Second repost. Thank you, the love is felt in abundance.

This is my second time sharing a repost. When you read the response don’t judge the words. It looks like this person had a lot of emotions flowing out at once.

We’re all imperfect with language. When I post my writings and blog posts. I know for a fact I don’t have everything perfect. Each day you improve more and more.

I’d like to say some things after receiving this response from the quote that was read.

This one happened to have a mass amount of energy within it. The moment you have a realization is the greatest moment you can have.

It’s at this moment you accept the demons and flaws. You realize life is actually beautiful and everything is worth it in the end.

life will be quite challenging it’s a challenge for everyone to accept thyself. It might seem to be easy to accept yourself, but it’s the hardest thing you can literally do.

You’ll manifest every amount of energy you produce within this world back to thyself. One way or another. It could be a bad day. Horrible luck constantly. Or just something as simple as negativity.

Manifest negative thoughts and you’ll become negative.

Manifest positive thoughts and you’ll become positive.

Each day is a new day to become a greater version of thyself. Just remember to never give up. The universe hasn’t given up on you so you shouldn’t give up on the universe.

Life is similar to a very complex game. All you have to do is attract and manifest the things full of love and positive energy,

If all you do is hate and feel all the negative feelings you’ll continue to feel and think all these things. No one is perfect and we’re all addicted to something or sinners you can say. No one is perfect. A world of imperfect souls, competing to race ahead of one another every moment in life.

The only race you have is the race against thyself. That’s it.

I never thought My writings would create such a big impact on the souls of this world. My writings seem to be getting more attention than my images or drawings. I understand why though. The words connect to people and it’s similar to entering their soul.

A key has entered each person’s heart and the doors open and the words flow in. All emotions felt. The soul is reached.

I’m happy that the thoughts and ideas within my mind make people feel this way. All I ask for is peace, love, happiness and harmony in this world. For all the hatred to leave. You can’t even be on the internet or go in public without hearing or seeing negative energy

At the moment negativity overrides this earth and the love is lost within the air, but is here to be found. It’s just upon you to create the love and to create the positivity.

Much love and happiness to all the souls out there, even the ones who don’t wish to be loved. I send you love as well. The ones who don’t receive any form of love I love you too.

Remember to love thyself, and don’t forget to do so.



The quote that was shared was quote #47

Here’s the quote.

This quote has quite a few views and a decent amount of shares.


If you’d like to go read the quote and the description, click on the link below.

v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v

Thank you.

Much love!

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