Quote #66


Stop using the words “I” and “want.”

If done correctly.

The past and future will be nowhere to be found.

Only the “now” will be in sight.

Mental health is a reflection of physical health.

Physical health is a reflection of mental health.

Many times people ask me how and why I create art.

I’d like for someone to answer that question for me.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been attracted towards colors and art.

But I have no answer to why this has happened to me.

I didn’t purposely try making all of this art as well as the writings.

It just all kinda happened and fell into place.

Accidentally on purpose, you can say, hahahahaha.

I didn’t ask the universe to be an “artist” that just kinda happened by itself.

I remember living in the past with much negativity and with a negative outlook on life.

Ever since I decided to look at life on the bright side.

Life itself has been greater than ever.

If you ask me one more time.

“What are you doing and why are you doing this.”

I would ask the same question as you asked me.

Why are you the you that is you?

If you hide the real you within yourself.

So be it.

Fear everything or come to the realization that life itself is beautiful.

Is this you really the you that you think you are?

Or is this life, nothing but a false thought of who you are.

Your thoughts become your reality in one way or another.

You either give up on this life.

Life itself doesn’t give up on you.

Use nothing but the power of love.

All we have to do is spread infinite amounts of love.

With love, everything in the world can be cured.

Man’s ego overrides himself.

To a path of life which isn’t the wisest.

Living in short pleasure after pleasure after pleasure.

Manifesting this life into a slow, long decaying death.

The choice is yours.

I am a soul that is within this world talking to you.

I am living proof you can follow your dreams and accidentally have all the lines connect on the way.

That sounds very egotistical saying “I am living proof.”

As I said at the start of this writing.

If you wish to have a peaceful life stop using the words.

“I” and “want.”

Possession of one’s self is nothing but the comparisons of others.

If your intention is for the positive and not the negative.

Then sure use the letter I.

In the end, we are all the same person and I is you.

You is I.

Just a bunch of lost souls having no idea what they are doing.

Walking around corrupting the world one day at a time.

To never look within thyself.

Much is there that is never found.

Within me was love, art, writing and much more.

All of these things were within me.

But no one ever told me that these things were within me.

I had to seek within my own soul and figure all of this out.

Be your own system or be part of the system.

Use love or use hatred.

Love one’s self or hate one’s self.

Millions of people dream of the life you possess.

Let each individual live their life in peace.

If we were all at peace with ourselves, nothing but your wildest dreams would occur.

Everyone tells me what I say and what I think is quite unrealistic.

I would agree as well.

I do believe others out there have the same dream as I do.

World peace.

To make peace with others is to make peace with yourself.

The reason why negativity overrides most souls.

Is because no one knows how to manage the energy within themselves.

Instead, they know how to manage everything around them.

So then yes we manifest a false reality and we all experience this life in negativity.

Life can be an amazing time if you alter your thoughts and look at everything on the brighter side of life.

We live in a world that brings each other down and compares one’s self to others.

Instead of rising the vibration we lower the vibration.

We live in fear as a group of individuals.

Separating each other from one another.

In the end, we are all the same.

Just a naked body.

We were all once a baby in a diaper.

That baby in a diaper is still here in this moment.

Nothing has changed.

The only thing that has changed.

Is how you treat others and respect them.

The energy you produce in this world matters more than any number or statistic.

After you die there is no turning back.

All your regrets, shoulda, coulda, and wouldas are all gone.

Live each day as if it is your last day.

In a sense life, itself is only lived in one day.

We only think we will live tomorrow because of the past.

We don’t know the future.

No one does.

We only know there is a tomorrow because we have experienced today.

For all, we know you could die tomorrow in your sleep.

With no reasoning why you died.

Possibly you died.

From not pursuing your hopes and dreams.

Through not pursuing your hopes and dreams you died a slow long painful death in regret.

Sorrow eating away your soul.

Too bad there is no going back.

We are all just babies in diapers walking around this earth.

Some have more poop in their diapers than others.

Some have less.

Some have little or no poop.

Some walk with sadness in each step.

Some walk with a stride of happiness.

Emotions are real but then again not.

Emotion is here and there.

Emotions are you but they aren’t you.

Emotions are temporary as if you have a personality disorder and a emotion takes over you.

Don’t have your mind control you more than you control yourself.

Don’t be a slave to your own mind living each moment in fear.

Instead, manifest everything you would do right now.

Follow your dreams and do what you please.

Just don’t bring down others in the process.

I send love to all.

Possibly one day we won’t point fingers at each other and blame others for our mistakes.

We will look within the souls we have and pull all of the positive manifestations out.

If you really think about it.

We should be living in a world completely opposite of what we have now.

I believe within my heart that fear an imaginary thought overrides most people’s minds.

Everything is energy where you choose to deal that energy is up to you.

To dig a deeper hole or to fly into the sky and never stop soaring.

This life never ends.

You are infinite.

It only ends when you decided for it to end.

Mindset is everything………

28 thoughts on “Quote #66

  1. If you disrespect and treat yourself and others badly you will always have low energy. If you treat yourself and others with respect , love, kindess and dignity your energy levels will be higher. Best way to go. Keep the Energy high.

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  2. Chance, my son’s six-yr-old adopted son, looks at cartoon commercials and speaks aloud in a clear booming voice “I WANT THAT!

    I feel so bad for him and wish that Madison Avenue had not found its way into the attachments that humans of all ages seem to have and crave more of.

    Thank God for non-attachments and the ability to want very little while getting so much more . . .

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    • Oh no, hahahahahhaha.

      In this day and age. Children are more prone to being “fooled” more than most individuals. But then again I believe children are the smartest ones out of us all. They use their hearts a lot of adults forget their hearts.

      Yes indeed. I know many children that are attached. I always here. “No that is MINE.” “Give it back, it is mine.”

      We teach children their names and after that they think they own everything hahahah. It takes time to realize attachment is nothing but a road of never ending unhappiness.

      Very true.

      The less you possess the happier you are.

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    • Thank you! ❀

      Always attempt to explain my thoughts as clearly as I can. So all can understand.

      For sure! I enjoy writing these. Nothing is forced.

      Thank you I appreciate it. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

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  3. I agree with these thoughts. I never wanted to be an artist either. It seems to me very bitter at certain times. Not the art, it always makes me happy, but the existential fears are the worst thing I know.
    The real challenge is to keep your head up on a very long journey and not to give up. Dance on the razor blade, but sometimes only crying helps. Greetings Joe

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    • Happy to hear someone relates. πŸ™‚

      I can agree with you on what you said. The art is awesome but it gets bitter at times. I always remind myself that material is not worth as much as it really is. Life itself is worth more than anything else. All you have to do is be yourself and everything will be okay in the end.

      Can feel the energy in your comment.

      Much love!


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      • Thank you very much ! Your comment really helps me, that’s what I should do, be myself. Exactly these words I needed, thanks again !

        Your dreams should come true, always. Peace β™₯ ️

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  4. Very wise words from someone so young – this coming from someone from the stone age. Hang on to the encouragement you are trying to make others understand. If we fill the world with more positive than negative, eventually we will win a positive world.

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