Almost done with the drawing.


I took a picture of the drawing before I started coloring today. The drawing is close to being finished. I stayed up quite late last night.

Whenever I get the chance I stay up as late as I can. It’s during the night when I get the most creative energy.

The colors in this drawing are very challenging at the moment. I’m attempting my best to separate the shades and tones. I could just half attempt, but then it’s not as much fun.

Not sure if I’ll finish this tonight. I keep adding and fixing little things here and there. Really want the colors to pop so focusing a lot on the little details.

This drawing is taking longer than I thought. Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean I’ll finish in a shorter time.

The experience is unknown and what is felt can’t be experienced until you attempt yourself. Don’t plan and rush things out. Just go at your own pace and you won’t make as many mistakes as you intended. It’s only when you rush that you’ll stumble and fall.

Now I begin coloring again. You have to forget time when you’re arting. The only thought is the art. One little shape at a time.

69 thoughts on “Almost done with the drawing.

  1. Brandon, you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful drawings. One of these days, I would like to purchase one of your pieces (if you sell them, that is). I was just telling Blackbird (who you recently started following I see – that’s great – she is a talented writer!) about your previous pieces and how impressed I always am.

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    • We’ll I’m happy to hear that, hahaha. 🙂

      I’m in the process of figuring all of the print stuff out. I’ve purchased and made a few. They haven’t turned out the “correct” way. When the prints are legit and good to go. You can buy one for sure, that would be awesome! 🙂

      I love stories and the imagination hahah. All art is attracted towards me.

      Thank you for exchanging words about my art to another fellow blogger.

      Have a great night!

      Much love.


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      • Please do let me know when you get the prints figured out. I will definitely purchase one.
        Yes, stories and imagination fuel life, which fuels (true) art. Yours is certainly genuine artwork, a true expression of self and of perception. I knew it the moment I first found your blog and was in awe at what you were able to create. It is a gift… Make sure to care for it and love it.
        I hope that you have a great nice as well – thank you for the response and for all the light you bring to the world with your art.

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  2. I agree with Auroraboros 😉 you never fail to amaze! Well thats a flower! And soo pretty brandon! 😍😀 Amazing! Your colouring is the best ! ✨❤

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  3. Yes. This is what I call ‘flow’ – when you are completely absorbed and not thinking about anything else but completely in the moment and being playfully creative. I love your drawing.

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  4. Hi Brandon, you have some interesting dynamic going on here. The shadows and highlights make the flower look three dimensional, yet, just when you start to see its detail, the colors, although subtle in their difference, blend together and it becomes a blend of shapes and hues. I like how this plays tricks with my eyes. Good work.

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