Started another drawing…..


I’ve been taking a photo of this drawing for the past hour, hahahaha.

Still figuring out this camera. Always try to crop the image the best I can. Sorry about the picture not being perfect Opps, hahaha. Life isn’t perfect so I guess it’s okay.

I’d say this is about 5+ hours of sketching.

Similar to what I always say. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this drawing at the moment. The progress of this is just a segment of the drawing. It may be quite confusing to understand what is going on at the moment.

Should have taken a picture sooner than I did. Most of the time I get too lost within the drawing to stop and take a picture.

Now we continue and see what this drawing turns into.  Hoping for the best, taking it easy and we’ll see what happens.

29 thoughts on “Started another drawing…..

  1. Your drawing is mesmerizing. I imagine it will come out to be something quite delightful. We all see different things in your drawing — I am excited to watch you turn it into something creative!

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  2. I am so excited to see the stages of this sketch. I came in at the tail end of your last piece, so I did not experience the process, which is one of the best parts of artistic expression. Keep up the great work, Brandon.

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    • Happy to hear that! 🙂

      I remember when you first followed.

      True, I always attempt to post progress pictures the best I can. Sometimes I’m to in the moment of drawing.

      Will do, thank you! 🙂


    • Oh yeah. 😀

      I’m still learning how to use the camera. Not perfect with it hahaha. Take a lot of pictures before I get one I like.

      Possibly I’ll make videos in the future.

      I’m really happy to know that! 🙂

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  3. Heyy! I tried to make smthg with my own imagination 😃😃 it wasn’t that bad lol.. i made a waterfall. Yea it didn’t come out to be as perfect as i imagined.. but is was quite good hehe 😊😊

    This one’s realy nice progress. Seems you are having more art days now! 😉✨ Enjoy it! I have no idea what is that.. lets see the progress and then I’ll guess.
    Have an artistic day! ⛅

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    • Heyy Honey8 ! thank you so much for your opening and sharing as well .
      You make us feel united in this same day …
      it makes be think about Brandon answers , and the way he could ‘see’ what we describe ourselves , interfering with his creative base , sometimes more precisely and accurately than others , here for your waterfall ,
      i love it . we can see with EACH other’s eyes exactly the same way when in tune ….depending on mutual connections and vibrations i guess …. lol
      it’s a beautiful experience i’m so grateful for BOTH of you and friends here to share .
      many more to come along .. infinity of possibilities still remains .

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      • Hey friend! Welcomed!!😊 Yes we all are already united. Thanks to Brandon for this. 😉

        Yes i do type out the stuff which i learn, and if i didn’t understand smthg, i ask him 😊 cause i love to learn. Learning never stops and Brandon (feels like soon I’ll call Sir Brandon 😅) has really lot to learn from!

        I agree with you and love the connections and flow of knowledge as well! 😃 This is just great, learning with every post. And yea… Far better than school learning 😂

        Thanks for reaching out my dear friend 😊❤ and flowing your beautiful words. Happy to hear from you..
        Have an awesome day ahead! ⛅🤗

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      • nice flow flying dear ! very encouraging and inspirational vibes …

        To me , As long as we can be free to choose what way and pace we do it ,
        i won’t never be tired of learning and let my curiosity teasing me …
        Search for knowledge is key , more than knowledge itself , meaning we better look for some answer like a process to understand anything , for some reason , this is the important thing . STAY humble and open-minded is rewarding

        I LOVE when synchronicities confirm individual and inner intuition , so it allows to accept reality for a common world we can activate … anyway this is how i feel this through life’s experience so far .

        have a wonderful day as well ..precious friend .
        Sun is shining over Caribbean here .where i live ..

        challenged with producing content on my blog hahahaha
        thankx Brandon !

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      • Yea! I agree.. never to be tired of learning 😉✨ that’s really great way in which you take up things and live your life. That’s a good attitude

        Sunshineyyy here too! 😂 ⛅ ⛅ it’s morning ! And imma start my day .. just being a bit lazy rn 😛

        Aye good luck with your blog content! 😉😉

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      • Thank you! 🙂 appreciate it.

        Yes, curiosity is never ending.

        Stay humble and open minded as well. Anything is possible. 😉

        Yes, I definitely agree to that I understand what you’re saying. You know you’re on the correct path. There’s no path but do what you please but in love and positivity.

        Thank you! I will. I rather be where you’re hahaha. Very cold where I live.

        I understand no worries, no problem. Thank you! 🙂

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    • Hey!

      Great. That sounds awesome. Practice is Practice you have to improve eventually.

      Thank you! 🙂

      Hahaha. My speed is rapidly increasing and my art skills are improving. Just try your best to loose the thought of fear.

      The beginning is always confusing.

      Sounds good. Thanks, hahaha. 🙂

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      • True.. beginning is really confusing 😅 yea but I’ll try again. I couldn’t get more time to draw another one. Last yr of school means all studies!! 🙁

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