Added more color! (Check it out)

dsc_0477Lately, I have had a weird schedule.

I apologize about the length of time in between posts.

Throughout this drawing, I have to keep reminding myself “one moment at a time Brandon.”

You have to appreciate the creative process. It is not always about the end result.

What matters the most is the “creative process.”

If you do not enjoy the adventure you get out of each piece you create. You should reconsider what you are creating.

Create with your soul and remember to use lots of love.

If the mind begins to create any false beliefs.

Remember anything is possible.

Put your heart/soul into what you are creating and anything can be created.

No one is stopping you from being you beside yourself.

Create art from your soul and not for the attention of people and their reaction.

Create to create.

Never create to impress.

If all you want to do is impress people you will lose yourself causing distress.

Be yourself instead of being someone else for more attention.

52 thoughts on “Added more color! (Check it out)

    • Thanks. Always attempt my best to explain my creative process.

      Nice, you are freeing the soul through art.

      I’m actually using Prismacolor colored pencils. Thinking you might have an idea of what Prismacolor is. The brand.

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      • Hello, awesome!

        Interesting. I am not sure how popular certain materials are around the world. I know certain kinds of art are produced more in certain places than others.

        Great to hear that!

        Maybe you can buy a little set of your own. The primary colors.

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  1. Brother If possible pls join our WhatsApp group just to keep in touch… no other motives… Brothers and Sisters we have formed this group so that we can share our blog links here as well and keep in touch… Also at the same time we can share ideas, thoughts on which we think but maybe cannot expand so maybe someone here can help… there is no force from our side to write but one thing is for sure we are all here with a common motive and drive, that is too write… so *keep Writing* and sharing…

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  2. Credo di conoscere questo tipo… dalla prima volta, quando ancora no c’era il colore. Dal primo baffo.
    “Non dipingo un ritratto che assomiglia al modello, piuttosto Γ¨ il modello che arriva ad assomigliare al ritratto.”

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  3. Beautiful execution of color, definitely a masterpiece in the works.
    As always Brandon, your talent is amazing, with each passing day you mature gracefully. Thank you for sharing yourself.
    God has blessed you to actualize your vision in your art, one small space at a time πŸ˜‰ And the rest of us in viewing the progress and the finish piece πŸ™‚ … looking forward to discover who the man with many colors turns out to be.
    May His peace endure in your heart, always.

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    • Thanks! Using the craziest colors I can.

      Yes, each day your skill increases slowly but surely.

      Watching the process in your perspective is completely different than what I see. This crazy world, hahaha.

      Thank you!

      Much love.



  4. I think I’m going to take a stab at this one, Brandon. Is this Salvatore Dali? Maybe I am reading more into it than there is but the mustache seems very familiar to me. I am enjoying your works of art and so happy you are sharing them.

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    • Hello, thanks!

      My thoughts mean as much to me as the art/image itself. Everything is art. You have to articulate everything.

      Thanks for your loving energy!
      Can feel the love for sure. ❀

      No one is stopping yourself beside yourself.

      Remember to keep on being yourself as well.

      Keep on striving! 😊

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  5. Never be sorry Brandon to thrive better than you were yesterday life throws adversity at you is testament to your perseverance. Storms in life will try to break you embrace their wrath they teach you to truly live Kid . I believe in you I know you have greatest within cease it.

    A P E X

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  6. You have to appreciate the creative process. It is not always about the end result.

    What matters the most is the β€œcreative process.”

    This is nice and very encouraging. Wonderful art.

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  7. Reblogged this on SCAN and commented:
    Sharing this because not only is the work stunning, the thoughts behind the work are so accurate and spot-on. Brandon lets you in on a secret, here. The secret is that what YOU SEE is not the ART. The ART is the process that the artist is navigating through to get to the end of the work. The ART WORK itself, is the TRACS left BEHIND by the ARTIST who was on a journey of discoveries.
    Brandon, thank you for visiting my blog today – and keep on going. Share the joy of creation with the world.

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    • Thank you for the reblog!

      All the exposure helps me out.

      Yes, I always try to explain to others artist and others interested in art. The process and the thoughts behind the art matter more than the art itself.

      No problem, in my free time I browser thorough other blogs.

      For sure, never going to stop creating.

      Much love!



  8. First, Thank YOU for visiting my blog and LIKING it. I appreciate that. Second, you have shared a truth about making art that most people do not know about. That is, the creative process of MAKING the work is the ART itself. What we SEE in the final product is the TRACKS of the ARTIST, left behind.
    Third, “SEEING” takes a long time – never apologize for the length of time it takes to do a work.
    We do not take a quick glance, and call it “seeing.” Seeing can take years – to truly see a thing. Maybe a life time. SEEING has nothing to do with the eyes – it is an internal activity.

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    • Yeah, no problem! On my free time, I browse through other blogs.

      Exactly, it is the thoughts put into creation. That matter more than the art. Not the meaning but the creative process.

      Very true, thanks for giving me that reminder. I never rush myself but I feel rushed.

      Never want to “mess” the drawing up so I take as much time as I need.

      Sometimes I look at a shape for up to 5 minutes and I ponder on what color to use. Over time I get into a flow state and my intuition speaks to me.

      Love your positivity and loving energy!

      Much love.



    • 😊

      Awesome to hear that! Living the dream hahaha. Not sure how I would feel being a teacher of art. Art is subjective so it is quite hard to teach art in my perspective.

      I appreciate your thoughts!

      Much love to you and your family!



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