Quote #61


All the pain and suffering helps you find yourself.

The real you.

Without a form of struggle, you have no room to grow and evolve into a stronger you.

There is this saying. It goes along the lines of this. “Life isn’t rainbows and unicorns.”

Anyone can manifest something as beautiful or similar.

It just takes a little bit of digging deep down within your soul. Use the energy of love.

Do you ever sit in the dark. Listening to your own thoughts.

The thoughts you normally run and hide from.

The thoughts you fear to let out of your mind and into reality.

All of these thoughts are you, but you just keep ignoring them.

Over time ignoring all the negative thoughts can have a huge effect on you.

Don’t drain yourself of your energy.

Instead spread more love and ignore the hatred within this world.

Imagine sitting in a room all alone.

With every experience and thought hiding within the depths of your mind.

All it takes is a moment to think back and “remember” something.

Yes, all of what you are thinking has happened, but then again not.

All you possess is the now.

You are the now and all there is, is the now

Let’s all grow up and put our adult diapers on and start treating each other with respect.

The golden rule.

“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

I was taught this in kindergarten.

This is basically the only thing I remember from school.

The rest was how to build an ego and how to sell your soul for the dollar.

As well as the history of how our people never make peace.

Money is necessary but you shouldn’t sell your soul for a piece of gold.

Life itself is richer than gold.

If every person in the world lived the same life as every “rich” person. We would need up to 3 worlds. Possibly 4.

Don’t follow the crowd. Be yourself.

Be the real you. Instead of acting in your ego twenty-four hours a day.

You are better off keeping your opinions to yourself.

People have told me art is “unrealistic” or is a “hobby.”

Well, I appreciate the respectful “answer.”

Maybe these people are “unrealistic.” Or maybe these people are a hobby of thyself, and can’t stop having an opinion about everything.

It honestly breaks my heart that people and their opinions have created all of us to separate into groups of people.

We are all one.

Is the you that you think you are. The real you.

Look at yourself.


Go to the mirror closest to you and look within the mirror.

You can have a few moments to walk up to a mirror.

Go ahead, are you scared of your own reflection?

What do you feel within?

Is the energy false or real?

I will never know this and only you will.

The energy you put into this world can harm and affect others.

Mostly thyself.

The energy you transfer to someone can end up with a life or death situation.

We are not all rocks and emotionless similar to some souls.

Some people are full of emotions others not so much.

Mental illness has been increasing and I’m thinking it is the egos of others. Destroying others and bringing them down.

With no positive energy.

It seems as if nothing will turn out well.

You can turn the negative energy into positive energy. Improving the mindset.

Some people decide to mix negative energy with negative energy multiplying the negativity.

Then people go to alternative energy sources.

Usually, people don’t attract towards positive things when absorbing negativity.

In a very negative mindset, you could possibly be attracted towards things that drain and suck the pure energy out of you.



Suicidal thoughts.




Anger issues.

The list goes on forever.

Not sure if I’m the only one seeing all of this negativity and everyone else is faking their life. Unable to notice the negativity.

Or possibly everyone just accepts everything for how it is and we all continue living in this hell of a life.

I don’t mean to say this in a negative way. Just a perspective to think on.

A negative life seems to be similar to hell. Heaven would be something positive. Who knows if either one exists.

Let’s think of the “now” instead of thinking about where we go when we die after this.

Everyone looks forward to the future, but not even the now.

Life is priceless and all we possess is the now.

I really wish you were here man, and that you didn’t take your life.

I miss you and regret not helping you when you needed it.

I saw and felt the energy and didn’t bother to help you.

I’m sorry my friend.

Wherever you are, I love you man.

I wish I could see you one last time, but never again……

A really close friend of mine would have been 21 years of age today.

He took his life in such a tragic way.

Thinking I better not explaining any details.

I’m my dead friend and so are you.

We are all reflections of each other and that is it.

I don’t know the root reason to why someone would take their life.

If you were to say you have never thought about dying or suicide.

Possibly you would be lying.

I feel as if we all have felt like leaving before.

Only a few have listened to the thoughts and have confessed to thinking about dying.

Become a greater you than who you were yesterday.

Don’t compare thyself to anyone.

Don’t have opinions destroy you.

Be your strongest version and everything will be okay in the end.

One love brother and I hope I can meet you one day again wherever you are.

Negative energy seems to be everyone’s main focus.

Everything is right in front of us, but we act as if the shades are on and nothing is happening.

In the end, your energy comes back to you one way or another.

Positive or negative.

Decide to be positive and don’t use your ego to tell everyone what is up.

Let people live their lives and treat them with respect.

Unless someone is physically or mentally harming you there is no reason to create a negative energy.

Possibly you feel envious, jealousy, resentment or any emotion of unfairness or insecurity.

Then you attack and feel insecure about thyself.

Correcting other for their actions.

In the spotlight, acting similar to a fool yelling over yourself.

Hearing all the vibrations and words of thyself.

You are the center of attention.

Take it easy and move on with the day.

We all understand your message.

You are full of hatred and everything is negative.

Imagine having nothing but the air you breathe and that is it.

A person who has nothing.

Everything is nothing

Nothing is everything.

Be proud of thyself reflection.

If you are uncertain of your reflection. Then it is possible that you might bring others down with you.

Your “opinion/voice” could ruin or create someone.

In the end, it is nothing but an opinion of thyself being said to another.

Don’t have your opinions within you create thyself.

Instead, have your actual energy of a person create you.

The love and hatred aspect.

Not material, possessions or ego.

Show and represent yourself

The child within.

Instead of hiding behind a mask and fake persona.

Attempt to ignore what others will think about you.

The fake you is here the real you is nowhere to be near.

Are you, the real you or fake you.

When you have nothing and sit with your own thoughts in the silence.

That is the real you.

Not the ego you are living within each and every day.

People have an opinion about everything besides themselves.

When it comes to thyself most run in fear and ignore what is directly in front of them.

You are within your brain “conscious.” Mind

This body is your body but you don’t possess this body.

Then you have a soul.




The center of the world is you, but then again not.

You are in the center of your ego. There is no ego, just an illusion of one.

You see right in front of thyself.

What your eyes see and interpret somehow create the person you are today.

We are mostly from within than anything else. Our soul.

You can’t see your reflection unless you have a mirror or water.

A lot of souls walk around in an illusion of high archery.

Imagine a world where we had no money and we lived with our morals instead.

Would you be proud of what you are or be disappointed?

A proud moral or a disappointment moral.

No one is perfect and neither am I.

You have the choice to live in love or fear.

Live your dreams or live comfortably and without challenge.

Don’t fear to be yourself.

Fear that others won’t attempt to be their greatest version.

Don’t think you are the best. No one is.

26 thoughts on “Quote #61

  1. This is very well written.

    Although it’s so very difficult to be positive and upbeat always. I have come to realize that I strangely find comfort in misery for whenever I thought of happiness as permanence it comes crashing down. It ain’t that I seek happiness outside, believe me I want to be happy from within. But ain’t it difficult to separate yourself from the exterior? I guess I sound absolutely confused right now

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    • Thank you! 🙂

      I understand everything you are saying. All I can share is my perspective so I’ll share with you what I am thinking.

      We live in a society that is quite negative and many individuals vibrate on a lower frequency.

      This isn’t a bad thing. You need the negative as well the positive. If you didn’t have both you couldn’t grow at all.

      The best thing to do is to live in the “now” if not you will never truly experience life.

      A constant movie of thoughts seems to be entering most people’s minds all day everyday.

      It is best to “be” and to live in the “now” or you will never be here at all. All we posses is the “now” in the end.

      The rest is nothing much but your mindset aka “imagination” that is messing with you.

      Material isn’t real only energy and emotions are. 5D dimensional life.

      Most life within the matrix and are slaves to their mind.

      Be in control or your mind instead of your mind being in control of you.

      When you die nothing but your soul leaves with you.

      Life is quite the illusion in my eyes.

      All of our perspectives are different.

      Being an artist I am always thinking out of the box.

      All I wish for is the world to love each other.

      I hope this message made sense to you and helped.

      Thank you and much love!

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  2. We are the own us.. i loved this post. No comparison. All are Beautifully imperfect. ❤✨
    Áwêßómé as always Brother. Hope you are having good days. Quite long I’ve been here. Miss your posts and our loong conversation 😊
    Much love ❤✨

    Liked by 2 people

    • Exactly. All a person but all our own energies. Happy to know you loved this post.

      If you compare to anyone in the end you are comparing to yourself.

      Thank you sister! Yes always attempting to live in the present and not overwhelming myself. Just the imagination playing with you in the end.

      Yeah you are a “day one” in my eyes. If I ever make it in the art world. I’ll never forgot you.

      You are living to much in the “real world” hahaha.

      Miss talking to you as well.

      Thanks for reading every post. I appreciate every amount of energy.

      Thanks for the love.

      Much love to you as well!

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      • I know.. but i need to live lil more in the “real world” 🙂 I can’t help it.. don’t worry I’ll come to the art world soon.. just some more months!

        That’s very sweet of you to say that. Thank you! That’s really very happy thing to hear.

        Much more love to you! Haha

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    • Great to hear that the love is being spread. 🙂

      Yes, indeed.

      Without the negative and positive neither would exist. We need both to learn from the past but to not live in the past.

      The “now” matters more than any other moment there is.

      Thank you for reading this! 🙂

      Much love!

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  3. Hello The most beautiful words about life do not grieve if a killer came from the nearest people to your heart, you will find the one who takes away the arrow and brings back life and smile. Do not put all your dreams in one person, do not make the journey of your life face someone you love whatever its qualities, and do not think that the end of things is the end of the world, the universe is not what you see your eyes. Do not wait for your lover to sell you, wait for a new light that can sneak into your sad heart, restore your days to joy, and restore your heart a beautiful pulse. Do not try to search for a dream you are, and try to make the refraction state the beginning of a new dream. Do not look at the papers that have changed color, and the letters are faded, and the lines between the pain and the brutality are dulled. You will discover that these lines are not the most beautiful thing you wrote, and that these papers are not the last line. You have to distinguish between putting your lines in his eyes, These lines were not just beautiful transient words, but the feelings of a heart lived by characters, and the pulse of a man carried a dream, and burned with pain. Do not be like a heron, this strange bird who sings the most beautiful of his pubic bleeding, nothing in this world deserves your blood one point. If the winter closes the doors of your house, the icebergs surround you from all over the place, wait for the spring to come and open your windows to the breath of fresh air, and look far away, you will see the swarms of birds singing again, and you will see the sun, its golden threads over the branches of the trees, to create a new life and a new dream. , And a new heart. Life is two tears: tears of encounter and tears farewell, and harder than that tear after meeting separation. The best and the shortest way to ensure that you live in this world is the best of dignity, is to be what you have in yourself as it shows you to people. Many people spend a lot of time and effort avoiding problems, rather than trying to solve them. Do not be afraid to raise your voice for honesty, truth, and empathy for injustice, lying, and greed. If all the people do that, the world will change. Life taught me to make my heart the city of loving homes, and its ways of forgiveness and forgiveness, and to give and do not wait to respond to the tender, and to believe with myself before I ask anyone to understand me, and taught me not to regret something, and to make hope flashlight accompanied me everywhere. Life taught me that when I am happy I show my joy to be happier around me, and when my grief grieves my sorrow as the spring hides the effects of the fall. Life taught me to be like her, and to wear a dress of purity and chastity. Life taught me to be as smooth as the leaves of a tree, as solid as its roots, and as rough as its stalk, and good as its fragrance. Life taught me to be like the fertile soil; I was given the one who sowed his fruit without waiting for the answer. Life taught me to be like a turtle in the right way, better than being a deer in the wrong way. Life taught me that it is often a battle loss that teaches you how to win a war. Life taught me that the key to failure is to try to please everyone you know. Life taught me that stopping in the ascension phase is only a warrior break. Life taught me that walking in the footsteps of others is a waste of time, because in the end I will not go beyond what I have reached, but I must make my own way in this life until I reach a satisfactory end to my goals. Life taught me to live in the light of a candle with conscience, to live without conscience under the lights of a palace. Life taught me that there is no difficult task to divide into small steps. Life taught me to listen to every view and respect it, and not necessarily to be persuaded by it. Al-Hayat taught me that al-Shuhuk is not humiliated when breaking, but rather grows stronger to begin to tell the story of his glory. Life taught me to walk according to my convictions in the wheel of life, not behind my emotions. Life taught me to stand in the face of trauma, smile to the surgeon, do not bow to any weakness or break, and accelerate the rise when falling. Life has taught me to make my own decisions and not to announce them until they have been implemented. Life taught me that man is weak only in front of himself; he reveals his secrets quickly. Life taught me to try and try and not to despair; to empower the weak. Words about life You can not play a game in a court without a goal net, that’s exactly life. If you love life, enjoy your health, and if you love happiness in life, enjoy your creation. If you love eternity in life, take care of your mind, and if you love all of that, you will enjoy your religion. If life is free of faith, it is a desert and a clear desert, with no shadow, no water, no shelter. If you want to stop worrying and start living with you at this base, the number of your blessings is not your concern. Happiness is not a condition to be reached, but it is a behavior to follow. If you want to be happy and make life easy, try to enjoy all things even the most difficult. Hobbies have a wonderful therapeutic power; it distances you from the stresses of daily life, and takes you to rest and happiness. There is nothing more powerful and secure to face life’s emergency than abstract truth. A weak man may become a predatory beast if he has the opportunity, and if he feels hatred for life and society. From the right to life, we must believe in righteousness before we begin to work. Are you unhappy or uncomfortable? Life is my friend like a butterfly. If I feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to get up and rearrange it. Where are the dreams of my life? O spring of life Where is my spring Where are my dreams My vigilance and my passion Where is the youthful park The hopes of my youth and the wishes of my consciousness Where is the poet of nature A melody composed by the heart of his high love I was echoed by my feelings and aspirations. O you who hasten the illusion and ask what is the value of the human being and what you hear and talk of life, she is a professor of discipline and discipline and established the school of life eloquently dictate the lessons and everything dictated by her silence, silence and silence of the majesty exceeded the statement. Life as a paradise has closed its keys and the monuments of striving to reach and those who patiently reach and win after reaching the welcome. If life remains a living for our number, we will be deceived by the brave, and if it is not of death, then it is impossible for a coward to die. Life has been revived, but it is free. Be from the father of the oppressor, the brave, the fierce, and the crowding. Life is a struggle in which the weak tramples what won in Almajghiha but severe anchors to the noise in which the boy was a guard of the universe universe universe healing universe Confusion universe universe of fabrication and fuss and misappropriation of pleasure, and despair between the disadvantages of people to Bo where the advantages of some did not generate only wear and tear calls for poverty and some Taste only the wretched of the riches. Life is sluggish. Our hopes will be extinguished. The sins, the awakening, were between the eyelids and the remnants of all the plagues. . . . All of us will perish and live peace! And people are interested in life and I do not see the length of life increases non-stray and if you lacked ammunition did not find the asset to be a good business


    • You must have a beautiful heart and soul as well. If you resonated with what has been said.

      In the moments of struggle. These are the moments that help grow and build into your greatest version.

      Life will be life.

      Things will happen as they do.

      All you can do is be you and manifest nothing but positive outcomes.

      Have a great night, don’t forget to spread the love!


    • Hello,

      Thank youuuuu! 😀

      All I wish to do is to spread the truth.

      As well as spreading as much love as I can.

      Love is the only thing that will “fix” humanity.

      The soul knows more than the ego. We were all once a baby. Not sure how all of these “grown-ups” think that hatred is the answer. War and separation. Negativity is always the answer in this society. The people who call themselves the government that want to do so much good to the people are doing so much bad to the people.

      Love is the answer and if you speak the truth all point and look.

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