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Brandon Knoll, that’s what happens to be my name. Yes but that is nothing but a name, for the name means nothing in a sense. Besides for an Identification, usually, the last name will identify you more than the first.

There are many individuals called Brandon in this world, but not many named knoll.

Don’t forget the middle name. Why have a middle name? My guess is to identify each “family.” To know who’s in what family tree compared to the rest. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles etc……..

My answer for whom this Brandon happens to be can be summed up in one single word. That word is “Art.”

My purpose in this world is “Art.” This literally isn’t me, but more of a character in play in an act.

When making art, you only think to make the art. Otherwise, the art wouldn’t happen. But why does the mind ask thyself to create art? What purpose is art created for, why create this thing called art?

Well if you really think about it, there’s no answer for anything. Just an idea created in a sentence/structure and then agreed upon by some people. Creating the world and the “answers” we have now. The ideas and everything that is happening now.

There’s no real answer to anything or perfect ideal life to live. The map of life doesn’t hold an X marks the spot.

Life is happening to you, create yourself and explore what you desire. Create the destiny you vision to live. Don’t just be handed ideas and go with them, see what you truly love and desire.

I’ve finally found something that I truly enjoy and love. Each moment, creating art I cherish. A very spontaneous moment.

Most other things to me seem like a competition to everyone. In “life” I’ve always felt at a competition against everyone with everything. Lately not so much.

Each person racing against themselves, to never have an answer or time to relax. The race continues every moment and second. Whoever can advance to the top of the mountain first, is the “successful” one. The rest below the mountain, happen to be lower ranked than the top. This is much of a “monopoly life.”

As I look out across the whole world, each human to me looks the complete same but then again not. For me, the energy of each person is read and the vibe of your personality is vibrating off each individual. Similar to a temperature or frequency of some sort. A literal energy source.

I Could care less what you’re wearing, the color of your skin or the language you happen to speak. All I happen to care about is the soul within the skin. The internal you and not the external, for it’s only a designated character in play with some skin attached. Only “you” or “thyself” truly knows how this “I” feels, to enter my mind and think what I think would only be a nightmare to many.

The mind of an artist is quite horrifying. In a peaceful way and a dark evil way. When you look at art it’s both positive and negative in its ways. There’s “sad/dark art” and then all the other kinds. I feel as if all artists make “sad/dark art” at least one point in their lives.

A lot of artists are “crazy.” The brain of an artist is wired and designed is such a weird way. Things are thought and created that are unbelievable except out of 100% pure imagination. My mind has these ideas that I feel like only I have thought of. Things so crazy and ridiculous most wouldn’t understand them at all. Unless somehow I could transfer them into this “real world” of a matrix.

Art is nothing but pure creation and invention. A new birth or child into the world, each having their own uniqueness. I always tell people my art is similar to my “children.”

If my art were to be damaged it’s as if a part of me is damaged. Kinda like one of those voodoo dolls with the needles. The person feels the pain when jabbed. In a literal sense for me as an artist.

Few have asked me, “What would you do if I ripped one of your drawings or burned one?”

I know this isn’t in a disrespectful way. Just out of curiosity. But like I said before there’s no real answer to anything.

Just ideas or thoughts. Unless living in that very moment. No one would know at all, but could only make an assumption.

Well, I would probably have to take time to transfer the moment and then ponder on it. What if I just said, “You just killed one of my children?” Or maybe I would laugh in a satanic laughter of joy and appreciate you burned my artwork.

Everything is meant to be born then eventually end, one moment or another. So I guess I would have to just breathe and tell myself.

“I can always create another one.”

It’s more about the moments than the final product. The journey than the destination. Yes, the final piece is a beautiful sight, but without all the little moments the bigger picture wouldn’t be here. Creating the moment as of right “now.”

This “now” I speak of, is the moment you’re reading this “now.” All you have to do is cherish each moment and life won’t be that gruesome but yes it gets very hard at times. You just have to push through those times and become the greatest version of yourself.

Through this short life, I have lived so far, art has found me and I didn’t find the art. The art was destined to happen, so I can either give up. Or watch it all happen right in front of my eyes and possibly never see each moment ever again. Live this life of a dream and not live life in regret.

With all other things in life, it all feels like a competition besides art. Art gives you that freedom to do whatever you want and you can do it wherever too. There are no rules of any sort and the mind is free.

There’s no one answer to anything in art. Anything is correct and nothing is wrong, it’s just all in the perspective.

Art is for everyone, it’s just most don’t accept art, so if you don’t accept it then you can’t make it.

Just lose the fear of failure and you can accomplish anything in this world.

If you were to ask me, I’d say vision and create your own future. You don’t always have to listen to instructions from others.

The craziest adventures are always the ones people never tell you to go on. Sometimes this adventure of a life is quite lonely, but remember you always have yourself.

Not all people will understand your journey, but that’s okay it’s more for you to understand. It’s your life, isn’t it? Who posses and carries this soul through this body. The mover and guider of where you choose to go.

Each thought manifest on a short scale or long scale of some degree. It can be as simple as going to the store or brushing your teeth. It’s all a thinking process, you don’t just brush your teeth or go to the store you think to do these things.

Similar to all other things. You only think to do every other action and thing in this life. Think it and then do it. All being a small manifestation of some sort.

To manifest something huge and unbelievable takes a lot of time and energy, but it’s possible, anything is. If anyone tells you it’s not, well ignore the naysayer. They must be having a bad day or something.

Don’t let the negating energy consume the positive energy out of you. To control your energy is probably the hardest thing to do in the whole world.

Literally, you’re in control of this body and all of its actions. There’s no puppet behind this mask of yours.

Be good to yourself and you’ll be good to others.

To this day I still question why art decided to find me. Don’t know why I create, it kinda just happened. Now here “I’m” this very moment. Very happy for this blessing. Life’s experiences are priceless you can’t buy life it’s given to you. Internal feelings can never be bought, but only worked on. External things are purchased.

Everyone’s choices are different every day leading into a different journey for all. No one to ever be correct or wrong, all just here learning experiences together. Lived through thyself, and only thyself. Many will mislead you and misguide you into the wrong direction. Don’t let others opinions of you become your reality, create your own reality.

Art has helped save my soul from this world and art helps me heal when needed, not putting negative energy into this world.

All I wish for is love, peace, and positive vibes. Not war, hatred and negative souls.

Accept yourself and appreciate yourself. Hug yourself and feel the energy flow throughout your whole body. Appreciate each moment as it passes and you’ll realize the purpose of life is just to enjoy the short memories as they pass by. To never capture again. A living movie that you can’t rewind or fast forward.

Now as I leave you here reading this, here are the last words I have to say.

“Art is within my bones, imagination and creation flow throughout me. The energy within my bones is pure artistic energy and nothing else. If you were to see the colors of my bones/aura it would be similar to the rainbow. Every energy, color, and emotion you can vision. Snap my bones and creative juice will ooze out of them. There’s literally a created substance/juice flowing throughout my whole body.”

33 thoughts on “Quote #40

    • Great! Happy to hear that. πŸ™‚

      Hahaha, yes so very true.

      But then again it would screw up this current moment. Destroying all time in a way. You wouldn’t be where you’re right now.

      Would be pure madness, great idea for a movie or book of some sort.

      Or maybe it’s already possible who knows. :O

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  1. Like I told my son, Art is the best. You can’t be wrong, everything that comes out is from your own unique perspective. Can a pine tree grow wrong? Art is creation just as life is creation. Keep up the great work Brandon!

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    • Beautiful words you speak to your son. πŸ™‚

      Keep doing so, I can live through his shoes. Would Inspire me as a child a great amount.

      Keep being you. πŸ™‚

      Remember don’t give up on your son, he’ll be one beautiful pine tree in the future.

      Anything is possible at any moment, the imagination can take you anywhere in this world.

      Have a great day! πŸ™‚

      Appreciate this comment and the words you speak van relate to them, very ironic hahaha.

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  2. What is art?

    Hrm. Let’s see.

    Linguistic lessons aside, “art” means work; for a long time, an “artist” was, more or less, “one who works.”

    The Greeks considered art a critical part of mimeticism–a Sisyphean endeavor to replicate a perfect shadow world. That carried over to the Romans.

    Art was lost for most of the middle ages, utilized mostly by the church in morality plays and Bible transcriptions. There were also songs and spoken word epics, but those weren’t necessarily considered art at the time.

    It was received in the Renaissance when Europe became infatuated with the classic world. Paintings, sculpture, plays, and poetry saw a sudden revival.

    It took on new meaning in the Romantic period when popular philosophy began to shift toward art for art’s sake.

    It has since become the language for universal expression, thanks to technology and an expanded middle class.

    That’s a GROSS oversimplification of art, but that’s how we got here. It’s the work we do when we feel an urge to express ourselves. It transcends language, class, race, and status. It’s the most telling measure of civilization.

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    • Listening….

      True but then again not, don’t agree that art is much of a “work.” The mind decides if it’s either “work” or “play.”

      That’s beautiful haha, love reading about those times. Thanks for the share.

      I understand what you’re saying here. Yes you see it in churches and play quite often.

      Yes, it came back into play after being in rest for a while.

      Yeah can agree with you on that as well.

      The unconscious though. Expression as you please as an artist. Let the mind be free and go. See what happens.

      Thank you for the explanation and energy you put into the comment! Shows the energy of love, I appreciate that very much.

      It’s as if you sat her and spent a bit of time with me discussing a topic of some sort.

      Have a great day Jake! πŸ™‚

      Remember to never give up creating! There’s no reason but laziness and fear of thyself.


  3. “Snap the bones and creative juice will oze out of them!”
    I loved this line sooooo much! Haha! Its soo nice and true! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†
    “My answer for whom this Brandon happens to be can be summed up in one single word. That word is β€œArt.”
    Haha! Soo sweet 😊❀ and this is true indeed. We really get to know that from your posts! Art lies in you veins!
    “Life is happening to you, create yourself and explore what you desire. Create the destiny you vision to live. Don’t just be handed ideas and go with them, see what you truly love and desire.”
    Hats off for this one! Yes we are Creators of our own destiny. Sailors and captains or our own ships! 😊😊
    This was really nice post! Loong and nice! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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    • Hahaha. πŸ™‚

      Happy to hear that.

      That’s the only “answer” I have. Yes, indeed hahaha. It’s all within the soul.

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

      Exactly, but don’t get ahead of yourself remember that just take it easy and set your sail. If you understand my message. Have a loving humble boat, hahaha. πŸ™‚

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

      Happy you could relate to this post, have a beautiful day! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you! πŸ™‚

      Happy you could relate.

      Yes, that’s one of your worst enemies it pulls you to the ground.

      Everyone has their own way of fighting off each fear, just don’t stumble and give up on yourself or the fear will consume you.

      Remember ignore the fear, defend it off. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

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  4. “Create the destiny you envision to have” So true! One needs that vision to help guide their path. I see this in many of my fellow bloggers including yourself and it motivates me to go on. Thank you for the encouragement.

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    • Happy you could relate to this line! πŸ™‚

      Yes, that’s what I think as well.

      With outdoor creating your own destiny, it’s similar to a goldfish climbing a tree just as Einstein says.

      The individuality is lost, I belive the way school works kinds screw this system up.

      But for me to say that will cause nothing but a war. Always try to be careful when talking about the educational system people get triggered in negative two seconds hahaha.

      Open minds are rare in this society just a lot of narrow headed minds.

      Keep creating your own destiny sir!

      Be your individual self, it takes a lot of self exploring to do so. Just a thought hahaha.

      Have a great day by the way! Each day Is a new day to the adventure, remember to never give up! πŸ™‚

      No problem! πŸ™‚

      Happy you commented and could relate to this. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Great hahaha, most don’t.

        Thank appreciate it, just need to find the crowd of people and not give up. The negative thoughts channel in a lot, sometimes it’s hard to ignore them. But I need them to become stronger than I’m now. It’s all part of the process.

        Will do! πŸ™‚

        I really appreciate your comments, likes and feedbacks on all my posts the artworks and writing.

        You’re active on my blog, thank you. πŸ™‚


  5. Il nome ci identifica nella societΓ , il cognome ci da appartenenza, ma ciΓ² che ci marchia nella vita Γ¨ ciΓ² che facciamo.
    L’arte ad esempio Γ¨ un marchio, tu sei Brandon-Art Knoll,

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    • Yes the name is who people call us by just to know who we’re.

      The middle name belongs to us in a way.

      This might sound ridiculous but I don’t necessarily agree with that statement. You don’t have to do anything in this life, I don’t do anything. All of this just happens.

      If all we do is do. Then this world is much of a competition. All you have to do is be humble and loving. Your “career” means nothing your soul does.

      You can be a damaged and screwed up soul but have a good “career” the world is much of a competition. I hope you understand my analogy. It’s just all much of a race in the end, hope you understand hahahahaha. πŸ™‚

      I always tell people I’m nothing or no one. Always get the strangest responses.

      It’s hard for people to understand this concept without questioning everything.

      Yes I’m Brandon-Art Knoll, but then again I’m not. I’m nothing. Hahaha. πŸ™‚

      Hope you understand all of this. πŸ˜€

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    • Thank you Julie, happy to hear you enjoyed reading this. πŸ™‚

      No problem, it’s just a constant thought in the mind.

      Need to manifest your own thoughts, positive thoughts and actions. Not negative, just try your absolute best.

      Have a great day Julie! πŸ™‚

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