(New colors) added to the drawing.


I took a picture of the drawing a few days ago. Have been a bit lazy posting updates lately.

The reasoning why. My soul has moments where I crave drawing as if my soul needs to be fed.

I obtain more pleasure from creating than eating, hahahahaha.

Only if I could draw my food and eat it, hahahaha.

It has been about two weeks since the last update.

If I am not posting, I am still creating. Do not worry. I am art and art is within me.

I apologize about the lack of updates. Can imagine it was making some individuals anxious to see a new update on the drawing. Or maybe everyone is as patient as can be.

I have said this before. In the moment of a creative spark. If I take a picture and update everyone. Possibly I will lose that creative spark within myself.

Fixing a lot of the tones of the colors. Added blues to the drawing as well.

I do not create as often as I would like.

In the moments I have time I attempt to use the time as wisely as I can.

If the energy is at a high. I might as well use the energy in the greatest form I can.

Remember to take it easy and ignore working yourself up.

The only one who is working yourself up is yourself.

No one is in control of thyself beside yourself.

Manifest nothing but positive energy.

Attempt to create negative energy into positive energy.

Life is as beautiful as you manifest it to be.

41 thoughts on “(New colors) added to the drawing.

  1. Understandable, sometimes when one is focus the creative juices flows and at other times it’s silent. Not that it’s gone just rejuvenating itself to something amazing. As you have said, art is within. The art comes from inside and anything can spark it to come out, it can’t be force. Besides, don’t you also have school and other projects needing your immediate attention right now?

    and BTW loving the colors to this piece, I’m thinking it’s a famous musician πŸ™‚
    Let your inner peace surround everything you do! Blessings, always.

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    • Yeah you can’t force the art it just has to happen in the moment.

      Hahahah. Harnessing art power from within my soul.

      Yeah I work a part time job. As well as other activities and such, hahaha.

      Screw all that though. It is pointless in my eyes. We live in a reverse society. Nothing makes sence to me.

      Thank you, you might be onto something. Hahahaha.

      For sure, hahahha. The inner peace is at a mighty high.



      • I agree, not only reverse but backwards. Seems the more secular society tries to take God out of everything the more nature revolts. Nature itself is evidence of creation. Science authentisizes it with all its archeological finds. But ‘man’ and his peanut size brain thinks otherwise. God help us! Stay close to the source of life, all will be well in due time. Nothing is worthless with the right spirit within. Stay positive!
        Blessings to you. And Happy New Year!

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    • Happy to hear that! 😊

      Exactly hahahah. When you are really in the moment. The energy in the moment overtakes your body.

      Then you feel like a little kid with infinite amounts of energy, hahahha.

      Thank you!

      Much love!!



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