Update on the drawing. (New Colors)

DSC_0563The last time I posted an update was July 30th.

I have been adding color to the picture. Don’t worry I am still here, hahahaha.

Didn’t mean to wait this long. If I can’t make the time to post an update. I will just take a picture of the drawing and continue drawing.

If I stop drawing while the energy is at a high. I could “mess up” on the drawing.Β There are times when I am focused and posting will interfere with the drawing.

This photo is from a session or two ago.

I have been “arting” a bit less the past few weeks. I have been working more and spending more time in the “real world”. Should be back on track soon.

Always attempting to create as often as I can. I do not create as often as I would like.

Life has many challenges. The toughest challenge of them all is keeping your balance at all times. All things should be focused on so you don’t lose your balance. Sometimes all you need is a little rest. Remember to take it easy.

You can’t do everything at once. It is easier on the mind to think about one thought at a time or it is quite simple to overwhelm thyself. Entering a loophole of thoughts.

One day, the dream will be in this present moment.

Don’t lose the belief within yourself. All “you” have is “yourself”. Without “you” there would be no “you”. All “you” have to do is be “you”.

35 thoughts on “Update on the drawing. (New Colors)

    • Each step forward is another step that wasn’t a step backwards. Any progress is good progress. The little moments create the bigger picture.

      I appreciate the love.

      Thank you! πŸ™‚


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