Quote #24 Repost (New Addition)


You reading this, I want to let you know greater things are on the way.

You will manifest your reality with nothing but your imagination.

Manifest each thought with positive intentions and greatness will come your way.

There is no right or wrong. No one knows what the future holds for you. Your life is created by the hands in front of you.

If I gave you a drawing to color in. Would you carefully color in each piece or would you go out of the lines and express what you really think.

I am always trying to escape every box I am put in.

Be the real you. Instead of thinking about who the real you is.

Be the same person at all times. Behind closed doors or in front of the whole world. There is no reason to be fake.

Just because there are lines doesn’t mean you can’t color out of them.

If you follow what everyone tells you and do what everyone else does.

That is nothing but a false reality.

We all have dreams. Most just give up. Or never attempt at all.

Life is quite simple. Humans just complicate everything to the max.

Every situation is exaggerated and love is nowhere to be found.

With the power of love, anything can be accomplished.

Energy is everything. Be careful how you deal your energy into this world.

All the energy you produce will find its way back to you one way or another.

Karma is either positive or negative. That is your decision.

Imagine a huge pot. There is liquid in the pot. Each emotion is a different color.

A potion of your soul is being brewed up.

The combination of energy and emotions create your potion.

If you were to drink the potion.

It would be a reflection of your energy.

The color/emotions and the energy of your potion determine the calculation of what you are feeling. In this current moment.

Each potion or mixture will be different for each soul.

Possibly many bubbles foaming and multiple colors pour out of the sides.

I think this was a good explanation.

We all have a bottle of emotion brewing up inside of us at all times.

I recommend having nothing but the energy of love within your soul.

With love, you ignore acting in fear.

Live in the “now” and life will be everlasting.

Your imagination is always playing games with you. Don’t listen to what your mind tells you. Instead be in control of your mind.

The thoughts you think and the actions you produce.  Make sure they are your thoughts and actions. Instead of another.

Attempt to create your thoughts and actions into what you want yourself to be.

When you die you remember nothing. Live now or be dead forever.

There is the now, but then there is no now.

The now was moments before you read this.

To live in the now. Is similar to being reborn every moment of your life.

Learn from the past. Instead of living in the past.

I send love and happiness to all.

Emotions are hard to balance.

Countless energy filled situations keep creating hatred in everyone.

Few know how to deal with what is thrown at them.

It is easier to run away than to face what is in front of you.

Use nothing but love.

You might enter the unknown. The unknown is adventurous and infinite. Beautiful things can happen.

Listen to others but don’t let them tell you that something you are doing is wrong or correct.

The one who knows that answer is you. If it is wrong, you will know it is wrong. If it is correct, you will know it is correct.

Create the best masterpiece you can while you are here. Remember to leave nothing unfinished.

Color all over the place and use all the detail you want. Be what you want. Express how you feel. The colors you use are who you are.

Become a masterpiece in your eyes. There is no perfection. Become what you are. You know who you are. We all do.

Good luck with creating your masterpiece. Color out of the lines as many times as you want.

In the end, you will be happy with what you have become.

29 thoughts on “Quote #24 Repost (New Addition)

  1. May be you should also share your personal experiences here, these philosophical advices by a quite young person are a bit strange, and I find such may be a hundred times here on WordPress each week. So what is your real life besides such writing?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I work a part time job. Take care of my health. Eat healthy. Workout often. Read a lot. Especially philosophy. Create art. Walk in nature. Meditate quite often. Write a lot. Write in different formats. Will post more soon.

      I focus a lot of my energy on myself.

      To become a greater version each day.

      If you have any other question just ask.

      Happy to hear you are intrigued.


    • Thanks for sharing your story here.

      What a great story.

      I can relate to your granddaughter as well, hahahahahah.

      She is a free spirit. Let her be free and set her wings.

      Let her be her true self.

      And color out of the lines. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • I can feel the love vibrating in this comment.

      Thank you man, hahahhaah. I appreciate the energy filled words.

      Can sence your inner child, hahaha.

      Have a great weekend man! 🙂


  2. Lo he leído de atrás hacia adelante, escogiendo la línea sin orden. Después lo he leído como lo publicaste. Soy el que levanta las cortinas de mi trabajo y el que las baja cuando terminamos. Mañana llevo mi café y algunas frases tuyas.

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    • Interesting way of reading it. I’ve thought about that too. Sometimes when you read some of my writings backwards they still make sense.

      I appreciate your words and can feel the love.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


  3. Much of this is very inspiring. I cannot, however, agree that there is no right or wrong; that “energy” is everything; or that death is the end. I believe we are here to love God and love others. We may choose to do that or not. But the choice we make will have consequences, both in this world and the next. ❤

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    • Thank you 🙂

      That is okay that you don’t agree with me I don’t agree with you. If people don’t agree with certain things it shouldn’t mean we should resist each other.

      I believe the correct and wrong choice is different for everyone. If we all lived the same life’s that would be quite boring.

      I agree with the life consequence in this life and the next.

      The “judgment” of wrong and correct is nothing but the ego.


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