(New Sketch) 1/4th Finished.

DSC_0099I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Usually, I try to post 2 updates on the drawing a week.

Everyone tells me that the art is more important than the posts or updates. If the energy is at a high and I feel the need to draw I’ll ignore posting.

Last Monday I took a picture of the drawing. After finally taking a picture I was happy with. I continued to add to the drawing.

At this very moment, the drawing is a little more than halfway done. What you see now in this image. Is about 1/4th of what I’m imagining within my mind.

I’m going to take a picture and keep adding to the sketch.

Each drawing I tend to keep challenging myself more and more. Possibly too much. I’m not sure if that’s a positive or negative.

To lose the thought of fear you have to ignore the fear. In the end, the fear was never really there. Just your imagination messing with you.

Nothing is stopping you but you. The excuses never end, do they?

Why would you do such a thing? Manifesting false ideas and beliefs.

Remember to take it easy and everything will be okay.

Just be you and that is it.


7 thoughts on “(New Sketch) 1/4th Finished.

  1. I try and write and prepare a photo shoot as much as I can throughout the week. I also proof read and get hubby to edit a few times before ‘scheduling’. I sometimes edit while in the scheduled mode but keeping up my own expectations are often compromised by everyday things. Life goes on. 🙂 I did miss your posts but then we were away for almost a week enjoying warmer weather.

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  2. I always try to challenge myself with my art, sometimes it seems crazy but it always yields amazing work. Keep it up I am already interested in this sketch.

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