Started a new drawing! (About halfway finished)


The last drawing that was finished. Wasn’t intended to take so long. I thank everyone for their patience.

It is always interesting to know how the audience will interpret the art. I never really know what to think about the art that I create. All I know is how to create. To create is to create using the energy within the depths of your soul.

Art comes from within your soul. Emotions/energy that happens to be positive and negative. All the energy that is buried away is released. All of this energy is applied to the art itself.

Whatever you feel at the moment is what you create. Energy is everywhere and all over the place. There is plenty of energy for everyone to share.

Let’s all get along in this world. Don’t you think so?

When people ask. “How do you create your art.” Well, I have no answer. Besides that, it all comes from within my soul.

The art and words that you observe are nothing but creative energy flowing through my mind/soul.

We all express differently. This is how I happen to express myself.

Don’t attempt to be another soul in this world. Besides the soul that is within thyself. Most ignore themselves and their soul. Attempt to be yourself and not everyone else.

I had no idea what to draw next after completing “Divine Feminine.”

Asked my father what I should draw. He gave me a few suggestions. I went along with what he said. Just creating in my “style.”

Usually, don’t think about the next creation till the very moment I complete the piece I am arting on. The mind can only concentrate on one thought or idea. If the mind is scattered everywhere the energy won’t be as powerful. You will end up stumbling all around looking similar to a buffoon.

Keep the mind clear and focus on one moment at a time. There is no rush in this world besides the rush you create within yourself.

Adding to the sketch at this very moment. Let’s see what we come up with……

16 thoughts on “Started a new drawing! (About halfway finished)

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the drawing. 🙂


      Love is the only answer and the only “solution.”

      We all seem to resist love and hatred feeds our egos.

      Let’s all unprogram our minds.

      And we can learn how to love instead of creating more negative energy in the world.

      Much love!

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  1. Very interesting sketch. I know what I currently see and will be curious where it goes from here. I admire your shapes, for me I have to buy the books of already drawn sketches and then color them in. Art does indeed come from the soul and what a concept if the world could just all get along.

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    • Happy you like it so far. 🙂

      Keep that thought in mind.

      I know of those books. Happy to hear you are spending time creating loving energy and coloring, hahahha.

      Soul is everything.

      Art is everything

      The soul is art.

      Show the world who you are.


      Let’s unprogram our minds of hatred and instead we can learn how to love.

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    • All I can do is be myself.

      To not be yourself is to live life in fear.

      To love yourself is to be yourself being comfortable with who you are.

      Fear is your worst enemy and it is nothing but the imagination.

      Happy to hear you will be following along.

      Thank you! 🙂


  2. I love how you always leave us wanting more.

    I’ve been looking at all types of art styles and mediums, and I found this one that I thought was interesting.

    It’s completely different from what you normally do, but the feeling that I get from her art is similar to yours (the thought and passion put into it), mainly her Inktober entries.

    She’s @rowan_makes_art on instagram.

    I Just thought it was interesting.

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    • Happy to hear that, hahahaah. 🙂

      Keepa you waiting for me.

      I am listening….

      I understand what you are saying. Art is not a competition. Nothing is a competition.

      All art is self expression. We all Express differently. No one can Express better than another.

      Art is subjective. I love all art and artist.

      I will check her out for sure.

      Thank you! 🙂


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