First colors addedd. (Check it out!)

DSC_0975Here’s the progress of the drawing at the moment. I was thinking before I started adding some more color I should take a picture now.

This is a small drawing compared to the rest I have done in the past.

Saying that this should be finished sooner than later. Just because the drawing is smaller doesn’t mean I should hurry and rush the drawing.

All time is the same. You only create the time within your mind. (Anxiety)

Experimenting with the colors on this drawing. Not sure what will happen, but all you can do is trust the process. If you don’t trust the process you don’t trust thyself. More like a false belief or reality.

Manifest the thoughts you have hidden within the corners of your mind. Transfer all the inner thoughts into this “real world.” Be the real you.


40 thoughts on “First colors addedd. (Check it out!)

  1. Oh wow! What are you creating? I can’t figure it out..
    I missed so many posts 😦
    I was lost quite long it seems..
    Well colours are superb as always 😇 keep going!

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