Check out the drawing! (Almost done)


I Have been too anxious lately to post an update on the drawing.

It has been about 2 weeks since the last update.

Sorry about the timing of the updates. The updates are not scheduled or intended to be posted on certain days.

I like to go with the flow of the moment.

Whatever life gives you remember to go with the flow.

If you plan your whole life. During all the planning there is no living.

You are either living this life to plan your whole life.

Or you are living this life to live this life, jahahaahah. πŸ˜‰

All you have to do is be.

“Work” smarter not harder.

Be the you that is you.

I recommend living your life in each moment one moment at a time.

Face the moment for how it feels.

Do not rush the moment.

The ego forces.

The soul goes with the flow.

To be with the soul

Or to force and plan every moment of life.

Anything can happen. Ignore letting your ego get in the way of the soul.

At times I work myself up for no reason. The mind plays lots of games. Do not fall for the games of the mind.

Within thyself are the voices that will guide you to where you should be in life.

Do not forget to listen to the voices within thyself.

Manifest nothing but positive thoughts.

If you ignore to live in the moment.

Then there is no moment that is lived.

This means you were not the true you.

To live in the past or to live in the “now.”

Live this life or life will live through you.

When creating you free your soul from the body.

Releasing all the energy you feel within yourself to the world.

Lately, the drawing has been speaking to me to finish the coloring.

I apologize about the time frame between the updates.

Everyone have a great night…



33 thoughts on “Check out the drawing! (Almost done)

    • Happy to hear that. Always attempting to challenge myself each time I sit down and create.

      That is okay. You don’t have to be “correct” at everything.

      Thanks, just expressing my thoughts the best I can. 😊


  1. hi dear Brandon ! long time i didn’t leave you a comment … but i keep my first idea about this one i saw at the sketchy step …

    i dance on a straight need to glide AND KEEP SLIDING back on my 2 feet , one after one like the famous one from another space and timeline … walking on the moon maybe ?
    don’t call the police , i may be wrong hahaha

    i wait for more … having fun playing with you my friend …
    MUCH LOVE AND respect for all your inspiring production …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! That is okay hahaaha. I understand we are all living our own lives.

      I know who you are talking about hahaha.

      Love your energy and positivity in the comments you post. Maybe I will call the police, hahhaahha. πŸ€ͺ

      Sounds good. Me too hahaha. Love your energy.

      Thanks. I appreciate everything!

      Much love!



      • finally Carlos was not only a political and terrorist jailed in France !! i rather see the great musician and guitar’s artist you drew so well …Mickael was in my head but i failed to guess this time …
        Congrats again my dear Brandon .
        I KNOW you’re inspiring a lot … driving some French drawers to visit your blog and see your work … I HAD SOME very positive feedback …( at some point , one even said she needs to learn English to understand your written productions on posts ) hahaha
        keep on this flow WITH FUN in 2019

        Liked by 1 person

      • Failure leads to “success.” Thank you! 😊

        Well I appreciate you for sharing the art and the words!

        All the exposure helps me out.

        I appreciate the positive loving energy.

        Much love to you as well!



  2. Thanks for your likes. You are probably right about ego interference with the soul. Sometimes, surrendering to a dream is what it takes for me. Just letting go.

    Your drawing is beautiful, and an object lesson in the process. Have a great week πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah no problem, on my free time I browse through other blogs.

      That’s how I look at it. We all have dreams but instead we just listen to everyone else and head down the “incorrect” path. Then again every experience you have experienced helps you become who you are today. So technically everything is suppose to be happening the way it is.

      Each human can manifest their own reality and that is up to the person themselves.

      Yeah exactly, you understand. You just have to let go and let everything go with the flow.

      Thanks man! I appreciate it.

      Hahaha, I understand what you are saying.

      Thank man, will have a great week for sure.

      You have a great week as well.

      Much love!


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