More added to the drawing. Starting the upper half.

DSC_0727Was thinking it would be smart to take a picture before I colored anymore. I know everyone enjoys the process of the art as well. Here is a good place to stop.

With this drawing, I’ve had quite a few challenges but I accept the challenges. Otherwise, I wouldn’t improve my imagination.

Attempting to go as crazy as I can with the colors. This is helping me improve as an artist. The detail is important too. I have been adding small shapes and figures here and there. Probably a few dozen or so.

I never apply everything when I finish the sketch. I’ll either miss parts on accident or my mind tells me to change something. It depends on the moment.

As I begin to draw again. Let’s take it easy and see where this goes.

Hopefully the colors I’m imagining come out as manifested. Just need to play around a little bit and trust the process. Nothing is stopping me but me.

Let’s go……….

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