Added some new colors. Lots of bright vibrant colors.


Stayed up last night for a while, adding color to this. I never really try to keep track of time or notice when I start or finish each drawing session. I can usually guess the amount of time when people ask. They say the time matters, but I think the quality matters more. If all I do is focus on the time I’ll get distracted. Time is always here don’t have it throw you off track.

When I decide to draw whenever it’s. Usually, I have it planned out in my head. To make sure I have nothing to do later in the day. Then the time won’t really matter.

I wish I didn’t have to eat at times when drawing, hahahaha. I’ll be so focused I don’t want to get up or move. Need to eat something though. It’s good to step away from the drawing. I never try to eat and draw at the same time, I’ll mess something up, hahaha. I can imagine it right now.

Added some more color today too. Before I color in anymore, I thought it would be a good time to take a picture. Just enough colors added. Also, I don’t mind taking a break this time. To be honest, I probably would keep coloring If I didn’t feel like stopping. It’s all within the moment.

To make sure the shades and colors are “correct” I have to stand back and look at the image from a distance. The light blends the colors together. Throughout all moments of the drawing, I’m adding and fixing things. It’s like one day I see something completely different than the other. So in the moments I see the errors I fix them.

Let’s add more colors and see what this drawing turns into.

Attempting my best to enjoy the process. All of this red is making me feel a vibrant energy. Haven’t used this much red in a while.


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