through hard work. Something you cannot buy or purchase. But have to work for.

Be in pain forever or temporarily, the choice is yours.

Remember to never give up on yourself.

We all have fears, no person is 100% perfect.

We all have fears of some sort, but we choose to ignore them as if they’re not there. Scars, tears, and rips on the history of the brain. Never to be erased, the present moment not even being appreciated or lived in.

Living in the past or the future, but in reality in the now. Never to live now, but here or later.

The ugly helps you find and create the best you. Turning the dark energy into a greater/brighter energy than before. Learning from the dark and turning it into greatness

Don’t ignore the problem or it will continue to get worse, make a change.

I believe in you.

Choose to show the within you and not the outside you.

Never give up, life’s still here in the palm of your hands.

We all have the tools and things to survive. Well most do, some don’t and that’s unfortunate.

Goodluck to everyone.

The journey never ends until death.

Take every minute slowly and each second.

Appreciate the moment for what it is.

Then you’ll truly appreciate life.

Each reality is different. For each person in a different world and only the individual knows what they feel. Everyone else can think they know, but they don’t.

Only you do.

Don’t give up on yourself.

In the moments you feel like giving up are the moments you’re supposed to fail. When you get up you’re stronger than before. Damaged but stronger.

Get up and up and up, keep falling and falling and falling.

Just never be finished.

Within is who you’re not what’s on the outside of that mask of yours.

Be the shining star you’re, don’t drain yourself of your energy, use it at it’s best.


38 thoughts on “Quote #33

  1. I have chosen devotion to keeping myself together, mentally and physically, as best I can, through daily use of essential oils and primarily organic foods. Thanks for this comprehensive pep talk. It’s always useful.

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    • Good for for you, make it your lifestyle and not something your force.

      Over time it’s just processed in the mind.

      You sound just like me hahaha. I do a lot of things similar and exact to those things you mentioned.

      Health is wealth. In the end it pays off it’s an investment. In the older years it shows what effort you put towards it.

      Don’t give up on yourself, there’s no reason too. Ignore the haters as well.

      Have a great night! πŸ™‚

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  2. Another inspiring quote… and I need this part — “Be the shining star you’re, don’t drain yourself of your energy, use it at it’s best.”
    Thank you for giving such wonderful quotes that can truly inspire your readers, I am one of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚

      Well I’m happy you had the chance to be reminded. Everything happens at the correct moment. This was a special moment created expecially for you. We all have different moments we can relate to.

      I always try to leave the post with the best ending line. The best attention grabber. Great to hear you enjoyed what was said and could relate to it. πŸ™‚

      Always appreciate your feedback on all my works of art. The writing and the images. Happy you can enjoy them, similar to as much as I enjoyed creating them.

      No problem, i jusr speak the words hidding within my soul. I wish for the wolrd to be at peace one day. Anything i can do to help makes a difference.

      Happy you could join me on my art journey. πŸ™‚

      It’s like a chain reaction. Inspire one and they pass the inspiration on. We need more dreamers and doers then nay sayers and dream crushers.

      Have a beautiful weekend my dear. πŸ™‚

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  3. This is amazing.
    Accepting myself has been the most difficult step in my journey of life. But it had made me feel sane, and happy. πŸ™‚
    And it has this amazing flow that makes the reader stay attentive the whole time. Very inspirational. Great going!

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    • Thanks πŸ™‚

      I understand what you’re saying. We all have are different ways of doing it. I feel more sane since I’ve been accepting myself more.

      Be more original, instead of seeking to copy others.

      Great way to explain it! Happy you can feel okay say that. If I told someone this most would say. “What’s wrong with you.” Most don’t understand. I’ve had several things said to me but whatever ignorance. Past, ignore it move on. People don’t mean the bad things they say.

      Happy you like it. πŸ™‚

      Have a beautiful sunday and remember to smile. πŸ˜‰


    • I’ll tell you this.

      “Don’t force something, just let it happen and you’ll be amazed with the results. The universe works in tricky ways. Don’t force things, but let then happen.”

      Then true happiness and succes will be achieved. Then in the process is slowly becomes greater.

      I want you to write literally what you feel and have nothing holding you back and post things you’ve frightened to post.

      “it’s only the original people who are different.”

      The rest are all the same.


    • Just be yourself and everything will work out at it’s best.

      Only you know what’s best for you. Don’t think to much or to litte and create anxiety. Be careful with your mind it’s all a game. You control all your thoughts and no one else. Like waves all different. Emotions are created though thoughts creating the “now” whatever you’re thinking now is what you represent to the world.


  4. “Your challenge is to defend and fight it off. Become stronger than next time.”

    This. I love your articles 😊 they are so true! πŸ˜„

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  5. Ci adattiamo sempre a chi incontriamo, al luogo dove viviamo, dove lavoriamo, dove studiamo. Possiamo essere influenzati e indossare “abiti” che non ci appartengono, lo facciamo per paura, paura della solitudine. Essere noi stessi Γ¨ difficile, ma se riusciamo, perchΓ¨ ci crediamo, che la vita che gli altri svolgono non Γ¨ la nostra, avremmo il coraggio di indossar abiti diversi e volare, nell’arte, nella scrittura, nell’amore…molto dipende da noi. Anche con paura. Siamo umani.

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    • Mhhhhh…..

      Very interesting. I would say this.

      “The universe is looking over you and knows you’re attempting at your best to fight your demons or whatever you’re facing at the moment”.

      There’s signs of the universe watching over you.

      That’s just my crazy thoughts though. You can interpret it into anything you desire, hahaha.

      Happy you could relate to the words. πŸ™‚

      Yes, it happens quite often.

      Have a beautiful day ahead of you! πŸ™‚

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