Quote #69

69Why do you believe what you believe?

Possibly it is because you have been learning the same thing you have been learning since you were a child.

Not much has changed.

What I am about to say might overwhelm some people.

This is nothing but words and an opinion.

Words to provoke thought and to create happiness and love………

This life at this very moment.

Will be the greatest life I will ever live.

Out of each life that I have lived.

As well as any future lives.

This one will be lived the best.

The preacher man tells me how to live this life.

I do not think so.

I will look within my own soul and hear what it has to say.

Heaven is on earth.

If we are not in heaven are we in hell?

Oh, wait possibly we are in hell because we go to heaven after this.

I am so confused.

Where are we “now?”

If we are neither in heaven or hell.

Then we are here “now”

If the life after this life happens to be greater than this one I have lived.

Then I have failed myself.

To only have dreamt of a heaven, but to never truly experience the whole heaven or dream.

This life is heaven and I will live in my own reality if that is what it takes.

I find it quite confusing that individuals worry about their next life, but could care less about this current life.

At this very moment.

Most people are daydreaming about what they could be doing.

Instead of being who they truly are.

If you do not love yourself, are you in a living hell?

You cannot escape your own soul.

What are you running from?

There is nothing to run from.

Love yourself and love will vibrate everywhere.

Do not worry about any other life besides this very life.

Live this life to your greatest potential.

For all, we know you could die tomorrow.

You are either living within a hell on earth or a heaven on earth.

Do not worry about what is next.

Avoiding the real problem.


Look within and do not be told what to “believe.”

I believe this life is heaven itself.

Possibly you are living within hell right now.

The choice is yours.

To live in a living hell.

Or a living heaven.

I recommend meditation.

I meditate a lot.

Meditation is misunderstood.

If anything look within yourself for the answers.

Instead of looking for answers within another source of “answers.”

Possibly the answers you have within you now are not the ”answers” you wish to believe.

We cannot all live the same life.

If we do.

Happiness is hard to find.

How can we all be happy doing the same things?

We are not all the same people.

If anything we all possess our own uniqueness.

We were not born into this world to copy and mock each other.

We were born in this world to be ourselves and not to be told who “yourself” is.

You will know who you are if you look within.

That is only if you dare to look within.

Most are frightened or are scared of what is within themselves.

To face the demons head-on or to let the demons slowly eat your soul away moment by moment.

There is nothing to hide from.

Stop hiding behind that shadow of a body.

Be your true self and set yourself free of every negative energy held within yourself.

When there is more positive energy than negative you are In heaven.

When there is more negative energy than positive you are in hell.

Mans ego is foolish and stupid.

We live in a world of material vanity.

Material is nothing.

Where are the heart and soul within everyone?

Do most hide in fear or live each moment in love.

If anything you are the material of life itself.

Everything is a tool in life.

We all use these tools differently.

Use your materials wisely.

Possession of oneself or possession of material itself.

I want to own myself and I do not want the material to own me.

Material vanity destroys man and makes man stubborn and selfish.

Sharing is caring.

The earth has provided us with everything we already “need.”

There is a difference between “want” and “need.”

A starving village “needs” food and water.

We all “want” a “million dollars.”

Needs and wants.

Material is a trap.

A trap of ignoring thyself.

The more material you have, the less energy you spend on thyself.

Being distracted from your soul and heart.

Sheep of material we are. Consume, consume, consume.

I recommend creating instead of consuming.

When you create or Express you are being your true self.

To Express yourself is to be your true self.

To not Express yourself is to keep all the demons locked in.

Ignoring your true self.

Material makes you lost.

If anything, material makes you spend less time with yourself.

Material makes you distracted from the “real” problems.

I do not own much of anything or material.

But I know for a fact that I own my own soul……

Material will never take me over.

I have the basic necessities.

Gadgets do not brainwash me.

Material is a never-ending game.

People keep consuming when they are never happy.

Thinking that there is no happiness.

The “material” is supposed to replace the happiness and your soul.

A large screen TV is not the meaning of life.

The dollar bill is not the meaning of life.

Material is not the meaning of life.

Be in control of thyself, and do not have material control your life.

Objects that have zero feeling makes you feel every feeling in the world.

The more you disguise yourself with material the more material is in control of you then you are in control of the material itself.

An imaginary object is in control of you.

As I said before.

Meditate my friend.

By doing nothing, you are doing everything.

Take a moment to do nothing and within that moment of doing nothing.

Something amazing will occur.

You will have the energy and “time” to stop what you are doing.

At this moment you should sit down and meditate

Begin to meditate on your own soul and look within. Listen to what your soul tells you.

All the energy you use tackling life.

Use that to meditate and on thyself improvements.

If you were to use all the energy you use on life itself on yourself for the positive and not the negative.

Nothing but your wildest dreams would occur.

To meditate and to not ignore thyself.

Or to not meditate and to have the pain continue to grow each and every moment that passes.

Without meditation, I would be quite lost.

More lost than I am now.

I am not really lost. We are all lost.

Put on this earth and running around similar to a madman.

“Doing” everything at once.

Everything is already here and you are here 100%.

There is nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Have your mind be your mind and not a mind of an altered soul you are not.

We all seem quite delusional.

Meditation has saved my life.

This is no joke.

Without meditation, I would be following my tail similar to a dog.

Running around in a constant circle.

I notice the “benefits.”

Science shows “proof” and evidence of creating new neural pathways in the brain.
More neurons in the brain and many more health benefits when you meditate.

You have either heard of meditation or you have not heard of meditation.

All you have to do is believe and if you believe.

Possibly all the “sitting around” will benefit you.

Most people sit on the couch all day for hours at a time.

Because they have “worked” all day.

I recommend “working” on yourself.

With all the time you spend laying around.

Meditate instead.

It is just an idea. 😉

You will appreciate what I have said or possibly you will think I am a “kook.”

Jahahahahaha whatever I have heard all the names and negative energy.

Nothing will destroy you but yourself.

I know that no one means most of the negative things they do or say.

The moment just overwhelmed them.

Their demons and lost parts show in the most “negative” moments.

Meditation is key.

When you look within you find all the “answers.”

All we can do is be ourselves at the end of the day.

If you are not yourself, then meditate even more.

Do not fear the voices within.

Listen to everything your soul tells you.

If you do not follow your soul you are not you.

I am living in an almighty heaven.

I am not sure what is next and no one “knows.”

All you know is what you think you “know.”

The answers within are infinite and whatever works best for the individual works best.

All I ask for is for you to be your true self and that is it.

Life itself is the meaning of life.

We often forget about the fact that life itself is here and all we wish to “do” is “do.”

Forgetting to “be.”

Many individuals living life with manic depression.

Imagine if there was nothing but pure darkness.

Zero senses and all you could hear was a ticking of a clock.

Stuffed in a dark room that never ends and there is nowhere to go.

Life itself is the greatest gift we have received.

Most get “lost” in the rat race working themselves up.

Forgetting the realist gift of them all.

Life itself.

Let’s try to appreciate life itself and imagine a life without life itself being here.

We would not be here and nothing would be here.

There is so much beauty in this world.

It is just your perception.

Perception is everything.

Are you living in a living heaven or a living hell?

23 thoughts on “Quote #69

  1. A lot of truths here. We must love ourselves and others as Christ loves. That includes this world which is a snapshot of what heaven will be like. Not the values of what they say this world is but what Christ said this world is. Remember Paul said to live is Christ to die is gain. It is where you heart is at any given moment.

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  2. I love your words refreshing and so full of wisdom. Life is what we make of it. Our Souls govern it and connect to God or Divine dependent how you see it. Religion is restricting, the Soul is open to expand within your life.

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  3. There’s a lot to take in here Brandon. With being a former evangelical christian and catholic, I used to believe in the whole concept of heaven and hell and if you trust in christ that’ll get you into heaven, that if you rejected him you’d go to hell. but that’s changed a lot for me over the years. Now I believe that heaven is in the here and now, the tangible stuff you can reach out and touch, the people you meet and the experiences you have. That hell is being without the people you love; having no purpose in life or creative outlet to express yourself.

    But i must admit, that with my father having died a few years ago and my sister and good few years before that, it does give me some consolation that they’re in heaven or a heaven of sorts. And that I can talk to them everyday.

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    • I appreciate your comment.

      We all believe in different beliefs.

      Whatever you have to believe to become your greatest version do so.

      If you are living this life and nothing seems to be going your way.

      It is time for change.

      Thank you for sharing you words and energy.

      I can feel the emotions as you speak and I send love and positive vibes your way.

      Thank you!

      Have a great night.

      Much love.


  4. Nice post Brendon but people don’t believe out of Illusions. Life is indeed eternal you, just move one place to another such as from this world to the world hereafter. I respect your thoughts but we all are different people with different believes. Which makes this world beautiful as opposed to boring. Man, we can talk hours on your post but at the end we both have our mind sets. Great writing skills though!

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    • I believe out of illusions. All I know is I know nothing.

      Very true.

      Energy never dies but can only be transferred.

      Happy that you respect my thoughts and you don’t attack me hahahaa. Shows self love and self acceptance.

      We all deserve to speak our truth.

      True we all need for be ourself. And be different not the same. Or the world would get boring easily.

      True, we could talk for hours hahahahhaha. 🙂

      True we all have different mindsets.

      Thank you!

      I appreciate your comment.

      Can feel the love and positivity from your comment. 🙂

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    • Everything has meaning.

      The meaning you create within yourself is different for us all.

      Whatever works best for the individual works best.

      Each day should be a day to become your greatest version.

      All you have to do is believe in yourself.

      To believe in yourself is to love yourself.

      Everything begins and ends with love.


      • You sound like you are just copying and pasting sayings from a Tony Robbins book. If they sayings were factual instead of hyperbole,we wouldn’t have so much strife and pain in the world today. Innocence stays for a only a mere season. Real life is a much harsher mistress.

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      • This is your perception of the world.

        We are not all angry at the world.

        Manifesting negative energy every moment.

        All I am trying to do is spread a positive message.

        We all have opportunity to manifest our own reality. You might as well manifest a positive outlook on life instead of living each moment in complete despair

        Have a great day.

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      • Not angry at the world,just feeling pity at the immature insipidness of people who have no experience who seem to think platitudes are a way to spread a positive message.

        Have a better day….and a slurpee.

        Have a better day.

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      • I am a young kid exploring my thoughts. You give off that you have such experience, meaning probably you are older. Value is everywhere. What you seem to value is trying to degrade my positivity and helping hand to those who need it.

        Since you seem to have more experience which in your head means you can do more and help more. You are using your energy towards the negative instead of positive. Degrading those who are just trying to help.

        Thanks, will have a great day like always. 🙂

        Much love!

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