More color added and some detail.


Took a picture of the progress about an hour or two ago. Thought this moment in time would be a good place to stop and take a picture.

On the final sketch, I got ahead of myself and forgot to take an extra progress pic or two.

Since the last update, a few new colors have been added. With the style being the way it’s, as of now, it might be hard to create a picture within your mind.

When the final drawing is complete, it’s as if all the colors align themselves in that moment. A puzzle having the last piece being added. Boom! All aligned, hahaha. Every little piece matters as much as the last.

Try my best to make all the detail I can. Only I and a few others can see my drawings in person. Not sure if the microscopic detail is visible in the pictures I post. It kinda shows if you click on the image and zoom in with your phone. Buying a camera soon, some new things are coming on the way.

Pulled an all-nighter. At 11:30 pm my mind was hit with an urge to draw really bad as if I was crazing a food. But instead, this was my imagination I was craving for. Stayed up until 3:30ish am, maybe a little later.

Wish I could work on art all day and night, hahaha. One day. If I had the chance or opportunity to, I would pull all-nighters every night of the week. I can only imagine it now. That’s the “dream.”

Look at the shades and shapes before the colors. Remember in art the colors don’t really matter at all but then again we need them or no picture would be here. If only the outlines showed, everything would just have edges, no filling or weight you can say. The Skeleton of the drawing.

When saying this, I mean the colors can be an infinite color combination. You don’t have to follow the rules with the colors be free.

What do you see in the Image? Let your imagination take over and not yourself.


35 thoughts on “More color added and some detail.

  1. great topic today ! i had a new insight leading me to a reptile this time .. possibly a snake into branches … ?
    the first option with the bride and her yearning almost vanished so …. you tricked my sense now , i have even seen a big cat like yawning … lol after all , you’re the king sir Brandon , artistic director in chief …

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    • Thanks! πŸ™‚

      A lot of individuals are guessing something in a bush of some sort. That could be, or couldn’t be.

      Yes I remember that guess. Hahaha, anything is possible who knows! πŸ™‚

      Hahaha. Appreciate the energy in your comment! πŸ™‚

      Remember we’re all the same, I’m no king and neither are you. All “one.” πŸ˜‰

      Have a great day!

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    • Mhhhhhh. That’s a common guess at the moment.

      We’ll have to wait and see. πŸ™‚

      Those might be teeth or maybe they’re not. πŸ˜‰ The colors will most likely identify that.

      Love your imagination! It’s very bright for being your age, hahaha.


      • I LOVE THAT WAY to trust the future with this best intuition which is already there … hidden in plain sight hahaha Pure intent is so powerful in manifesting truth ! πŸ˜€ THANK YOU Brandon

        Like this sculptor who told he could see the shape in the original stone before to carve it and liberate the masterpiece … it’s fascinating to me which decided long time ago , i can’t draw an egg . lol you’re right , colours will tell the choices …

        Nevertheless i kept a very good sight for my grand age , despite i decided to assume it as well , years gone with decades but like they are only judging bodie’s betrayals , i ‘m grateful for being in great condition and happy to be healthy ! OUR BODY HAS A MEMORY even MORE if we ‘re totally renew every 3 months ..; did u know that ?
        Child’s spirit can’t never stop being rejuvenated with love anyway … sharing infinite love is my way to be witty … for a long time, impatience put me out of my main road. Overthinking with a high speed connection generator upthere , lol feeling to be different as an empath , it was a serious situation to handle , even more when familial surrounding miserably disrupted my natural confidence with betrayal and ficticious inputs . Resilient , i escaped into average condition , invisibility and emotional sleepiness , while i let one puppet figure play my funny smiling and kind character , i used to protect. me behind the mask of docile social satisfaction ..
        by chance , awakening can’t be prevented when rings the bell ! dinge ling ling …

        Meditation , regular sport or physical activities plus healthy lifestyle preserve my persistent love for embracing life in as best condition asp. ! for sure, i wasn’t always feeling so peaceful and in harmony with my true-self .
        Sharing what we love with others , updating what we learnt and wishing it could be helpful to make the most part enjoying life EVEN JUST A little better … … life is our gift . we’re one ! thank you for being you .

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      • I trust the universe more than anything. No problem, hahaha.

        Totally understand what you’re saying about the scultpure, kinda feel like him with my art. Yes colors are by choice.

        Yes I’m happy to be healthy as well. Health is wealth. Yes the body is more super human than anything think, most just ignore everything and are unaware.

        Yes love is the only thing we need and it shows the child in you.

        I understand what you’re saying, thanks for sharing that quick story about yourself. Can relate to what you say.

        We all go through are times and through the rough times we become stronger.


        Yes I can relate to that too. I’m about health working out and art. And other “different” things. We sound like similar people.

        Yes life Is a crazy mind blowing gift.

        No problem, hahahah. Appreciate the comment.

        Sorry my phone deleted some comments on accident. Sorry if I missed any, hahaha.


      • Yeah that’s what it happens to be. The way the animal acts probably has similar traits to yourself or the Colors or shapes. There’s always something, don’t know you personally . But if I analyzed you I could figure something out, hahaha.

        My minds just weird I think of of the box ideas.

        Maybe I’m false and using all of my imagination but usually there’s something that relates.

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      • I really appreciate your thoughts. Maybe or may be not….because our mind is mysterious and far-reaching.

        It can reach to the utmost level of vast imagination and might include things that we are ourselves unsure of.

        Thoughts and characters might relate but if the thought is itself not completely defined to self, it cannot be related to.

        Our universe has always awed us with mind boggling interrelations most of which is till now beyond our scope. All we can do is keep imagining and who knows we might get an answer after all.

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      • Yeah no problem. Yeah, who knows hahaha. True, that’s why you should always write your ideas down so you never forget them. That’s what I do. Sometimes a line hits me like someone is talking to me it’s weird. Don’t know how to explain it hahaha. Or when i have an idea for something to draw.

        Very true.

        Not sure If there is really an answer to anything. But we create answers and then agree on them, if you understand.

        I just believe to simply live and be happy that’s it. There’s no meaning. We all make life to confusing and rough for no reason. Don’t understand the way this world works, hahaha.

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    • I can imagine a lion standing up on 2 legs roaring, hahaha.

      Love the imagination! πŸ™‚ child like, hahahah.

      It’s a possibility, who knows.

      More color will conclude to your guess.


    • An owl is a common guess at the moment.

      The shapes and texture look like it as of right now.

      Wait till the next update and your guess might change.

      An owl is a possibility. πŸ™‚

      Keep your eye out. πŸ˜‰

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