Added color! (Has been a while)


This picture was taken a while ago.

I wanted to color in a decent amount of the drawing before I took a picture.

Usually, do not post an update the moment I take the picture. It is best to wait a few days or longer.

The colors in this drawing are quite challenging and mind-boggling.

I am attempting my best to create something that is challenging enough but also helps me improve my art skills.

At this moment I have a decent amount of the drawing colored in. Will post another update when the time feels correct.

With all the crazy colors it is taking longer to blend everything together. The shapes and colors have to be created a “specific” way.

You have to go with the flow instead of over thinking everything. When you over think everything. What you manifest within your mind will not happen.

Go with the flow and your manifestations will occur.

34 thoughts on “Added color! (Has been a while)

    • It is but you have to let the moment create itself and trust the process of the art.

      Fear nothing besides fear itself.

      Thank you!

      Remember you are capable of anything you set your mind to.


      • The last few days I have been doing the same as you…preparing to start writing. And I AM feeling the moment create itself …and it’s been powerful! I can’t believe it. Thank you for sharing the beginning of yours.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Happy to hear that!

        Create as much as you can. It frees the soul.

        The energy is building up. Love it, hahhaha.

        Remember anything is possible. All you must do is believe.

        Mind over matter.

        No problem, thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts with me. 😊


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