Progress on the drawing.

DSC_0150This is where the drawing sits at the moment. I’ve added a good segment to the drawing since the last update. With the style being the way it’s. To figure out what colors to use is questionable.

I always attempt my best to match the colors together that should. Often far into the drawing, I’ll find “mistakes.” Ones that I missed the previous time drawing.

For example, a part of the drawing wasn’t dark or light enough. One simple mistake similar to this could make or break the drawing. Well at least in “my” eyes. I’ll always go through the whole drawing once finish to find any “mistakes.”

I doubt if anyone would notice the small little things I “fix.” In the end each shape/color matters as much as the last. Or the whole drawing wouldn’t have come to life.

All the little steps create the bigger picture. Art shows a great example of this. People always say the penny doesn’t matter. Well without the penny there would be no dollar. Same concludes with the art. You need every part to create the full picture (“dollar.”)

As we continue with the drawing. We’ll have to see where this takes us. This has been quite the adventure so far. Having fun with the color scheme I’ve decided to use.

With such crazy colors and the amount of effort put into the drawing. It’s taking longer than usual. The more energy focused the greater results over time.

Focusing on each shape the same as the last…….

28 thoughts on “Progress on the drawing.

  1. I piccoli passi portano a grandi percorsi, senza affannarsi.
    Ho l’impressione di vedere un leone visto frontalmente o una scimmia…

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    • Yes, very much true. Or you’ll become lost. Be wise in each movement.

      A few other individuals have seen a lion as well. I can imagine what you’re seeing in the image.

      You’re on the same page as other viewers as well. That’s great.

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  2. From the shape, I still see the head and shoulders of a teddy bear. With the added color, now I see an extraordinarily colorful teddy bear. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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    • Hahaha! πŸ™‚

      You made me laugh reading this.

      I appreciate your comments! πŸ™‚

      I understand what you’re saying too, hahha.

      Happy you think this way towards my art.

      Have a beautiful Sunday! πŸ™‚


  3. My friend is a graphic designer and she can always point out her little edits in videos that I never noticed! I have heard that some Amish women intentionally stitch a mistake into their quilt because only God is perfect.

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    • It’s the “OCD” within each artist hahaha. πŸ™‚

      That sounds believable to me. But I’m not sure about the perfect part. Nothing and no one is perfect. That’s just my perspective.

      Thank for the comment and knowledge!

      Have a great Sunday. πŸ™‚

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      • Yeah I’m not saying I buy it either, but it helps me keep perspective. Otherwise I drive myself crazy editing and tweaking and sometimes ruin my writing.

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      • Very, very, very true! Hahahha. A great perspective.

        I can relate to you as well.

        There’s a time when my art/writings have to be done too. Or it will be a never ending drawing or write up hahaha.

        It’s the artists within us both.

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