Drawing is about 75% colored.


lately, I have been posting less. This isn’t intentional. Life has been quite busy the past few weeks. More like a few months.

I’m actually moving so I have been hanging out with family and friends before I move. Want to interact with everyone while I have the chance. As well as packing all of my belongings away.

Because of the move and all the extra added on energy I have been arting a little less.

I haven’t been all isolated and left alone for a while. Instead out and about interacting with people, hahahahaha.

It is fun to leave the art dungeon here and there, hahahahaha.

Throughout the years of creating art. During certain parts of the year, you create more than others.

I kinda wish I could have all the art supplies in the world. Be thrown into a room. Have the door locked then throw away the key.

Imagine all the beautiful pieces of art I could create.

I would use different mediums and create other kinds of art. In the same style, but all I can use is what I have at the moment.

Art supplies are expensive, but if you are a true artist you will create with what you have and make the best of it.

Think about all the greatness and positivity in your life instead of focusing on the negative things in life.

Live life in gratitude and don’t be that angry old man that everyone wishes to never be.

Still in the process of moving. Will update everyone on the drawing when I get the chance to.

Took a picture of where I was last night.

What you see now is what I have finished at the moment.

Observe the drawing carefully. Attempting my best to add little details.

20 thoughts on “Drawing is about 75% colored.

  1. Hahaa. Keep up the work.
    This looks like a man but who?😂😂
    Obviously someone great. Hehee. I liked it the way you wrote that you wanna be in a room with art supplies.😂

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  2. Brandon it is beautiful! Balance is important. I am thankful you are leaving the Art Dungeon of Creativity! We all have lives to live. It can be very inspiring when we step away, take a moment and breath.

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  3. Your work is stunning. The Native American Indian hits me to the core of my soul. In my mind it reflects the fractured nature of over 10 million indigenous people and countless number of tribes destroyed when Eurocentrism and capital gains bullied their way through this nation.
    The leopard gives me a glimpse into your soul.

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