Quote #68


Think of yourself as a wizard.

Crafting up manifestations of thoughts.

Positive and negative.

Each combination of thoughts that go together create a potion.

Each potion creates a different manifestation.

You have to create and craft your own way of life.

I have had people I thought that believed in me completely tell me that what I dream is “incorrect.”

You do not really know anyone at all not even yourself.

You might think you know who you are but no one does.

We are all lost.

Everyone that thinks I am lost is lost themselves for saying I am lost.

We are all lost.

Keep your mouth shut unless something positive comes out.

You can “positively” “correct” someone.

Stop being such an energy vampire.

If you do not heal wounds of yourself.

You bleed on others as well.

You either work on your own dreams.

Or help others with their dreams.

I dislike when people ask me what I “do.”

We are all doing the same thing.

It is something called living and breathing hahahah.

As well as eating and shitting. Oh, I forgot we sleep too.

I am not everybody I am somebody and that somebody is me.

I am not similar to the rest.

I will become me and not a clone or robot of me.

When people ask me what “job” I have I always want to say “breathing.”

I can read peoples egos and auras/energies when I say “art.”

I always hear the saying “art isn’t a real job.”

What answer is that? Actually?

How disrespectful.

One time someone said something along the lines of this. I’ll never forget it.

“Art is a better hobby than heroin.”

Not sure if I was being compared to heroin or close to heroin.

Or possibly this was some crude humor.

I am a very funny and humorous guy.

Just don’t bring down others and compare your ego to oneself to feel better for a moment or two.

When people tell me I don’t have a “real job.”

Then I think this.

How about you don’t have a “real soul.”

I don’t go around judging others and comparing my egos to others.

We are all okay the way we are.

Improvement is within us all.

We live in a world of people that compare and say “I” and forget about “us and “we.”

Without one of us, we wouldn’t all be here.

I is we.

We is I.

All I wish for is each and every persons respect.

To respect others is to respect yourself.

To disrespect others is to disrespect yourself.

Do you love yourself?

To love yourself is to love others.

There is no “reason” why you should hate someone.

In the end, the reason usually comes down to thyself. Not the others.

People like to pick and choose what others need to work on because they are unaware of themselves.

In the end, thyself is in need of improvement and not the others that you think need improvment.

It is impossible to be “correct” and “perfect.”

All you can do is attempt to become your greatest version.

To attempt is to attempt 100% effort.

To try is to give 50% effort.

To try or to attempt.

There is no option to give up. πŸ™‚

Love is within each and every soul.

Love will guide you to the “correct” direction.

To live life in fear or love?

To fear each moment or to love each moment.

Ego is the real question.

To possess an ego or to not possess an ego.

If you lose your ego all the fear disappears and vanishes into thin air.

As if the fear and ego are never real.

Nothing is really real.

It only gets a real as you manifest it to be.

Look within and manifest what you wish to manifest.

Or you help others with creating their dreams.

Sucking all the energy out of yourself and not even using the energy for the positive on thyself.

Losing connection to your soul and not feeding your soul with positive energy.

I’m a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit in this world.

So I have to craft my own world and fit in.

All I am trying to do is raise the energy and create positive vibes.

I feel as if people are just jealous, envious or some sort of “disadvantage” occurs within their “ego” of a mind.

We are all equal.

Skin and bones and nothing much else.

Let the dreamers dream and let the naysayers naysay.

In the end, you are either a dreamer or a nay sayer of people that are dreaming.

Wishing you could follow your dreams but no it is “too late.”

Guess what it is never too late.

Start dreaming now before life itself ends.

You can’t dream when you are dead.

So you might as well dream now.

There is no end till you end.

Live life in a positive outlook or live life in a negative outlook.

To live positive is to be optimistic.

To live life negative is to be pessimistic.

To be the impossible.

Or to be the “I’m-possible.”

Ignore the thoughts of others.

Listen to the inner voices of who you truly are.

Your soul speaks to you.

All you have to do is listen.

Most ignore the soul and live in their ego of a person.

Fearing every moment and worrying about thesmelves.

To be your true self.

To be a dreamer.

Or to tag along with all the nay sayers.

Much love to all!


27 thoughts on “Quote #68

  1. How many times in a person’s life will someone (parent or other) show an appreciation for something creative and then ask “but what do you plan for your life?” It’s happened to me. I often wonder if I had started writing much earlier how far I might have gone. On the other hand, if I had, would I have had as much to write. I guess what I’m saying is that each of us have had people in our lives who like our creativity but do not value it. What we do and what choices we make thereafter are our own. We are the authors of our lives.

    Liked by 6 people

    • I can relate to this comment 100% hahahaha.

      I wish people just lived their lives and instead of living their lives through labels and comparison of self.

      The philosophy of life should be life is riches and not riches is life.

      Very true we are the authors to our own life.

      Thank you for your energy filled comment.

      Much love to you and your loved ones!


      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!

      Yes, there is no reason to bring others down in life.

      Instead we should encourage each other and lift each other up.

      Over time your craft will improve just don’t give up.

      If it makes you happy keep on creating. πŸ™‚


  2. I imagine that being an artist could never be considered an ordinary job, which by the way many people cringe at even speaking the word, “Job!” Art is the passionate exercise of a creative mind. What job could ever be so creative, abstract, colorful, or whimsical as art? In my opinion, there’s nothing to defend. Art needs no defense, uniqueness can’t be compared. Art is one of those passions, those disciplines that lives and never dies!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • This perspective is beautiful.

      Thank you for sharing this. πŸ™‚

      You are right there is no need to be shameful or have a defense.

      I still don’t like how we live in a world of comparison and not improvement of thyself.

      Thank you for your words and energy.

      Much love!

      ❀ ❀


      • I’m not too fond of the way comparisons are made either, especially when in my 63 years I’ve seen so much uniqueness.

        However, being the mirrors we are may explain why it’s easier to see the improvements we need to make in ourselves reflected in others.

        They remind us of them, and that’s boo scary to admit, much less work on. Just a mention!

        Much Love Right Back,

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