Added some new colors. Lots of bright vibrant colors.


Stayed up last night for a while, adding color to this. I never really try to keep track of time or notice when I start or finish each drawing session. I can usually guess the amount of time when people ask. They say the time matters, but I think the quality matters more. If all I do is focus on the time I’ll get distracted. Time is always here don’t have it throw you off track.

When I decide to draw whenever it’s. Usually, I have it planned out in my head. To make sure I have nothing to do later in the day. Then the time won’t really matter.

I wish I didn’t have to eat at times when drawing, hahahaha. I’ll be so focused I don’t want to get up or move. Need to eat something though. It’s good to step away from the drawing. I never try to eat and draw at the same time, I’ll mess something up, hahaha. I can imagine it right now.

Added some more color today too. Before I color in anymore, I thought it would be a good time to take a picture. Just enough colors added. Also, I don’t mind taking a break this time. To be honest, I probably would keep coloring If I didn’t feel like stopping. It’s all within the moment.

To make sure the shades and colors are “correct” I have to stand back and look at the image from a distance. The light blends the colors together. Throughout all moments of the drawing, I’m adding and fixing things. It’s like one day I see something completely different than the other. So in the moments I see the errors I fix them.

Let’s add more colors and see what this drawing turns into.

Attempting my best to enjoy the process. All of this red is making me feel a vibrant energy. Haven’t used this much red in a while.

33 thoughts on “Added some new colors. Lots of bright vibrant colors.

    • Very true, hahahaha. I’ve had many individuals compare my work to kaleidoscope images.

      Great to hear the positive news.

      The intention is to make the red flash and reflect the rest of the image even brighter.

      Great to know the red looks good.

      Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Antes de que agregaras color en el dibujo, veรญa matemรกticas. Intentรฉ no dejarme influenciar con las opiniones si era jimmi. Pero viendo color no dudo que se trata de jimmi hendrix en su esfuerzo por lograr una forma reconocible y estable en esta dimensiรณn. No dejes de agregarle palabras a tu trabajo.

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