(Update) Haven’t posted in 13 days.


If you’re an active follower you might have noticed that I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks. The last time I posted was May 27th.

I apologize for not posting when I normally post. Each person matters as much as the last. I appreciate every soul that puts energy towards my craft.

If you thought I went into a hibernation or possibly died, I’m back now hahahahaha.

I was in Arizona for a week on vacation. This is the reason I was missing for such a long time.

After a long mental break of arting, I’m happy and excited to create again.

Thank you, everyone, for being patient. I Apologize one last time for not informing everyone before I left on vacation. I was too focused on the drawing. I wish I had more time for creating.

If the energy is at a high, then I don’t interrupt myself to write up a blog post.

The drawing should be finished soon. I’m going to play around with the colors all tonight and tomorrow. Not rushing the process.

39 thoughts on “(Update) Haven’t posted in 13 days.

  1. I think that happens a lot in the summer. I’m posting less often, as well. Where in Arizona? Used to live in North Central Phoenix and Gilbert. Great place to live! Sedona is a great vacation spot.

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    • Yeah, we’re all running around trying to have fun, hahahaha.

      That’s actually where I was. Ironically hahaha. My cousin graduated and I ended up going up there for a week and I was ignoring the posting for a few days to put a lot of energy towards the art.

      Yes a great place to live, it was just hotter than hot, hahahha. I’d live there though if I had the money.

      I’ve been there too. What a small world we live in.

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    • Hahahah, happy to know you care about my posts that much. It means a lot to me thank you. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for being a loyal follower.

      Yes, it was a very nice place.

      I love going there. Just a little hot, hahahha.

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  2. I am not that active these days.. sadle badly! 😦 But i missed yiur posts since very long. So busy what to do.. πŸ™
    Hope you had an amazing holiday time. Welcome back buddy! πŸ€—
    Lots of love! ❀

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