Crazy color pallet! (Check it Out)


Hello, everyone, it has been a while.

Took this picture about a week ago.

This drawing is challenging me on many different levels. I feel like a mad scientist with a bunch of beakers mixing chemicals together to create a “final” masterpiece.

Often times I use more than 1 color in each shape. I use up to 4 colors in some of the shapes.

With this drawing, I am quite anxious to finish everything. As I am coloring in one shape. I am thinking about coloring in the next.

In the moments of “anxiety”, I have to remind myself within my mind.

“One moment at a time Brandon one moment at a time.”

It is the moments within the moments that create the final picture.

There is no time for mistakes.

Live each moment wisely and with the power of love.

Ignore the negative mindset you possess.

Turn the negative energy into positive energy.

What helps me in my moments of “anxiety.”

Is breathing exercises/ meditation.

You have to remind yourself all you can do is be within one moment not infinite moments.

You are here now.

It is impossible to be in 10 different places at once.

Infinite moments occur. Remember to live in the moment and let everything happen the way it is “supposed” to happen.

Let everything be and use your soul/heart in life.

If you use your soul/heart your destiny of life will create itself.

To be your true authentic self is to create your own destiny of life.

If you are struggling with being the person you are in this moment.

It is time to shed the old aura away and to grow the new aura.

Each day holds new opportunities for you to become your greatest version.

Namaste brothers and sisters!


46 thoughts on “Crazy color pallet! (Check it Out)

  1. i really enjoy both your writing and your art. the art amazes me; that you can create this, see what to do and how to draw it and where to put the lines. i’m blown away, and enjoy every moment of the reveals.

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    • When someone enjoys the words and the art. I always appreciate the individual even more for understanding what I am attempting to create.

      I can feel an abundance of love and positive energy from your soul.

      Much love and thank you for your comment. It shows the love!


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    • Sometimes I have these unconscious thoughts flowing throughout my mind.

      The words somehow make sense in the end to myself.

      To others, I have no idea.

      Maybe I am crazy or everyone else is crazy. Or possibly we are all just a bunch of crazies hahahaha.

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      • True hahaha craziness lies within us all.

        I understand your perspective.

        All you must do is be yourself and that means you are manifesting more positive energy than negative. Throughout your days.

        Much love and positivity sent your way!


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      • And the same to you. My ending phrase on all my posts is to remind people to be kind. This can be a hard and negative world and some people fall through the cracks. We must be willing to lift them to a better place.

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      • Thanks.

        Keep reminding others. Yes, we must be kind.

        Loved the way you articulated that sentence.

        Yes, many fall through the cracks.

        I have met people who told me life is supposed to be negative and this and that. Always feel bad for the people telling me how it is.

        You have to create your own reality.

        I refuse to follow the rules of another.

        This is my life and not another.


  2. Did you feel deeply satisfied when you finished this? I am sure you did, I looked at it for quite some time and it reminded me of something I read a while ago it reads, ‘ it is quite amazing that I should be so ambitious so soon…’ you have indeed created a masterpiece there.

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    • I’m really not sure what feeling I feel when I finish a piece of art. I guess you could say uncertainty.

      Thank for sharing your thoughts.

      I can relate to that quote or saying.

      Yes, I felt the words of that saying.

      I always get ahead of myself believing in things and attempting and somehow I come up with something.

      At times I surprise myself and have no idea how some things are created.

      Thank you!

      Can feel the love.

      Much love!


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