More color added to the sketch.

albert 12

Meant to post this 2 days ago. Instead, it’s Saturday morning and 1:45am, hahaha. Opps.

The difference between the last update and the current image. This image has more blues, pinks, purples, greens, and yellows added to it.

In saying this I’m helping you fill the drawing in with my eyes but in reality your eyes. Identifying the change.

If you follow the drawing on a constant schedule this may be easy to notice. Or possibly not, hahahaha. All the colors might get you distracted. All the shapes too.

I feel as If I’m to the point within this drawing that everything is aligned together. The process is being applied with a constant flow and not a rush of water.

At a flow, you won’t crash and burn. Be still like water and have a flow. The beauty is within the small moments and the flow of the moments. Not the rushing of moments. The moments will crash and burn then. Being unpleasant.

Be a peaceful still flow of water, or make that river crash and burn every so often. The choice is yours.

Beauty is observed within the moments of time. Rushing every moment will cause chaos for the next.

47 thoughts on “More color added to the sketch.

    • Had to look that word up. “Phantasmagoria.”

      What a creative word hahah. I appreciate the word you used to describe the art.

      I understand, many individuals say that as well.

      No problem! Have a great weekend. 🙂


    • Really happy you said that. 🙂

      Great to know you enjoy the process.

      The main two guesses right now are a clown or Albert.

      You seem to be on the correct track.

      Or possibly everyone is completely wrong, hahahaha. 😉

      Slowly the drawing will take form…..

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  1. I saw Einstein too. I’m going to love this picture. On my last post I explained the cataracts on my eyes are growing. It is difficult to read blogs. I’m having surgery sometime this summer. I’ll be back visiting when my eyes hsve healed. In the meantime, may God bless you with his presence.

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    • Many others as well.

      Happy to know that. 🙂

      Sorry to hear that. I recommend eating some carrots, hahaha. Not trying to make fun of you.

      I broke my glass the other week ago. Had to get another check up. My eye sight actually improved it was weird.

      Told the eye doctor it was from the whole foods diet hahahaha. All the energy from the food heals your body. Possibly in the future I can describe other aspects of my life on here as well. That’s a idea I have in my mind.

      Sounds great! I appreciate your concern for the art. 🙂

      Thank you!

      I send love and happiness your way.


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