Having fun with the colors. (Drawing update)

DSC_0992I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’ve noticed that when I begin drawing I don’t want to stop and make a post. I believe it will ruin the art. I’m too in the zone to do that.

Instead, I just took a few minutes to get a picture of the drawing at the moment that I thought was okay for an update.

The last update compared to this was just a fraction of what Is done now. That was a week ago. I’m going to keep doing what I think is best. The art is more important than the posts.

I’ll still post as much as I can. Just when I think it’s necessary. If I’m focused then the update might take a few more days than expected.

Don’t worry, I’m still working on the art if I don’t post. Posting just takes up a lot of time sometimes. I do enjoy talking to the people as well. Don’t get me wrong.

This color scheme is quite challenging at the moment. It’s a weird variety of colors. I’m taking my time and I know I’m working slower than normal, but the final product matters more than just rushing every moment.

Okay, now let’s continue and see where this drawing leads us….



53 thoughts on “Having fun with the colors. (Drawing update)

    • Very true. Sometimes it comes to me when I can’t create. Creative energy is ironically weird.

      Dislike when that happens, hahahaha.

      I’m answering a lot of comments at the moment. Ignoring the art for a bit to get where i need to get to.

      Thank you for the words. 🙂

      I wish I could only create but I belive the energy of the people matter as well.

      Have a great day. 🙂

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  1. Mes gusta mucho leerte a pesar de que tengo que usar el traductor 😀
    El arte que nos ofreces en el blog es novedoso, original, pura creación y comprendo tu silencio cuando estás creando.
    Una alegría poder contar con tu arte y tus escritos
    Saludos Cordiales desde España

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    • Happy to hear that! Even though you have to use a translator you still read everything. 🙂

      Happy to hear how much you enjoy the art itself.

      Yes beautiful silence while creating. Great to know you understand.

      Thanks for observing the art and reading the writings I post.

      Even if you are from Spain and we don’t speak the same language. I don’t even know you but I can feel the energy.

      Much love!


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