Quote #35


The raindrop fell and disappeared into thin air. Then arising eventually overtime to come back again.

Emotions come and go just like how the clouds shine and darkness comes to create chaos. It rains then thunders. Then a rainbow appears

Storms and thunder show there’s happiness within all souls, it’s just way, way, deep within their hearts.

Out of selfishness and bitterness, happiness is not shown to the world. Only to be locked up and never expressed to this beautiful world.

Nothings perfect that’s the way it’s, just attempt at your best.

Lessons and things learned. Messages within this beautiful rainbow. Ups and downs, just like a rainbow. The rainbow shows the beauty is within the stormy clouds.

The beauty that shines within this dark world.

It’s just the perspective you decide to follow, life is what you make out of it.

We’ll all cry and we’ll all feel sadness.

It’s not an abstract or weird thing to show emotions. Emotions are normal, you’re a being with a conscious. Not a puppet with strings attached to it, having another perform your life for you. It might seem like that, but you’re in full control.

Without expression what is within you will continue to be trapped.

Cry as often and as much as you need, but remember my friend cry to cry and don’t cry to be addicted to crying.

Cry when needed, not too much. Not too little and neither in between. But what is right for you.

As long as it’s not harming anyone continue to do so. The emotions cannot be locked up. They will continue to burst open like a bottle of water.

The emotions build up and the compression of the emotions force the bottle to explode.

Each emotion is a different color within the bottle. The final equation will define the outcome of the energy released. The burst of the bottle.

Whatever colors within the bottle are the things you need to work on within yourself.

The things that get you angry and hype you up for no apparent reason just because. These are the things to be worked on. The emotions that destroy, these need to be healed and not ignored.

Control your emotions and don’t neglect them in a bad way.

Express nothing but positive energy to the world and receive everything you gave it in return.

You attract what you give out in this world. The universe will pay you back one way or another. Just believe in destiny and don’t lose your faith. This life is similar to one big “mind game”.

If you set your mind to something and don’t give up. Put forth all your energy and dedicate yourself to something that you truly love. There’s no way of “Failure”. Just many lessons learned. We all “Fail”. You might as well fail at something you like performing at. Then to fail at something you hate performing at.

Ignore everyone else’s thoughts, most of them will be negative. They’re supposed to be. Life’s not easy. Every day will be a new challenge. Look forward to each day and you’ll appreciate life much more than you do now.

Don’t let your thoughts consume you.

Crying makes you stronger, you face the problem in that moment but in the end, in sense, the situation should be over.

You’re stronger than who you were before, a blossomed beautiful valley of flowers. True art and beauty were shown. Don’t resist emotions face them.

The water bottle is closed at all moments but somehow still being filled.

An illusion from within. Emotions fill the bottle with no way to enter. An empty area is somehow being filled with nothing but energy itself. Emotions are a 100% proof that everything is energy.

One moment you’re sad. One moment you’re happy. Another frightened. Next, you’re very confused. But then you happen to be embarrassed. Oh, no now you’re worried.

There is no exit or entry. Its flow builds as its frequency adapts.

Each individual will be in control of their own bottle. Or aka. The emotion tank within your soul. It can only be filled so much before something happens.

You can improve or decrease in this analogy. Releasing emotions in a negative way or positive way. Each person will interpret each situation into a different emotion.

It’s a game of balancing all the emotions from within thyself. It’s quite challenging at times, to be honest. But that’s what makes it so fun.

Like I said before cry when needed, not too much. Not too little and neither in between.

Whatever is correct for you and only you.

Don’t keep anything within you. The water bottle will overflow and be disrupted.

You’re the controller of this water bottle no one else.

Good luck on the frequency control of your water bottle.

Your emotions will build you or suck you down into the ground like stepping in quicksand or muck.

Over a long period of time, everything decays. Just be your strongest version you can perform at and You’ll love every moment of life.

To be set free or be locked up for an eternity.

36 thoughts on “Quote #35

    • Happy you could relate to this. πŸ™‚

      Appreciate your thoughts and opinion. Has more meaning to me when people comment. Especially on the quotes. Like to hear what people think.

      Attempt at my best to explain that goes on within my imagination.

      Only wish to heal and make the world a positive place.

      Thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚

      Have a happy holidays. πŸ˜€

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    • Yes, exactly and we all do it.

      Everyone has to cry or they’re not even human. The emotions are hidden somewhere.

      Thanks, happy you liked the read! πŸ™‚

      Happy holidays!

      I send much love and happiness your way. πŸ™‚


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      • Most welcome dude, but you know i hate those kinds of people who insult others if they cry, because i could encounter such types of persons who could call this as shame, because anyone who cries they could count it like girls’ behaviours. As per they claim. Good luck buddy and a have wonderful day too 😊

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      • Thanks for sharing this.

        I’ve always thought the same thing, those people are just the bitter people. Hahahah. The ones telling you the incorrect information.

        The feelings within yourself are never incorrect even if they don’t seem correct to the outside world.

        Only you know what you feel. If I broke my leg people would freak out and cone surround me.

        Emotions are the same. It’d like your emotions being a branch. The branch snaps and you start crying, your emotions let loose.

        If you don’t show emotion you thyself more than anything else.

        You have to accept what you feel even if it’s so called “wrong” then from on that point. The individual will figure it out, it just takes a lot of willpower and searching from within.

        If you don’t cry you don’t learn. What’s happiness or sadness without crying. Someone with no emotion is just a robot. Very sad, there’s lots of robots.

        Thought I would share that analogy with you. The breaking of the stick and a bone breaking. Compared to the emotions. You physically “snap” from within.

        Thanks will do. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks! πŸ™‚

      Sounds great, hahahaa. I had you in your seat the whole time waiting for the next part each moment.

      That’s the whole purpose of writing, thank you for telling me this. πŸ™‚

      Appreciate your for taking your time to read this.

      Greetings from the United States!

      Have a great day. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks. πŸ™‚

      Yes, sounds like you interpreted it quite well.

      Love yourself before anything or anyone else. Be aware of yourself. Love what you see in the mirror, don’t ignore thyself image.

      Have a lovely day! πŸ™‚

      Keep a smile on your face for me. πŸ˜‰ hahaha.

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  1. You write such lovely thoughts. Yes, we must give expression to what we feel. It is unhealthy to bottle things inside. I would also say, if we have a lot of anger inside, it would be good to express that to a counselor.

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    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ happy you like the thoughts.

      Exactly or its locked in a bottle. Most lock things up and play life in fear and ignore the root of the problem. Only to continue to get worse.

      I can agree but then again. A counselor is much of a fraud in my opinion.

      The only one to figure the feelings out are from within, thyself. A counselor has to deal with thyself emotions that they don’t even know how to control themselves. No one is perfect and this counselor has “perfect” emotion trying go fix you.

      A counselor might help but the root of the problem is from within.

      Look inside you self before going to any other area. The answer lie within most just fear the truthful answer and the lies sound more pleasant to the ear.

      This world is much of a lie and we all live in fear.

      It’s a good thing to try or attempt at, but a counselor is not always the answer. I would question the counselor myself and he/she would probably have no answer for some of my questions. Thyself only knows thyself. Went on a little rant, hahaha.

      Have a beautiful day! πŸ™‚

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      • Yes, I see what you mean. I’ve gone to good counselors and bad ones. The good ones help you find yourself without telling you. Talking to someone else does bring things to mind that you didn’t realize before, so you could talk to yourself and learn also. Bad counselors can do a lot of damage. And yes, the world is full of lies. I was pretty disappointed when I realized that. Lol
        My last counselor told me to make a journal with pictures and words of my life. I was amazed how much it helped me.

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      • Happy you understand, hahahaha.

        That’s the best kind of counselor. The best masters help you find yourself without even trying. Like a zen master hahaha. The answers are already in you, just need to adventure and you’ll find them.

        Yes talking to one, does help you find things you were unaware of.

        Bad one will probably make you feel worse.

        Hahaha. I’ve realized it since I was little. It’s just now I’m “grown” and can have an opinion.

        Yes that’s a thing a lot of councilors give to their students.

        I kinda do the same when I write and I create art. Helps stay sane a lot, of it wasn’t for art I wouldn’t be here.


  2. Le emozioni non si possono e non si devono reprimere, sono il sale della vita.
    A volte sono dolorose, a volte gioiose, a volte d’amore, di tenereza….perchΓ¨ lasciarle dentro la bottiglia? Quando saranno troppe il vetro si infrangerΓ , voleranno via, disperdendosi inutilmente. Tirarle fuori al momento giusto, mostrarle senza pensare che possano essere una debolezza costruiranno l’impalcatura della nostra anima.
    Ciao ❀

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    • “Emotions are the spices of life”.
      I can agree with you on that, makes a lot of sense in my mind. Each emotions is a different spice added in.

      You’re very good with your words. Love the way you said the last part.

      Happy you could get this from reading the quote.

      Hey! ❀

      Have a great day. πŸ™‚

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