Update on the drawing. (Half colored)


The drawing seems to be more challenging than I thought. The challenges can’t destroy you. Instead, have the challenges help create you into the person you are today.

I learn a lot about life when creating art.

Patience is infinite. As you create art don’t necessarily think about the art. But use your imagination just enough to create. The perfect amount to the point where you don’t stress or worry. Just create. Instead of forcing everything.

If you force something it won’t happen the way it is supposed to happen.

If you force the art. It is not being created with the heart.

Be patience with everything you do. Not just art. Everything takes patience.

At times you have to take a break within your mind and think about the moment.

Is it really worth getting angry and fed up? It takes more energy to stir up the mind than to take a deep breath and to think about the situation.

We are all on our own paths. Remeber to be patient.

Use nothing but love.

41 thoughts on “Update on the drawing. (Half colored)

    • Happy to hear you enjoy the art.

      Beautiful way of saying that. the art speaks to you.

      No problem. On my free time, I look through other blogs.

      Have a great day!

      Much love.



  1. Brandon!!!! WOW…πŸ˜ƒ
    I can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece, it looks great. Brandon this piece has a lot of intricate detail, requiring your extra patience. Enjoy watching this piece come to life. I can definitely see my perception of what I imagined it would be was entirely off. However, I see something totally different now. This piece is quite unique you, endeavor to capture every detail, is really cool 😎… fine lines, sketched shapes, the added color contrast combinations is beautifully done. It actually looks like a spider πŸ•·now. However, not just any Spider, but a unique one. The Japanese Crab Spider is really interesting.
    Later Friend πŸ’œ

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    • Thank you!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

      All of your comments hold an abundance of love and high vibrating energy. I am grateful for your comments. ❀

      Yes, with this piece i have been using mass amounts of energy in little spirts. If you could see the drawing in person the detail would probably show even more.

      Your guesses are quite creative. A few others have said a spider as well.

      I guess we will have to wait and see.

      Much love to you!


      Thanks for your time and energy. πŸ™‚


    • My mother said this is my best as well. When you are the creator of the art. usually you don’t know what to think you just create and what the people say is what it is. My perception could be completely different then everyone else’s.

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

      Everything has a purpose.

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      • Exactly! And your mother is right, of course. πŸ™‚ The creator doesn’t have the same eyes as the observer. Isn’t art wonderful! You are most welcome, Brandon.

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  2. I totally agree. Too many focus on the end product and forget that the creative journey is what brings joy to the moment. “Just create. Instead of forcing everything.” ❀

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