About 3/4ths colored in. (Steady pace)

DSC_0280This is where the drawing sits at within this moment. As I slowly progress in this drawing. The ease and pace slowly speedΒ up. Over time you become familiar with your surroundings of the drawing.

Adding shapes and colors will start to become natural. It’s like driving a bike or car. Set on a coast and you’re set free from this world. Within the depths of your own crazy imagination.

We’re all capable of doing this. It just takes lots of mind power. Anything is possible within the thoughts of the mind.

Your thoughts will create you or destroy you. Same with this drawing. A positive balance is needed. Otherwise, the true potential will be lost in the obscure moments. When not paying attention to the true meaning, you could end up lost. Thinking you know where you’re going. In the end, no one does.

Any piece of art can be created with negative energy as well. When I say this, I mean turn the negative into positive. Make the viewer feel the depths of the image.

Horror turned into beauty from the naked eye. It’s all about the perception of the person.

I enjoy all types of art. I see my own art every day. I honestly never know what to think of myself or the art I create. I just do the things I wish to do. Creating change within my life and self. Change is good, hahaha.

I’m not sure if I really dislike any piece of art. I enjoy all things brought into this world. It’s more about being a hater to thyself. In the end, you’re hating nothing but a reflection of yourself.

When observing this image maybe you lean towards one emotion more than another. Sadness. Happiness. Or Possibly all the emotions put together in one. Or maybe just uncertain what to think of the image.

Perspective is everything.

What is seen within this image will vary from person to person.

Emotions and the idea of what the image could be.

Have fun observing the depths of the image. Enjoy………..


32 thoughts on “About 3/4ths colored in. (Steady pace)

  1. Wow! Love your energy, from the post to the vibrant colors of Mr Einstein. You’re first human, I believe. Looking not just good but great.
    Why I ever thought this could be a lion is beyond my understanding. Glad I recalibrated my initial thought, lol. The colors just pop. Looking forward to the completion. A steady pace shows your meticulous to detail, πŸ’–it! The 🐒 is around the bend & heading home, heehee.

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    • Thank you! πŸ™‚

      Happy you can appreciate the positive energy. Just trying to spread some love, hahah.

      It could be him. A lion is a possibility too. Anything could be hidden with the depths of the image.

      If you want to switch guesses that’s okay. Well go with what you’re thinking now. Until the next update.

      Great to know you enjoy the colors. Me too, hahah. Taking it easy on this drawing. My brain feels like it’s getting a workout.

      Thank for paying attention to all the art and the energy put towards it. πŸ™‚

      I understand what you’re saying hahaha.

      Much love to you!


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    • I don’t know for sure if it’s Einstein. It could possibly be him.

      Well in art you always have the intention to create a “specific” image. In the end, anything is possible and any moment could occur.

      You always change what you just created and erase that. Add some color put another shape. A long steady process.

      Art is a never ending change of possibilities.

      I hope this answers your question, hahaha. πŸ™‚



    • I can agree with the things you’re saying. Attempting my best to push beyond my limits and do what I think is possible.

      Love the word you have to use to describe the art.

      Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

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  2. Reflecting on past memories you could enhance how you iconically amaze the visits you pay to your big family. Thumbs up buddy! I’m here just hanging out in the studio.😎

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  3. I had already said at the very start that it is Albert Einstein.

    However, it’s remarkable to see how vibrant the colours look.

    We generally paint a person’s face with skin colours but that’s only what it looks like from outside.

    A person’s face is full of innumerable emotions and lines of his experiences. Only the outer colour can never define them.

    The different colours used here are so symbolic of the turbulence and emotions that a person goes through in his life.

    Great job, man ! Your art always has a hidden philosophy. The colours speak !

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    • Mhhhhhh. It could be.

      Just attempting to be the craziest I can with the colors.

      Very true. Imagination is everything.

      I like your perception on this piece so far. Thank you!

      Can feel the love, hahaha.

      Appreciate the words man! πŸ™‚

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