Update on the sketch. Over half finished.

DSC_0149I haven’t been posting as much lately. When I draw I want to use all my energy on the drawing and ignore the post.

When posting updates for everyone. It helps me learn how to use my camera. The camera isn’t as easy to use as you think. There are many functions and buttons you have to learn.

You need a quality picture. Photography is art itself as well.

People tell me to not stress about posting and to just worry about the art.

I’d say this is about 60% sketched out.

I’m thinking positive thoughts and manifesting the best sketch I can within my mind.

I don’t really get nervous or frustrated when drawing just uncertain about a lot of things. You have to ignore all the rules and just create.

Everything will be okay in the end. Whatever happens within the moment was supposed to happen. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have happened.

Learn or fail.

Become stronger than who you were and use the past experiences to build and create the strongest version of thyself.

16 thoughts on “Update on the sketch. Over half finished.

  1. A great camera can lure us into a false security just as words do from a good writer. Practice is important in everything we do. All gifts or talents need practice. (I can draw but it’s a talent I have neglected) I agreed that to ignore the rules and just create….from the heart. There’s always room for the brain to take over later for adjustments. 🙂

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    • I think I understand that statement. I am not the best picture taker. Every time I improve.

      Very true. All things need practice.

      When you create from the heart there is no rules. Yes there is always time for adjustments.

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