Update on the drawing. (New colors added)


Here’s the progress of the drawing right now. Was playing around with the colors last night. With all the colors I have. It’s quite confusing to decide what colors to use.

Having lots of fun with the colors I’ve decided to use. Need to be calm and not create tension within myself. All the colors and shapes can get overwhelming sometimes.

Usually, I’m good at focusing on one part slowly at a time. You can’t look at the rest of the drawing then. Just one piece at a time. These colors give me a sense of delight. Can’t wait to see where this drawing takes me.

Each section you speed up more and more. Over time you ease yourself into the drawing.

After that, you get in the “zone” quite easy. You have the feel of the drawing then.

Shades are my main focus in this drawing. My intention is to separate each color so you can identify each piece itself.

Now we continue and see where this leads us. One piece at a time…..

43 thoughts on “Update on the drawing. (New colors added)

  1. Save to assume, it’s no longer looking like a lion, which was my first thought. Need to recalibrate, will hold my thought til more color is added. Looking verrry interesting 😉
    Slow and steady keeps the turtle on coarse.. heehee

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    • I guess we’ll have to take lion off your list of guesses.

      Hahahah. 🙂 Loved the word choice.

      Can image a robot just twitching and then exploding. Your mind being the thing exploding hahaha.

      The word “recalibrate” is just funny to me I don’t know what. I have the imagination of a 5 year old.

      Sounds good, hahaha. Till more color is added. 🙂

      Happy you like the look of it so far.

      Yes! Very much true. Love this comment so much hahaha.

      I’m Brock on “Finding Nemo.” If you’re familiar with that movie, hahaha. 😀

      That’s something I would say too.

      Can feel the energy in your post.

      Much love.

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  2. hi dear Brandon !
    wonderful colours layed on until now … small but very nice and neat portion realised ..bravo .
    I Do love the vibes from the yellow orange spot next to the blue, emerald green, and greys …, i can feel lots of joy and life !
    i had no idea at all about what it could be , in first place , i felt lost with the complexity of the geometric ‘assemblage ‘ , i didn’t seen anything obvious to identify into the first and squared part of the sketch ….
    Colours represent creativeness and momentness in your work for me … I MEAN like giving a soul to a lifeless manifestation , like planning with boundaries but no limits , i love these steps in artistic creation …preserving FREEDOM itself….keeping things and possibilities opened as long as possible
    You changed the binary black and white geometrical shaping ,(i feel it as a cold , mysterious raw sketchy thing most of time hahaha ) into some final living being …filled with colours of present inspiration ! it’s brilliant dear ….

    i TRUST your inspiration like you do, to feel the right colour’s call and assume the choice to apply this one or another to make sense …
    i let you enjoy your talentful process …opening the door to creativity and performing your skills , keep on doing so well ….
    that little window of colours is so shiny that it evokes me my Caribbean surrounding ( usually at that period of time should be bright sunny and warm …lol ) … no weather talk ok !
    i can see rocks and imagine corals in low blue waters with an amazing tropical fish … hahahaha
    i would be fine if it happens to be a cow in a field as well …
    much love and positiveness !!

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    • Hey! 🙂

      Thank you, appreciate it.

      Love your color view of this. Yes lots of joy and life, hahaha.

      I understand what you’re saying. My art gets tricky at moments. A lot of colors and shapes. It can make your mind go crazy, haha. Not focus in one spot at a time and wander off.

      I can agree with that, thanks for the realization. I’m the colors I put on the paper.

      Yes, I’m understanding what you’re saying.

      The colors do give the image life. Thank you! 🙂

      Happy you can trust my intuition. Art is a lot of moments put together into one.

      Yes, I’ll continue with the drawing as I please.

      I can imagine that in the Caribbeans. Yes that would be very beautiful. Hahaha sounds good! 🙂

      A very creative mind you posses.

      Hahahahah. Love your humor lol. Very random but funny.

      All energy received!

      Much love and positivity back to you as well!


  3. Hi Brandon, thanks for all the likes!!
    I wanted to let you know that your images and ‘like’ button aren’t displaying in my browser, but I’m still trying to view your work! I will say I enjoy the reflective and meditative tendencies in your blog posts 🙂
    Re: tension mentioned in this post, I think tension has a much different role in my art, which is writing – I won’t say tension is never overwhelming, but overwhelm is an experience just like all the rest, and my experience with it is that I need to be in touch with overwhlem, uncomfortable emotions, etc. in order to maintain as full a perspective as possible while writing – not every work I write is intimately associated with overwhelm, but it certainly plays a part sometimes 🙂
    keep up the art!

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    • Hey! 🙂 Yeah no problem, I like looking at other blogs as well.

      Opps, haha. Sorry to hear that. Let me know if you need help or something.

      Thank you! I appreciate your thoughts. They mean a lot to me. Energy is the greatest gift you can give or receive.

      I attempt my best to have a positive outlook on life. All I wish to do is spread love to each and every soul.


      I totally understand your perspective on this. I can relate to you as well. I do the same in my writings too.

      You can enter emotions and talk to people so emotion is needed in the end.

      It’s all quite confusing hahah.

      We understand each other. Artists mostly do.

      Thank you! Will do. 🙂

      Appreciate this positive loving post.

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  4. I love watching your progression. But I have to ask — do you ever do a design and just leave it as a design? Those are fascinating too. Just a different sort of art. I suppose I couldn’t resist filling in those little designs too.

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    • Happy to hear that Claudia. 🙂

      I understand what you’re saying. People have mentioned that before. I’d say something similar to a coloring book.

      Possibly I could do that. I’ll have my original image. Then the sketch to the side. I’ll have people match up the tones and they can do color they please.

      Will just need to copyright it for sure, hahaha.

      Sound like a good idea? Or is it complex and a lot of work?

      I’ve also thought of this idea. When you said what you said. One day I was drawing and was thinking.

      Imagine if I drew the line the color of what I would do the shape as. So instead of filling in the shapes. It will be a lot of colorful lines put together.

      On black paper this would look perfect, it’s just a thought. Let me know what you think on both ideas.

      Thank you! 🙂

      Yes, most definitely hahaha. It’s like telling the children to not do something and then they go ahead and do it. Hahaha.


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