Added color to the sketch. (Check it out!)

DSC_0403When I first started adding color to the drawing. It was taking a while to figure out what colors to use.

Once a color is applied to the paper. It is hard to “fix” the color that has already been applied.

In this image, there is a decent amount of shapes colored in. Quite a few hours. I keep track of time, but not by the second.

If I ever think about the time or something else. My mind isn’t at peace.

When you are at peace. That is the best time to create.

Think about nothing but art when you create.

Don’t force the art, let the art just happen.

Control your mind to absorb an abundance of creative energy.

After harnessing as much art energy as you can. Release all of your creative ideas.

Listen to what the universe tells you.

It might not seem like a lot of progress. Remember there is at least 1,500+ shapes total maybe even 2,500+.

I never count the shapes or worry about the color choice. I go with the flow.

Imagine if I had no idea what the name of each color was.

All I would have to do is look at the colors. After that, I could imagine what the drawing would look like.

Manifesting what I am thinking on to the paper.

If you think about it, art is similar to magic, hahaha just playing.

Or possibly it is magic. 😉

29 thoughts on “Added color to the sketch. (Check it out!)

    • They are only lines because we are told they are lines. In art just do what your mind tells you. Don’t follow the rules at all. Be crazy, hahaha.

      Live your own life and don’t have others tell you how to live.

      Just remember to spread the love and not the negative energy and hated.

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  1. It’s been a while, Brandon. You are still doing great as always. I think the drawing is an animal in the family of the cats or horse. The goat is the last option though. It will be interesting to see how it pans out eventually. Happy weekend ahead.👍

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  2. Art is magic, Magic is art. If we can process shapes as liquid,solid and gas then yes it is magic. Remember once before all science came about, they kept yelling it Magic. But then who am I to confuse the magnificence of Da Vinci’s Simplicity to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel nor to refute the most basic pictures of any cave art and painting. Again, i do believe art is magic , Magic is art. That is if you believe.

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    • The way you worded this was beautiful. Sounds like a visionarist.

      The crazier the better, hahaha. Make the people question their own realities.

      Anything is possible as long as you belive in what you are doing.

      Keep having a mindset like this.

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  3. First of all, thank you for dropping-by my blogsite. I agree that when you’re at peace, you can create. The same thing when you’re writing. You’re an ARTist. Keep it up!

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    • Yeah no problem, on my free time I visit other blogs.

      With peace within the mind, anything is possible.

      Use nothing but love when creating. As well with everything else in life.

      Much love!


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