Started a new drawing, what do we have here?

DSC_0084Here’s the progress of the new drawing, I’ve added a little more than what is shown here. Played around with this draw the whole weekend, quite a few hours put in so far. The weekend was full of artistic energy and creativity.

Sorry that I got too carried away and too anxious to take a picture sooner than I did. Should have grabbed my camera halfway into this. Was to in the moment, hahaha. What a great excuse.

It works though, it’s in the moments the art is created. Every moment is precious for it could be a different moment than the last. Creating the drawing into a whole new drawing every time. The possibilities are endless/ infinite.

Time is a very tricky thing, we all need more of it and there is never enough hahaha, even though we all possess the same amount of hours.

Now, I’ll continue working on this throughout the day today. Let’s see what we come up with.

As of right now, what image do your eyes, imagine when looking at this drawing?


23 thoughts on “Started a new drawing, what do we have here?

      • Seems to be the number one guess, hahahah.

        Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

        The shape looks similar to a tank. The possibilities are endless.

        Will have to wait till the next update….


    • I know what a tank is, but had to look up “sherman tank.”

      The shape seems to be defined differently than other tanks. Hence the name sherman.

      As I look into this is image, I don’t see an ant eater. Wish you could show me that in person.

      In a way, I can imagine someone who feel off a skateboard as well.

      Love your creative mind as always! 🙂

      I guess we’ll have to wait till the next update, to see if any of those answer resonate with you again.

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    • Hahahaha, love this guess! 🙂

      Very creative. I know what you’re speaking of. I can also imagine that as well.

      The shape leans towards what you’re saying.

      Will have to wait for the next update, to see if your guess is still the same or not.

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    • Yes, I got quite far hahaha. 🙂

      Entered the “art nirvana” this is when I loose control of my mind.

      Don’t know how to explain it, you loose feeling of everything and just go.

      That’s all I can explain in words, expedites are best to be lived in then told.

      Hahaha. That seems legit.

      I guess we’ll have to wait for the next update to wait and see. 🙂

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    • That’s okay, hahaha.

      I appreciate the comment, shows the energy put towards this post. 🙂

      Happy you like what it looks like so far.

      Yes, people say that quite often. I get other similar comparison like that.

      Hopefully hahaha, can only manifest positive thoughts. 🙂

      I’m playing around with it right now, I think I’m feeling good about it. Hahahah.

      I say that about every piece, usually they turn out but not always the way I imagined.


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