Almost complete…


Here is the progress of the drawing at the moment. Took a break to take a picture and post. Then I’ll have a few more hours of “play” time.

I call my art “play” not work. When you work you put an effort or force towards something. Yes, it takes energy to create art, but when it comes to art, that just happens with the flow. No forcing into a certain gear, complete freedom. No rules to play by. Play as you please.

Been drawing on this all afternoon. Drew over the weekend for a bit.

Having fun with the colors and shades. Always attempt my best with the color scheme.

Won’t know what this is till I’m finished coloring it in.

Looking at the image as of “now” anything could be there.

What’s in the image before your eyes. what do you see? Don’t let the colors fool you, the imagination is infinite.


68 thoughts on “Almost complete…

      • Jean Micheal Basquiat and Salvador dali.

        Those two inspire me a lot.

        Both completely opposite artist but it’s just the whole vibe of each person and the art. The whole story you can say.

        I don’t want to hit you with the typical “Picasso” hahaha. Or “van gogh”

        Van gogh his story is crazy, hahaha.

        One very original guy you can say.

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      • That’s good. πŸ™‚

        Yeah, we all start somewhere. Everyone has to put effort into this life to get something out of it.

        I belive anyone can do anything, it’s just theses individual surplused their skills and never gave up and kept going.

        I have no reason to give up but laziness and fear.

        It’s easier to give up then to even try at all.

        I want to become the greatest version of myself. You can use others to reflect upon.

        The true role model should be yourself.

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      • I agree pretty much with everything. But, I can’t be a painter. I’ll telling you, I tried (hard). πŸ™‚
        As for the last one, maybe not a role mode, but sb to look up to. Talent if not accompanied by work isn’t worth anything.

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      • Awesome! πŸ™‚

        Hahaha, those thoughts are within your mind so they will come true. πŸ˜‰

        I believe you, hahah. But don’t give up maybe a different day you can try to paint again.

        Yeah he was quite crazy, but we’re all crazy. Gogh didn’t care about much but his art his physical person was not the healthiest.

        He only sold like 1 or 2 paintings while alive. After he died he was know around the world.

        I’m not sure if I necessarily belive that. If you can’t make your “skill” or “talent” into work. You should still attempt to work on it as well.

        But I understand your logic hahaha. You need money and food to survive and such.

        Things normal people do, hahahaha.

        Always joke around but beings serioua. Tell everyone I’m moving to the jungle in a tree house to isolate myself from the world and paint for years on end with no world to distract me.

        I feel like if I just got up and left I wouldn’t care but there’s consequences to your actions.

        I’m just trying my absolute best to make art full time.

        One day I will do it, one day……. πŸ™‚

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      • You know what they say, practice makes perfect.
        And as for V. Gogh, all artists are a bit crazy, you know that, right? Just make sure you wear a hat like ALWAYS and no playing with anything sharp, promise?
        There’s one thing that’s certain, women will adore you. They love artists. Look at Picasso…
        You’ll have to find a muse eventually, someone like Gala and the picture’s complete.

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      • Very true, hahahah.

        Yes, all artist are quite crazy. The imagination is the strongest drug out there. It can take you places you’ve never thought you would have traveled to. But it happens.

        I’ll wear a hat for sure, hahahaha. I understand your logic. I do have this weird thing while I’m always moving. Pretty sure I have “Adhd” don’t really belive in that at all but I’m just constantly moving.

        Art helps me stop moving and being jittery. So do a lot of other practices I perform.

        It’s all about thyslef. Don’t disrespect yourself, try your best to love yoursef.

        At work I have a knife I always twist around in my hand. Hopefully it doesn’t come flying for my ear, hahah. πŸ™‚

        I understand what you’re saying, hahaha. In a way art is very professional it’s just most don’t think it’s a profession. Most don’t understand, it’s only when you make it big that people understand.

        That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Over time and persistence. Some sort of success is on the way.

        I’m a spiritual person myself, here’s a story I’ll share.

        I was at the grocery store one day, I felt something under my foot. It was a coin. Picked it up quick and put it in my pocket.

        Didn’t read it till later.

        The coin says this.

        “Diligence is the mother of good luck”. – Benjamin Franklin.

        I keep this coin on me at all times, though I would share this with you.

        Made me think of that you said in the last paragraph.

        I’ll find a muse over time. All I need is patients and time, to show the universe what I’m capable of.

        Sorry if I got a little deep there hahaha, it’s just me being me.

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    • Haha haha love the way you worded that. “Spider-evil clown hybrid” made me laugh out loud.

      Anything is possible remember the imagination is infinite.

      So yes there could be a 7 legged creature there. As of now I see 7 legs too. Maybe an 8th will show over time.

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  1. Yeah it seems to be a spider , but let’s see when it will complete then I guess IN SHA ALLAH , and this drawing is so stunning and veri nice πŸ‘πŸ»

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  2. Il gioco, anche di fantasia, ha regole, orari, limiti…l’arte no, non puΓ², perchΓ¨ l’arte Γ¨ libertΓ  d’espressione e nn ha tempi, non ha confini, non ha regole.
    O forse una regola ce l’ha, quella dell’anima: volare.

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