Sketch complete.

full sketch

Here is the finished sketch. I’ve added a few details here and there all around the sketch, that don’t appear in this current image. My mind is very weird with detail. The more detail the more pleased I’m.

Used to be scared of bigger drawings and artworks but now I want to work larger scale and with lots of detail. Have no idea why but that’s what my mind is telling me.

The sketch being where it’s. My mind looks at it, and like always. You get that unsure feeling, nothing is ever really “done” technically I could go super crazy with the detail. But at the moment I don’t have endless time, only varied.

Believe in yourself and put some energy towards your thoughts. You’ll accomplish things and wonder how you even did them. Don’t tell yourself you can’t even do it, without a single attempt. It’s within us all, fear is just hiding “it” deep with your soul.

Whatever “it” is, varies for each person. Only the individual knows.

Each drawing is a new lesson of some sort. With the full sketch being presented, what do you see in the image?

Remeber anything is possible with any colors as well.

Coloring this at the moment, taking a little break to post. Then continuing to work for a little bit.


49 thoughts on “Sketch complete.

  1. Your art and writings are so thought provoking, it’s amazing! I would love to meet you one day if I am passing by wherever it is you reside. I think it would be interesting to see how you view the world and share my views too.

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    • Thank you! Happy to hear someone likes both my art and writings. 🙂

      Hahaha, you’re crazy.

      I live in a little town, in the middle of no where. Compared to the world. Live in North America, United States.

      Not sure where you live, maybe one day I’ll meet some fans somewhere for something. Who knows. It’s possible.

      I agree It would be interesting. My life is similar to a video game, it crazy for most to understand. The ways I think are abnormal and make no sense. With art and writing it helps me express my inner self.

      Not everyone will agree with everything each individual believes. But it’s interesting to listen to someone talk and hear their thoughts or opinions.

      I send love and happiness your way! ❤

      Have a great year! 🙂

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      • You are welcome!

        I haven’t visited North America yet. I live in a small town in England. I was living in a city called Bristol in England just a few weeks ago.

        Who knows, indeed. The ways you think and portray your thoughts aren’t abnormal, they are just unique. I write short stories and that helps me express my inner self. The same applies to my paintings. So I can see where you’re coming from.

        I especially agree with your last paragraph there. As humans, we may not agree with each other, but it’s often interesting to share our views with others and see what they make of it.

        Sending love and happiness back.

        Peace and joy this New Year to you! Have a great one!

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      • Interesting, England would be a cool place to visit. Compared to where I live, that would be crazy.

        I understand what you’re saying.

        It’s quite hard at times, but that’s the challenge hahahah.

        Thank you! 🙂

        Appreciate it.

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