Finished the drawing. (Check it out!)


Here is the finished drawing.

This sketch took me under a week to finish. Normally it takes me a little longer than a week to sketch out the full drawing.

I remember in one session of sketching. My hand was swiftly moving all around the paper. As if someone besides myself was in control.

I always tell people “I” don’t make the art.

Who is this “I” that “I” speak of.

I will try my best to explain.

The soul uses love and expresses emotions through art.

The soul creates the art instead of the label “I.”

If you resist expressing yourself you will never know who you truly are.

Is the current you that you are. The you that you wish to be?

The soul within myself creates the art.

The internal world is everything.

Everything possesses an energy of some sort.

Expression is everything.

37 thoughts on “Finished the drawing. (Check it out!)

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😀

      I know what you are explaining I can relate as well.

      Very true it brings out greater parts of your soul that you never knew were there till you discover them in that moment.

      Thank you!

      Much love!


      Liked by 1 person

    • Many have guessed the same, hahaha. 😃

      Thank you, happy you enjoyed the explanation of the art. I know a few people will appreciate the words as well as the image.

      Happy you know how true the words are.

      Thanks for noticing the artwork!



    • The soul and heart are your true self. The self that doesn’t need to be recieved anything. Love is about using your heart instead of expecting a “reward” of the ego.

      Just have to be your soul and ignore the ego.

      Happy you enjoyed the writing as well as the artwork!


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