1/3 of the drawing completed.


Started the drawing about a week ago.

Have been too anxious sketching out the drawing to post an update.

I am feeling a high amount of energy towards this drawing.

I entered my “flow” state earlier than I thought I would.

This picture is an update from a few days ago.

As of right now there is more added to the drawing.

I would say about 1/3rd of the drawing is complete in this photo.

Wanted to take a picture sooner than later so I could update everyone on the process.

Following the process of the art adds more to the experience of the drawing.

You get to see all the stages of the art.

In this drawing, my main focus is on detail and the arrangement of the colors.

I never know what I am getting myself into until I start drawing what I believe I can create.

If you do not believe in yourself, then how do you expect to become your greatest version…

I have that feeling of doubt when creating each piece of art.

In the end, I end up believing in myself and ignore the fear.

Proceed and do not look back. Create, create and create.

See what your artistic mind comes up with.

What you have to do is face the doubt with zero fear and ignore the fear.

In reality, everything is in your mind.

The mind does nothing but play games with you.

19 thoughts on “1/3 of the drawing completed.

  1. You are very talented! As an artist myself, I enjoy reading your inspiring thoughts too. I’m not a fan of abstract art, to say the least, but your unique style is the first kind that I genuinely like. Looking forward to what you’ll do whilst completing the next 2/3rds 🙂

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    • Thanks your your positive energy.

      Always attempting to Express myself with my words as well as I can.

      Well It is great to know that, hahha. Makes me think I am creating something people will appreciate and enjoy.

      Attempting to create a new style compared to other styles.

      Sounds good. I appreciate your patience.

      I actually just posted the final sketch. If you’d like you can check it out!

      Can feel the love and positivity energy from your soul!!


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