Started a new sketch. (sneak peak) Half the sketch is shown.


I always mean to post updates on the days I draw. I happened to get carried away with this drawing and almost finished it within the first day I started the sketch.

I wish I had a camera floating above the drawing that could take pictures every so often. Then I wouldn’t have to completely stop drawing to take a picture and instead I could continue to draw while the picture is being taken no interruptions. That would be cool, hahahaha.

This drawing is smaller than the rest of the average pieces I create.

Attempting something new and attempting to challenge myself more and more each drawing.

To leave the box I’m within and to open my horizons. Create something I’m unfamiliar with and to keepย pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Sure I could create something similar every time. They say change is the only constant. I can’t keep doing what I’m doing over and over. If so I’ll never improve or expand my art skills.

Let’s see what this brings to the table.

Just sharing a part of the sketch, not everything I have completed right now. I have to eventually transfer this sketch onto a thicker and fuller piece of paper.

After the full sketch and when I transfer the whole Image. Then I’ll post the whole sketch itself.

This image is going to be quite different compared to what I have been creating in the past.

I apologize if the image confuses you, hahaha. Observe the sketch the best you can, this is only half of the sketch.

34 thoughts on “Started a new sketch. (sneak peak) Half the sketch is shown.

    • Yeah needed to take a picture before I was to far into the drawing hahaah.

      This one is quite different than the rest.

      I’m experimenting.

      Happy to hear that. I appreciate you for being a loyal follower. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Yes you’re allowed to guess ideas of the drawing. The answer is never given till the end of the drawing though.

      Just had to Google “Rorschach” I remember those, hahaha. I’ve created a few. They’re hiding somewhere. I think they are used for therapy or maybe that is stereotypical.

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