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The words and thoughts that go throughout your mind create you.

What you think of or say you become.

Manifesting everything one way or another.

Saying or thinking one single different word could change your life forever.

The words create everything we have. Math as well. We need math and language for mostly everything.

Everything is an equation of some sort.

Without these two subjects, we would be lost. Where did these two subjects come from? I have always wondered about that. I have thoughts and ideas. I have read a lot of Egyptian history and about the pyramids. I recommend you do as well, very interesting.

A single word can change you forever. There are several hormones that are produced off thoughts and ideas in the brain. Cortisol is one of the hormones.

When you feel under stress, worried, scared, tense or angry. Some sort of negative feeling. A negative hormone is produced, called cortisol.

Symptoms of this are a rise in blood pressure, higher cholesterol, artery wall inflammation and a few more symptoms.

If I were to tell you that just thinking negative thoughts could physically harm you. You might think I am crazy. The facts are in the science.

Our bodies are nothing but just a bunch of chemical reactions going on at once.

Billions of atoms combined to create each life.

The way you decide to live this life. Will either create or destroy the atoms.

Live this life in love and not fear.

Listen to your body and try your best to control your energy/happiness levels.

If you think with negativity, you will become negative. If you think with positivity, you will become positive.

If you focus on a skill or craft your body focuses on that craft. The hormones throughout your body create a high in a way. It is a long story to explain. Similar to a mad scientist working, hahaha.

The same goes for a word. Just keep saying it and thinking about it. Over time you will manifest what you were thinking or saying.

Become what you think, and say.

I might sound crazy in all of this but, this is how I express myself.

I am not sure if I believe in science. Science proves a lot of things, but then again, nothing can be 100% true so I guess in all theory we will never know anything.

Let’s decide to live in the mindset of love instead of fear.

We know nothing as a species we only have ideas. Everything we learned was created by someone just like you. Let the thoughts in your mind be free. Don’t let the words and things you see change you.

Instead, teach yourself how to grow from your challenges.

Listen to the words and phrases produced in your mind. Attempt your best to ignore negative phrases. Listen to others don’t ignore them, but listen.

If it is important you will “hear” it.

Let me explain everything I am thinking.

There is a barrier/wall in front of your subconscious mind.

The thoughts and voices you hear all knock on the door.

In my imagination, I imagine a huge glove/hand. Knocking on the door. Using a fake voice to disguise itself.

An evil message is in front of the door. You control the opening and closing of the door.

Who you let in and the phrases you let in build or destroy the door creating who you are.

Each knock holds a different vibration or frequency.

Listen for the correct knocks and attempt your best to ignore the negativity.

The doors can either open or stay shut. Depending on the experience you are temporarily taken down or possibly creating yourself.

The choices/actions you make and decide, open or keep the doors shut.

Each person has their own “path” of life. We will not all be the same. Life was created for all of us to be different.

Follow your heart and soul. The thoughts and dreams you have will happen right in front of you.

The words can reflect off the doors being ignored or you can let them right on in.

The doors can either be damaged or healed. It takes a certain amount “math” to open or shut.

The damage/healing is the math being involved, I believe so.

Similar to what I said before, we need math and language or we would know nothing.

Just never give up.

Good luck to you all. Take care and be sure to monitor what goes in and out of the gateway to your soul.

Much love.

26 thoughts on “Quote #20 REPOST (NEW ADDITION)

  1. I seem to recall a Greek word from the first book of the Bible. “Logos.” I believe that has been interpreted to be “word.” I can see how that can be the beginning of something as inciteful as your offering here!

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    • Well, I appreciate the compliment you are giving me, hahahahahah.

      Greatness is within you.

      Remember to spread all the love that you can!

      Love is the only thing that will heal the people.


  2. You have a beautiful way of thinking and I like how so many of your pieces look fractured, as if you’ve watched them through compound eyes. I’m fascinated by insects, I imagine some of your work is how they perceive their environment. Love to you and I wish you’ll always find the right frequency and vibration to tune in the energy you need to thrive.

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    • There was an abundance of energy in your comment. I can feel the love for sure, jahahahaha.

      I Like the way you described the art. As if the insects were seeing it themselves.

      It is how I see it, jahahah. I must be an insect. I’m for sure an alien. Something from another dimension.

      I appreciate the kind words and I send greatness your way.

      Much love!

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  3. Great post! This is such a powerful and informational piece.
    Yes, Logos in the Greek is interpreted “Word.” It was in the Beginning, the first book of the Bible, which is Genesis. Creation came into existence by power of the words God spoke. We find in Genesis Chapter 1 of Bible that God said, “Let there be…” and it was so.
    We give birth to whatever we allow to come out of our mouths. The words we speak can manifest death or life, they can build up or tare down, be gentle or harsh. Proverbs 18:21 ESV “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” We can go years without seeing someone but, if at any they spoke ill or harsh words, they can plague your mind and if not careful you will rehearse it over in your mind to no avail.
    It is vital that we choose our words wisely. Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4

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    • Thank you! Happy to hear that you think this is a powerful piece. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing all of that. I appreciate the wisdom and knowledge. I understand everything you are saying. In the end, everyone will interpret everything into their own perception.

      Much love to you!

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  4. Reading this certainly helped me today. I’ve known of law of attraction for a while, but sometimes negative thoughts get the better of me. I’m glad I came upon your post. You did an excellent job writing it.

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    • Happy to hear that! 🙂

      We cannot always be at our best. All we must do is attempt at the best we can. In the moment’s life takes you down these are the moments you are building yourself into your greatest version.

      Thank you. 🙂

      I can feel the love. Remember to take it easy.

      Much love!


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