Started the new drawing…


Wasn’t sure on what to draw this time. Asked my mom to think of something for me to draw. Gave her 24 hours to think of something.

She showed me two different pictures. I told her, “Let’s look for different ones”.

We looked for an hour or 2. This picture startled both of us. But in a good way, it was a crazy looking image. Deciding to do this one, in my mind I feel fear. Just being honest.

Trying my best to not feel fear. Keep telling myself this, “Each line and sketch is the same as the last, time is nothing but a thought.” By telling myself this I don’t get nervous and I vision myself finishing the final product without giving up.

Sure, it might not be completed the way I want it. But who cares, I will still learn a lot, at least I’m doing something that challenges me rather than being easy.

Looking at this without knowing what it is might be quite confusing. My main focus is the detail. My mind tells me “Quality over Quantity.”

Now I’ll try my best to complete this. Not promising anything crazy, let’s see what happens. The main focus is detail. Hours put into this will be ignored, just need to find a flow to follow on. Keep steady and go.




38 thoughts on “Started the new drawing…

  1. Hi Brandon,
    Maybe some well seasoned artist do not feel fear at starting a new work, but I surely do. Although I know that if I do make a mess of a painting I can paint white (or black) gesso over it and start anew, I often feel a kind of fear when starting a painting. With me it is the question: can I paint the things I want to paint? There are 2 paintngs that are in my studio for ages. One is a seascape, I painted the main item in it 4 times and still it is not what I wanted. And I wait and wait and still have not tried a 5th time. And the other painting is one of a big mountain and lot of fishing ships in a harbour beneath that big mountain. I painted the air, I painted the rock and I did start with the sea. And then I could not continue… thinking I would be unable to paint the ships as I want them to become. And because of that I am not finishing the sea. Stupid? Yes I know. It is good that you have started this drawing. Good you overcame your fear. You do make such very special and skilled drawings, so unique!Keep going on please !

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    • Hey, πŸ™‚

      That could be true, but I belive we all feel some sort of fear, even the fearless.

      That’s true, I remember my art teacher taught me that. White gesso fixes any painting, hahaha.

      I feel as if the fear holds a greater purpose. Instead of painting. More of the inner emotions fearing to be released. Not accepting the thyself. That’s just my opinion, makes sense to me.

      If you really think about it, there’s no reason you cannot accomplish something.

      Sometimes the obvious is hidden in plain sight. Ignored but very obvious.


      Seascape 4 times, hahaha. Now a 5th.

      Big mountain, fishing ships in the harbour beneath the mountain. Air, rocks and the sea. I imagine it now, uncompleted.

      Hahaha, I understand your words. Try to accept yourself more as a person and for your everyday actions and everything in life will come easy including the art.

      Anxiety could be consuming your mind quite often, just a quess.

      Like I said before the feeling of “fear” has been slowly disappearing as my image of myself has been disappearing slowly too. In a goo happy way, more accepting than ever to myself.

      Just some advice I thought I would share.

      Not sure why I thought this would be a good idea, hahaha. But all “bad” ideas turn into something much greater than expected. Just have to belive in your stupid self. Because there’s nothing there in the first place. Just many thoughts.

      Thanks appreciate the kind words, really do. πŸ™‚

      Will continue creating unless something crazy happens in my life or life takes me. Otherwise there’s no excuse.

      Sorry on the late excuse, hahaha. Been busy the past few days.

      Much love and happiness to you.




    • Great! πŸ™‚

      Love your response to the post, gives of a lot of emotion.

      Helps me in my creative process, much appreciated. Every little bit counts.

      Have a great night!

      Sorry for the delayed response, hahaha. Been busy.

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      • No problem, love your work my friend.
        Don’t worry about the late response, busy minds have little time, I know you’ll get back when you can. Have a good day!

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  2. I’m interested to see what comes. Perhaps two animals, one turned to the right, the other looking straight at us.
    I started a new painting yesterday. It will be God’s wings and a woman stsnding under them praying. I have fear about my background colors and style. I think I will like what I’ve decided to do, I paint it and then dislike it. Lol it is frustrating.
    I’m just going to leave it for now and see how I feel when the rest of it is done.

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    • I always love the amount of effort and time you put into my work. πŸ™‚

      Anything possible. πŸ˜‰

      Mhhhhh. Interesting, whatever you decide to paint is from within you. The hiding emotions. As long as you hurt no one is the process paint anything you want.

      Don’t have fear in yourself. Belive in yourself! πŸ™‚

      I understand, in my younger years I was hard on myself. Try to be easy on myself the best I can. Try to walk away for 20-30 minutes clear the mind and continue.

      The mind can only take so much before going insane.

      That’s a great answer. When the time is correct the painting will be calling your name. When you hear the voices calling for you. Accept the voices and take the painting on.

      With all force and your energy be free within and let the painting take control in you. Let the painting paint itself and the true beauty will be shown.

      Ignore the fear hidden deep within. True brightness and beauty lies within everyone. The moment when achieved is different for everyone.

      Don’t give up on your painting! Haha.

      I belive in you! πŸ™‚

      Have a great night!


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    • Read what you posted.

      Happy you felt this way towards this line. πŸ™‚

      I belive you can write something beautiful. Forgot that you’re writing and imagine something crazy. Then write that down.

      Never give up on your craft, continue doing so if it makes you happy.

      Have a great evening! πŸ™‚


  4. Reminds me of Picasso. When he was asked why he drew, he said it was in his blood and brain. He did it for the art and not the public. I wrote a blog on the Great Artist. I will reprint it today. Give it a read and let me know what you think of it. Thanks, Barry

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    • I’ve heard that before.

      He’s right In my eyes. Why do something if you don’t enjoy it. Otherwise that’s just plain stupid.

      I create art for the enjoyment and love. Love should be used or it’s not intended. Money and everything else is extra. Appreciated but not intended.

      Sounds good let me know what you think of it. I think you’re talking about yourself.

      No problem, happy you like the art.

      Have a great day Barry! πŸ™‚


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